War-Killing and Maat
July 29 1997
October 8, 1997
July 4, 1999
September 23, 2001
October 8, 2001
April 24, 2003
February 22, 2004
July 4, 2004
November 8, 2005
January 7, 2007
September 24, 2009
February 19, 2011
War and killing are inimical to The Goddesses and Their priestesses. While men who glory in war have created their own gods to justify waging war and killing their fellow man, life is sacred to The Goddesses. It is the Breath of Life, which is breathed into mortals, that quicken them as living souls, for there is no life before the breath of life. No person has a right to take that Gift of Life from another, and there is no difference between killing in war and killing in times of peace. This, however, does not mean that taking another human life is always wrong, or that killing in war is wrong or unforgivable as there is the Exception to Life and Death, by which Maat does not proscribe all killing. The injunction is against murder, the malicious and unjustified taking of another's life. Because life is the Gift of The Goddesses, not even the state may execute a criminal, as the taking of any life is either a sin or a transgression against The Goddesses. Man does not have the power to invoke the Exception to Death, and certainly cannot presume to be superior to the Gods. Killing--the taking of the life of another human--is not just a transgression against The Goddesses, it is also a transgression of the individuals Goddess-given right to life. But not in all cases.

Men (and women) can repudiate their right to life, as when they put themselves in a position where taking their life is necessary to preserve the life of another, or when they threaten the lives of others, as in war, or for personal or political gain. Thus, the soldier or the assailant repudiates his claim to the Gift and abrogated the personal right to life by his act of aggression. In war, the soldier abrogates his right to the Gift of life by putting other lives in harms way. However killing another in war is not unpardonable. This is true for both sides of the battle. All who engage in the conflict--except the innocent victims--abrogate their claim to the Gift. However, no one is innocent who places themself in the path of warring nations, and no civilian is innocent who willingly remain in the battle zone. Thus, killing in war becomes a sin or a transgression which a priestess may take upon herself and absolve the transgressor of any malicious intent, while the Priestesses of the Twat can absolve any man of murder.

One who robs or assails another by threat, also puts the life of the victim in harms way. This act, in reckless disregard for the life of another, is an abrogation of the Gift of Life. If the attacker is killed during the commission of his violent act he alone is guilty. There is no guilt placed upon his slayer, unless he kills with malice. Thus, one who robs another at gun or knife point, or by threat of some deadly force, abrogates his right to the gift of life. If he is killed in his violent act, or the threat of a violent act, the slayer may have his guilt absolved by a priestess. However, once the danger of harm to another is over, there is no justification in taking the life of the criminal. Killing a criminal who is fleeing from his crime is murder, and would only be justified if the fleeing criminal was still placing the life of others in harms way, or would place the lives of other in danger. Because of this, law enforcement officers who shoot fleeing criminal suspects who pose no clear and present mortal danger to others, or could place others in mortal danger, are themselves murders. However, the criminal who is fleeing from his crime has willingly put himself in harms way and by so doing abrogates his right to life, whereby those who kill the criminal can have their sin remitted by a priestess. Likewise, the death penalty imposed by courts, is a man-made punishment that wrongfully presumes men have the authority to act as Gods. The prosecutors, judges, juries and government officials who can intervene to prevent the execution, but do not, are all guilty of the murder of the condemned person. Nor can a criminal agree to have his life taken as an atonement for his own sin. The Gods and Goddesses have never accepted sacrifice of the wicked.

Likewise, the Jewish law of "An eye for and eye" is reprehensible to Maat. Maat requires restoration, not vengeance. What mortal can restore life? Or what life of a criminal can atone for the life of his slain victim? It is a perverted society which demands punishment without restoration, and an absolutely perverted society which demands that its condemned criminals be punished before execution. The Jewish and Christian laws of retribution, and the Mormon law of blood atonement are without divine sanction. The state can only take a life through the Exception to death, or when the circumstances are such as the condemned puts others in continued harms way. That is a rare situation in this country. But even here there are some who, because of their culture, have a complete disregard for human life. They are a continued threat to the lives of others, and where expulsion is not possible, they warrant death, while others who have vowed death to the followers of The Goddesses and Their Priestesses, are under the Kar Order of The Goddesses Exception to death.

