Where are the Gods?

High Priest of The Goddesses
Update: 12/ 2014

At Dodonathe Priestesses of Zeus lay their heads on the trunk of the Sacred Oak and hearing the whispering of the Gods gave oracle. At Delphi the Priestess of Apollo descended alone to the lower cavern where she received oracle, then ascending to the shrine above where she sat on her brass tripod and pronounced His will.

The oracle of Amen (Amun)1 in the desert west of Egypt sought the solitude of the "inner chamber" beneath the desert's floor where visions of the past and future came like a cool sea breeze. Near Mallus in Asia Minor the shrine of Amphilochus and Mopsus gave prophetic dreams to those who slept overnight in the inner chambers. At the roaring waters of the Nile in Upper Egypt the High Priestess of Hapi received her oracle from the "Bull of Heaven", while not far away at 2Dendra the High Priestess of Hathor saw the visions of the heavens sweep before her while in a state of ecstacy. At Memphis, Sais and three dozen other temples in Egypt the High Priestesses of Isis worked divination through magic, and conducted the souls of the righteous dead to the afterlife. In Rome only the Senate could command the Committee of 15 to unlock the sacred stone box in the Temple of Jupiter to consult the Sibylline prophecies.

Throughout the ancient world, in Çatal Hüyük3, Gobekli Tepe3a, in Sumer4 and Egypt, in Greece and Thrace and the land of the Amazons5, in Libya6 and the Atlas7, the Hyperborean8, the Isles of the Britons, in Iceland and the land of the Norse, in Scythia9 and beyond, in every land, on every continent, the fate of world was controlled by unseen forces. And once, long ago, at the beginning of time, those unseen forces were controlled by Pagan Goddesses and the Priestesses of The Goddess.

Wherever the Gods of the Golden Age ruled, Priestesses commanded the spiritual forces of nature, knew the seasons, brought rain to the crops, fertility to the land and prosperity the people; and when men died, the Priestess conducted their spirits to the World of the Dead where their spirits could be raised to immortality. For whatever purpose the Priestess was imagined, whatever ritual she performed, her power was always to raise the human spirit to immortality and make the Soul live again.

Through the Great Cycle of Ages10, Priestesses have gained the spiritual power of the Vortices which, in their natural cycle, waned and were lost only to be replaced with darkness and ignorance. But cycles repeat and time after time a new Order of Priestesses would rise above the profane to regain what was lost, only to lose it again over the centuries.

The ancient Priestess was not a mediator between man and the Gods, as priests of the impotent modern gods of the Flat Earth now claim to be; she was the embodiment of the "Earthly Power" of The Goddess, the Power to compel the forces of nature and control the spiritual. From the power to move huge stones and monuments across the desert sands, to the power of the psychopomp11 to the power of descent into the world of the dead and return to mortality, dead and return, and with the High Priests return the soul to live again. The Priestess controlled the forces that men could only conceive as mysterious; and which, in time, became a fleeting shadow in our imaginations, or a phantom's glimpse of what once was.

What was it that gave ancient humans the ability to transcend the physical world? To see the future? To commune with the divine? To known the unknown? And do we as Socrates said, see "through a glass dimly12?" Is it possible that we refuse to see what the ancients saw, fearing that by seeing, our minds might be opened and understand? Or is it as Pindar13 said,

"Whatsoe'er Zeus loveth not,

Flees in panic when it hears

The Muses Call."

To the esoteric seer who hears the Muses Call, the cosmos is a whirlpool, a maelstrom, the cosmic Vortex which encompasses our boundless universe. Like wheels within wheels that turn in every direction, giving order to chaos.

The mystic looks into the night sky and sees the maelstrom of creation, while the astronomer looks with rational eyes and sees our own spiral galaxy. The mystic sees in Andromeda the vortic monster which menaced the Ethiopian princess at the dawn of time; the astronomer finds only another spiral galaxy. In Orion the mystic sees an undefined esoteric energy controlled by the Giants of Power, in Cancer is seen the cage of the spirits, the haunt of the dead; the astronomer focusing on either constellation will see only a cloud nebula. The higher mystic sees in Sirius the confounding of worlds where the lesser rules the greater, the vortex of unseen fateful change which encompasses them both; the astronomer sees twin stars, the smaller one being greater in mass than the larger and never comprehends the unseen force which surrounds them together. Looking inward the mystic sees the shadows of a variable vortex; the physicist grasps a fleeting moment of the atom's sub atomic particles. From the microcosm to the macrocosm the esoteric mystic understands the Vortices as patterns of the universe and man - like above, so below; as in heaven, so on earth; while the turning of the Vortex in Spiritual Fluid produces the ebb and flow which is the origin of cause and effect for all phenomena in our terrestrial and every system.