This, however, does not always apply to the soldier. When a soldier returns from battle he is tainted by his disregard for Life, both his own and those of the others he put in harms way or killed. He may have been forced into battle against his will, but nevertheless, he is tainted by the blood of the slain, even if he himself killed no one. Anciently, the soldier was unworthy to re-enter society until he had gone to the temple where a priestess purified him and negate his sins and transgressions. Today, whenever one puts his own life, or the life of another in harms way, he must be purified and have his sins and transgressions negated by a priestess. One is never without guilt when he threatens or kill another, even if attacked with deadly force. One can only be justified when a priestess is willing to take the sins and transgressions of the individual upon herself. It is for this reason that the Priestess stands as the Avatar of her Goddess. Without the Priestess, The Goddesses will accept nothing from man. It is the law of Maat.

Update: October 8, 1997
The Priesthood of The Goddesses was conferred on October 7, 1997, with directives to suspend all Priestess Rituals of The Goddess of The Most High, and rituals of The Goddesses in United States. This means the Priestesses of Europe and Asia will continue the rituals of their Goddess, but no rituals will be performed in the United States.

Maat requires that where there is no law, there is no condemnation. But where the law is given, as it was in the United States with the Priesthood of The Goddess of The Most High in 1984, the entire nation was under the Laws of The Goddess. Now the entire nation is under the Laws of The Goddesses, and ignorance of those Laws has no justification. The doctrine of war and killing given herein applies, but without the authority of the Priestess to cleanse men and women of their transgressions and sins.

Update: July 4, 1999
In April 1999, President Clinton, speaking of the treatment of women and children by the Afghanistan Taliban, used the Office of the President of the United States to say, "I think it is one of the worst examples of systematic human rights abuses in the world today, and a terrible perversion of Islam."

While it might be, one of the worst examples of systematic human rights abuses in the world today, it is not a perversion of Islam. What it is, is a close adherence to Islam as it was practiced by Mohammad and the Salaf Caliphs who followed.

What President Clinton did, in his official capacity as President of the United States, was to proclaim that it is the official policy of the United States, that fundamental Islam, Islam as it was practiced by the Salaf, and Islam as it was practiced by Mohammad, is a perversion of Islam as it is now officially accepted by the United States. But more importantly, the President of the United States has, by implication, declared that the doctrines of The Goddesses as I declared herein in August 1997, are rejected, and dismissed by the government of the United States; and, that the First Amendment is subject to subversion by the President who can, without consequences, officially prefer one religion over another and over the Religion of The Goddesses.

There is no redemption for any nation that officially rejects the doctrines of the Goddesses. The soldiers of that nation cannot be cleansed from the blood of battle and war, nor can their police or people who kill another, even when justified, be sanctified or cleansed. The Kah of those who go to war, or who protect society against criminals, will perish in death without the rituals of The Goddesses and Their Priestesses; and, the rituals of The Goddesses are now withdrawn, and no Priestess will perform any ritual until a Thrice Born Great High Priestess shall be raised from obscurity.

Update: September 23, 2001
The attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, now appears to have been carried out by Muslim a Mujahideen, (Jihad - holly war - soldiers) who belong to a group of Muslims the United States supported against the Soviets in the Afghanistan War. They are not a fringe Islamic group, and their ideology is supported by millions of Muslim. Their beliefs are based on Islam as Islam existed at its founding, and they either follow Wahhabism or some variation of it. But whatever their particular form of Islam, it is not the perverted form of Islam as President Bush claims, but rather, it is closer to true Islam than the form of Islam President Bush and his administration claim is "Islam."

Both Presidents Clinton and Bush have used the office of the presidency to officially declare that fundamental Islam is not Islam, and have, in doing so, established some other form of Islam as being officially acceptable to the United States government. This is a direct repudiation of the Doctrines of The Goddesses, that hold that even though Islam is a man-made religion, the validity of that, or any religion, is always judged by its fundamentalism - the doctrines, principles, and claims of its originator(s).

Islam was founded and established by war, killing and adherence to the words of Mohammad. It is a religion of intolerance and hatred of anything that does not adhere to Mohammad’s doctrines. That means there is Islam, which is fundamentally the same as when Mohammad and his faithful followers during his life, the Salaf, lived, and all other forms of Islam; and, only the [former] have a colorable claim to being Islam.