The Great Mysteries of Isis, Dionysus, Orpheus, Pythagoras, Eleusinian and the later Hermetic Mysteries all taught that the swirling of cosmic matter was the eddying and flux of Spiritual Matter, the "cosmic fire" which in ancient myth was seen to circle the earth from the heavenly realms of the North to the dark realms of the South. It is this Cosmic Fire by which the earth is destroyed and renewed with the passing of each age by which is born a new heaven and a new earth14. This Cosmic Fire is the mythical Vortex of change emanating from Spiritual Fluid which gives rise to the "Vortex of Emotions" with its increasing round of excitement or pleasure; and the "Vortex of Fate", which is the situation into which persons or things are steadily drawn, and from which they, like ships pulled into the Maelstrom, cannot escape.

The Jews and later Christians who were ignorant of mythical symbolism did not understand the destruction of the "Ages of Man" and the "passing of the world by Cosmic Fire". Instead they interpret the destruction of the Earth to be by actual, profane fire. They do not realize that before the introduction of Christianity there was already a new heaven; and, the new earth is about to evolve, leaving them in their own world of ignorance. But this is to be a Mystical New Earth.

The world is not coming to an end. It will continue the slow wobble of its orbit that we call the precession14b of the equinox, just as it has for four billions of years. The new heaven the ancients predicted was not to be one caused by some celestial catastrophe15, but one formed by the slow movement the stars out of their places, as the earth sways around its celestial pole. It was the fire, of the heavens change16. The stars and the Gods are moved out of their places. The Earth, along with humankind is altered. Nations rise, decay and fall, but the earth continues. There is no utter destruction. No end. No world consuming flood. No all-consuming fire. No Apocalypse. No rapture. No second coming of a dead god who promised to destroy the earth and bring salvation only to those faithful who await his illusionary Rapture.

I do not claim to be a prophet. Rather, my calling is to reestablish the worship of the Goddesses, Gods and Demigods and to restore their oracles as heralds of the Twilight of Christianity, which The High Priestess proclaimed on October 7, 1986, just as twenty-one hundred years ago, the darkened skies the spring equinox20 announced the Twilight of the Gods.

It is with that period, and what led to the Twilight of the Gods, that one must begin a search for the Gods. That was the close of the Arian (Aryan) Age, when the sun moved from the constellation of Aries (the Ram) to the dawning of the Age of Pisces (the Fish). Now, two thousand years later we are entering a New Dawn. By its very nature the New Dawn is the Twilight of Piscean Age, that age of darkness that was to become the touchstone of Christianity. But the rising of the new age sun21 is not yet, just as the twilight is not the new day.

This may be shocking to some and a confirmation to others, yet what I write is no different from that which can be found in the dusty, forgotten writings of antiquity. The difference is, I reveal the Gods and Goddesses the world has forgotten and whom I, a religious scholar and historian, had never imagined.

As we look back, we may rightfully be led to question, "where is Zeus, that great Head of the Greek Gods?" Has he gone away, Is he asleep? Did He die? Or did He never exist? Where are Apollo, Dionysus, Hermes and Prometheus? Where are Hera, Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis and the other ancient Gods of the Greeks? Christians will smugly tell you that they were false gods who were destroyed with the coming of their christ. But the Pagan Gods had disappeared long before Jesus was born. Asteria22, the last Goddess to rule on Earth, left for the Heavens nearly 1300 years before the earliest concept of christianity.

But lest the Christians rest securely in their smugness, they too must answer, "Where is Jesus"? He promised to "come quickly". His disciples taught he would return in their own life time. So where is he? Where are the miracles reported 1900 years ago, but which none but dead Christians have claimed to have seen? Where is Jesus? Has he go away? Is he asleep? Or did he die to only live on in the memory and imagination of his followers?