Muslims have conquered in the name of Allah for over 1,350 years and they have forced Islam (Submission) on those they conquer. And while the attack on the United States was a declaration of war by a faction of Jahidi, of a Muhjahideen, against the United States, it was a continuation of a declaration of war against all non believers that began with Mohammad; and, before Mohammad declared war on all non believers, he first declared war against The Goddesses.

Muslims have killed the priestesses of The Goddesses from beginning, and while the world will see the September 11 attack as one on Western values, it is also primarily, an attack on the religion of The Goddesses. If the United States goes to war against Islam, it must be against all of Islam. Otherwise, it will be the beginning of an endless war where 1.5 billion Muslims will supply and endless army that will be willing - even eager - to die as martyrs and be rewarded in paradise with 72 virgins (yatmithhunna). Any American who fight in that war will be without the rituals of a priestess. And unless they are commanded to kill all Muslims, they will be Soldiers of Islam, who kill Muslims who believe differently from the Muslims for whom American soldiers are fighting.

Update: October 8, 2001
On October 7, 2001, four years to the day after all Rituals of The Goddesses were suspended for Their Priestesses in the United States, the United States went to war in Afghanistan. Regardless of whether the war is justified, the President of the United States has put its military forces in harms way, and to face death. However, Afghanistan is a Muslim nation, and from the time Mohammad ordered the killing of the first priestess of the Goddess, every Muslim has been at war with The Goddesses.

This has made every Muslim a deadly threat to Goddess worshipers everywhere, and Muslims are a continuing threat to the lives of every Priestess of The Goddesses. Every person who professes Allah as god or Mohammad as the messenger of Allah, and does not embrace a Goddess, is under both the Exception to Life and the Exception to Death. It is of no consequence that Muslims declare themselves as "moderate," or "liberal," and hold no animosity toward non Muslims, they will in the second or third generation, return to Islam, and if not the third generation then by the seventh generation, as to Muslims, there is only Islam. And just as Islam declares that no non believer is innocent, so Islam, by its doctrines has made no Muslim to be innocent, who does not also embrace a Goddess. The Law of Maat requires that whatever Islam professes is the law against which every Muslim is to be judged and treated.

The President and the Congress have, therefore, put the United States at war with Islam, which makes the killing of any Muslim justified. That means that it is only non Muslims who are killed in the war in Afghanistan, including the American military forces, who will cause American military be tainted by the blood and killing the innocent. The death of every non Muslim and killing of the innocent, will make American forces impure, and even though they may return home as heros, they will defile their homes and their people, and bring condemnation upon those they love, as there will be no Priestess to sanctify either then, or the nation, through the Rituals of The Goddesses.

Update: April 24, 2003
On March 20, 2003 President Bush attacked Iraq without a declaration of war, it what was called "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Iraq is a secular state, in which the minority 40% Sunni Muslims, along with 1% Christians, control the government. Yet, this is a religious war in which American Christians are killing Muslims, and Muslims are killing Americans, with President Bush joining the Shia Muslim majority in the ongoing battle between Sunni and Shia that smoldered from the time Ali (Cousin and Son-in-Law of Mohammad) was assassinated in 661 CE, and became perpetual warfare with the massacre of the Shiat Ali (supporters of Ali) and beheading of Ali’s son, Hussain, in 680 CE.

Iraqi Freedom, for President Bush, will mean the death and maiming of thousand of Americans whose Souls will be tormented by the bloodshed and futility of fighting a war which has not been won in over 1,300 years. Freedom from Iraq’s secular dictatorship will lead to democracy with the Shia majority ruling, and supported by the Shia Iranians. No matter how the war turns out, or what government is formed, it violates the Establishment Clause, because it supports religious Iraqi Muslims (Sunni and Shia) against a secular, non religious government with the goal of overthrowing that government with a democracy. One does not have to be a prophet to foretell that the "democracy" with its 60% Shia majority will make Islam the law of the New Iraq.

But what President Bush, and the United States Congress has done, is ignite a smoldering rise of Jihad that will spread throughout Islam and go down in history as Bush’s Blunder. The Americans who return home will return to a nation that prefers and supports Muslims and Islam over, not just The Goddesses, but over all other religions. And their return will be to a nation without a priestess, and one in which the military will find neither peace nor comfort for their tormented Souls.

Update: February 22, 2004
Before the United States went to war in Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, President Bush told the nation, and the world, that "Operation Enduring Freedom." was a war to bring freedom and democracy to Afghanistan. It was a lie ab initio (from the beginning). On January 26, 2004, after the United States had shed the lives of over seventy Americans and spent hundreds of billions of dollars, the Constitution for the new Republic of Afghanistan was signed, making Islam the official state religion.

Never in the history of humankind has there been a government like the United States, one that is governed by a Constitution that, with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, prohibits the government from establishing a state religion. The words of the Establishment Clause are plain and clear, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." That is a sacred trust, a guarantees to all religions, and non religions, to their gods and those who have no god, that the Congress of the United States would never pass a law that would fund a state religion, pay for the establishment of a state religion, go to war and have its military fight to establish a state religion, not in the United States, nor anywhere in the world.

The Establishment Clause also creates a Bond with the people, that the federal government will be neutral in all religious matters, and do nothing "respecting," with reference to, or in regard to anything that might hint at an establishment of religion; and, that Congress will not passing any law that would either directly or indirectly, finance a state religion, support a state religion, or use the military to defend or protect any state religion; and, that the President of the United States, would faithfully defend the Establishment Clause, and never use the power, prestige or financial support of the United States, or the office of the President, to back or prefer any religion.

Congress has violated that sacred Trust by passing laws that authorized the nation to go to war in Afghanistan and to give financial support to the Islamic factions in Afghanistan. President Bush has not only broken his oath of office by allowing Afghanistan to become an Islamic state, but also by encouraging it, financing the Afghanistan Islamic government and by ordering Americas military forces to fight against fundamentalist Muslims in Afghanistan, in support the Islamic government of Afghanistan.

What President Bush and the Congress has done is a direct and complete rejection of the doctrines of The Goddesses, it prefers Islam over the Religion of The Goddesses, and one faction of Islam over all other factions of Islam and over all other religions.

This will not bode well for the President, Congress or the United States. The Religion of The Goddesses is a religion of Death that prepares souls for death, and it will be devastating to the military. They will win battles, but they will never win the War, and those who have fought to uphold the Constitution and the First Amendment will, in their own quiet way, protest what they have unknowingly allowed to happen. In their torment, The Goddesses will touch their souls, and they will, without a priestess, be received by a Goddess, in the moment they choose Her.

Update: July 4, 2004
On June 28, 2004, after spending hundreds of billions of dollars, and sacrificing the lives and limbs of thousands of Americans, the United States gave control and sovereignty of Iraq to Islamic Iraqi interim government that did not earn it, and which immediately hoisted its new flag with the takbir allah akbar الله أكبر over Baghdad.

The United States government's official account of the writing on the Iraqi flag is, "God is great." It does not! The Islamic takbir, which is written in Kufic script, in transliteration (reading from right to left) is الله "allah" أكبر "akbar," the literal translation being, "Allah is great." Akbar can also mean, "greatest," or "greater," with "the greatest," or "the greater," being understood. The takbir can also be the nominative "allahu akbar," with the noun, Allah, being the subject of the verb "great."

It is the doctrine of The Religion of The Goddesses, that Allah was a god created by Mohammad, and that Allah was never "God" or a God; and, even though Muslims and scholars claim Allah means "The God," nothing exists that gives that meaning prior to Mohammad. There is not a single shines or temples of Allah in the Arab world, nor is Allah mentioned in any pre-Arabic script, or any other writing prior to Mohammad. That is because Mohammad invented Allah, from the goddess, Allat اللات who was worshiped at shrines and temples among the Arab people.

It is also the doctrine of The Religion of The Goddesses El was the God of the Philistines, and the Jews, and that the Jewish Elohim, is the plural, meaning gods; and that El meaning god, and that Ellat, means Goddess Lat, which as with the Goddess Allat, has the "t" terminative being the female in many ancient Mideast languages.

It is also the doctrine of The Religion of The Goddesses, that once Mohammad created Allah, Muslims invented the fiction that Allah was two words, "al", meaning "the" and "lah" meaning "god," which gave "The God." But there is nothing in the Arabic language to support that, while the name of the Goddess Allat, proves just the opposite of what Muslims claim.

It is also the doctrine of The Religion of The Goddesses, that once Mohammad created Allah, Muslims invented the fiction that Allah was two words, "al", meaning "the" and "lah" meaning "god," which gave "The God." But there is nothing in the Arabic language to support that, while the name of the Goddess Allat, proves just the opposite of what Muslims claim, as the name, "Allat اللات," and "Lat اللات" are exactly the same, while "The Lat, واللات" is not the Lat, but and Lat, as not even the early Muslims could make change Allat from being the Goddess Lat. This is also shown in the terms for goddess, "إلاهة iilahatan," and :الإلهة al iilha," the goddess.

This is somewhat different with god and allah, where the early Muslims made "god" by itself to mean "The God" Allah. However when it is not meant as Allah, as in لا إله إلا الله "there is no god except Allah", or لا إله "no god", then إله "god" is different from الله Allah. However, the Muslims who created their writing style and changed their language to conform with the new Islam had a problem changing everything related to the gods. Thus we have الآلهة "alaliha" written as gods, which if al originally meant "the" then it would mean literally "the the gods" or the aliha (gods), أخرى alihat, with the "t" being feminine, while إلاهة iilahatan goddess, changes al to iil ahatan, but it does not make Her The Goddess, while al Lah was changed to be "The God".

The Doctrine of deities, has been brought into war and killing, because the war and the killing is being done in the name of the god of Islam, Allah.

The Doctrine of The Goddesses holds that the Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship a different god. It does not matter that they all claim to worship the god of the Book, as each of their gods is different. The Jewish god has no son, and no redeemer. The Christian god has a son, and therefore cannot be the same god as the Jewish god who has no son. The god of Islam has the name Allah, who has no son; and, Islam does not accept Jesus as being a god.

Many people would disagree. But these are theological differences, and under the Establishment Clause, no court, or government official, including the President, can constitutionally examine the matter or decide the matter.

However, that is exactly what the government did through the United States Coalition Provisional Authority administrator, Paul Bremer, who allowed and payed for the Iraqi government to establish Islam as the official religion of Iraq, and permitted the takbir, Allah is great, to be on the Iraqi flag; and, that puts the government of the United States not only in opposition to doctrines of The Goddesses but also in opposition to The Goddesses.

Update: November 8, 2005
President Bush, and Congress have again broken the sacred Trust of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and established Islam as the state religion of the newly formed Republic of Iraq; and, it is now clear that President Bush intended Islam to be the state religion of Iraq before the war began on March 20, 2003. That was sixteen months after going to war in Afghanistan. But this time, the United States did not go to war against an Islamic government, but rather, the United States went to war with the backing of Muslims against the secular government of Iraq.

Twenty two months later, on January 30, 2005 American television showed Iraqi Muslim women, covered head to foot in black burqa, holding up the purple finger of their right hand to show that they had voted for a new government. President Bush had told the American People it was a war to free the Iraqi people and form a democracy. But democracy is not freedom. It is the rule of the majority, and in Iraq, 99% of the people are Muslim and 60% of those are Shia Muslim.

The Constitution of the new Republic of Iraq was adopted on October 15, 2005 which made Islam its official state religion. As with Afghanistan, President Bush never intended Iraq to be secular. Rather, under his authority and the laws passed by Congress, the United States has spent nearly a trillion dollars and over 1,900 American warriors for Islam to their death and establish Islam as the state religion of Iraq. And as with Afghanistan, Americans were not fighting, dying and being wounded to make a people free, but to enslave them in Islam. And now that Islam is the official religion of Iraq, America's military, whom President Bush has made soldiers for Islam, will bleed and die in support of Islam. But it will not be just a battle in support of Islam, it will be a battle in support of Shia Islam, and against Islam as it was originally founded.

President Bush has now ignited a war that will spread throughout Islam; and, it is a war that repudiates the doctrines of The Goddesses. It is, in fact, a war for Islam, which is a war against the Goddesses, and against those innocent Muslims who embrace a Goddess. This is not only a war America cannot win, it is a war that will decimate America's fighting forces as well as many of those who have fought in other wars, like Korea and Viet Nam, where they were told they were upholding the Constitution of the United States. American forces can win on the battle field, but the battle is not against an enemy they can see. The battle is against the torment of the tortured Souls that shrink in remorse for their offenses against The Goddesses.

Update: January 7, 2007
Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30, 2006. Maat, does not give any government the right to take the life of another, regardless of the crime; and, no Muslim has the right to take the life of anyone. There are, however, the Exception to Life and the Exception to death, which applies to Saddam Hussein, but not to President Bush, or any Iraqi government official. Regardless of what Saddam Hussein did, he never killed a worshiper of a Goddess, nor did he kill a Muslim who embraced a Goddess. To the contrary, he protected them.

I had warned in the WordPress section, that if Saddam Hussein were to be executed, he would be replaced by a ruler far more vicious than he. The Great High Priestess of Europe goes even further. She was incensed at the execution and has declared that the Twilight of Christianity in the Mid East will turn to its Dusk before the last Priestess is taken from Europe; and, that after her death The Goddesses will raise up Islam to satisfy the Law of Maat.

The Great High Priestess has further declared that President Bush, and those who support him and his war against the Goddesses, will, before their end, reveal that they are without character or conviction. They will lose their followers; and, that they will live to see the day when the Christian war they created will have destroyed all but those few Christians who will be left in the Mid East as a witness to what President Bush and his myrmidons have brought upon them.

The European nations of NATO are complicit in killing innocents in the Muslim wars and all rituals of The Goddesses were suspended in the European Union on January 1, 2007.

Update: September 24, 2009
Ertugrul Osman V, the last legitimate heir to the Ottoman Caliphate died on September 23, 2009. His death will change Islamic wars. The Caliphate came into existence after the death of Mohamad in 632 CE and continued as an Islamic political force until 1924 when the Turkey National Assembly abolished it. However, Turkey had no religious authority to do so, and all of the House of Osman who were born during the Caliphate, went into exile, including Ertugrul Osman, who was born in 1912, and continued to hold the rights to the Caliphate. His death thus ending 1377 years of the Caliphate.

The Caliphate is a fundamental institution of Islam, and can now be claimed by the strongest, both militarily and fundamentally Islamic - Salafi. This will be a Sunni Muslim Caliphate as Shia Islam is a protestant offshoot of Islam and except for the Fatimid Caliphate (909–1171) has been contrary to the Salaf - "righteous (pious) predecessor."

The rise of the Caliphate will follow traditional Islam, with Muslims murdering opposing leaders, Muslim terrorism against Muslim, and an eventual faction that will reject the madhahib schools of Islamic law, as having perverted Islam. The leaders of this will then unite the Jahadi Salafi and eventually declare a Caliphate of the world. The Jahadi of the Caliphate, will style themselves as Salafis and return to the teachings of Mohammad and reintroduce Mohammad's brutal treatment of all non believers, which will besides all non-Muslims, include all Shia and those Sunni Muslims who resist.

This will change the application of the doctrine of War and Killing, as the Caliphate will then represent Islam, and all other Muslims will be non believers.

President Obama has continued to support the Establishment of religion in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the United States policy of preference of so-called Moderate Islam over Islam. The Caliphate will create a clear separation of Islam and Moderate Islam, and the Doctrines of The Goddesses, which are, that the Caliphate represents Islam as the only true form of the man-made religion founded by Mohammad; and, the preference of Moderate Islam over by the President and the government of the United States is a direct government theological preference of Moderate Islam and all other forms of Islam over Religion of The Goddesses

It is also a belief of the Religion of The Goddesses that any preference for Islam over any religion, is a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, and a breach of the Sacred Trust of the Establishment Clause.

Update: February 19, 2011
The Great High Priestess of Europe died today. She was in her 94th year, and this will be the last update of War-Killing and Maat. Two days ago she told me she had hoped against Destiny to live to see The Great High Priestess rise from obscurity, and would only go when she knew a wrong destiny choice had been made.

It is obvious now that President Obama has continued, and will continue, to support and pay for Islamic rule in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he will continue to support the establishment of Islam in Islamic states. But unlike both President Clinton and President Bush, who preferred Moderate Islam over Islam, President Obama is guided to unite the world, without concern that the only unity to which Muslims will agree is Submission - Islam. And because Obama did not come from Islam, his soul is devoid of understanding, and he believes he can mend the unmendable divisions within Islam. His adversary, brought by The Great High Priestesses of Europe, will will leave him with a legacy of destruction as will the legacies of President Bush, and the rulers of Europe.

The United States and Western Europe have chosen Islam over The Goddesses. Their Priestesses are being called out of Europe, and Maat will reward those nations with their choice.