These are not a new questions. Twenty-five hundred years ago, when Zeus ruled supreme over the Greeks, they too asked themselves, "where is Chronus, and His Father, Uranus? Where is Gaea and Rhea, Phoebe and Tethys? While those who had knowledge of the ancients would also have asked, "where are the Goddesses Ki and Nammu, Ninlil, Ningikuga, Ningal and Inanna? Where are An, Enlil, Enki, Nanna and Utu and the other Gods and Goddesses of ancient Sumer?

However, those who understand the nature of the Gods would never ask such questions. They understand that nothing is permanent, not even the Gods. The Gods and Goddesses, like the pitiless stars, had moved out of their places and new Gods and Goddesses stood in their stead.

Today the Gods and Goddesses of the ancients are gone. They have progressed to new domains - a fleeting moment in eternity. The Gods and Goddesses who have replaced them are unknown to the world, just as the world is without knowledge of the ancient Gods. Yet They are the same and control the spirits.

Modern religions are without Spirit. They are without Soul; and they certainly are without knowledge of the Spiritual forces that control the Vortices. The world is not, however, without hope, as the Gods and Goddesses wait patiently for those who have the knowledge to lead them to the Vortices where they can find them.


1 The Temple of Amen (Amun, Ammon) was located in the Libyan desert at Ammonium [the Oasis of Sewa] about 300 miles west of Cairo where there were two springs, one normal, and the other that gave warm water in the morning, cold water at mid-day, warm water again in the early evening and boiling water at mid-night. It was at mid day, when the chamber beneath the temple was cool as the spring water, that the priest of Amen gave His oracle. Originally, the oracle was a priestess - stolen from Egypt and sold to the Libyans by the Phoenicians.
2 The Temple of Hathor at Dendra in Upper Egypt is one of the oldest structures known to exist. It was originally built about 6,000 BCE, and was realigned (and rebuilt) so the entrance faced Sirius when it rose with the morning sun (helical rising of Sirius). The temple was originally to the rising of Sirius at the Summer solstice (presently June 21). Sirius rose with the summer sun at Dendra on July 8 in 139 CE. Today it rises at Dendra on July 29th, while in Los Angeles (which is over 9 degrees further north), Sirius rises on August 7.
3 Catal Huyuk is one of the oldest civilization yet discovered in Asia Minor [Radiocarbon-date to 8700 years ago]. The city was located on the Carsamba River in what is now southern Turkey, [7 miles for the small town of Cumra in the Konya Province] about 175 miles inland from the Mediterranean due north of Cyprus. Until the discovery of Gobekli Tepi, it was throught to be the oldest civilization. (See Gobekli Tepe below)
3a Göbekli Tepe 60 miles south of Catal Huyuk is an ascension effigies site dating to 12,000 years ago, where 20 ton headless statues stand which sent the soul (mind) to the netherworld through a flame set on top of the statue for each of the dead. No civilization associated with the site has yet been discovered.
4 Sumer was the first (known) nation [being comprised of many cities] and one of the oldest civilizations known. It was founded 6500 years ago in what is now Central and Southern Iraq. In the past it was common for scientists to place the founding of Sumer as being 3,500 years BCE so as not to refute the biblical claim that man is less than 6000 years old.
5 The Amazons held the land West and North of the Pontus Euxinus (Black Sea), which was also called the Amazon Sea.
6 Libya was the entire north coast of what we now call Africa up to the Nile Delta. The Atlas Mountains separate North Africa from the rest of the continent.
7 The Atlas is that area of North Africa, west of Libya and north of the Atlas Mountains.
8 Hyperborean means literally, "Men beyond the North Winds", and to the Greeks, referred to the people of Briton and Scandinavia.
9 Scythia was in what is now Southern Russia north of the Ister (Danube) and Black Sea, and shared the southern most area with the Amazons.
10 The Great Cycle of Ages is the slow wobbling rotation of the earth known as the precession of the equinox which takes about 25,772 for the earth to make one revolution like a top.
11 Psychopomp is often translated as soul guide, but it is literally, soul conductor - one who conducts the soul of the dead to the underworld.
12 Phaedrus 250. The christian, Paul, in 1 Corinthians 13:12 plagiarized this from Plato.
13 Pythian Odes I, 13. Pindar (231-310 AUC) was a lyric poet who died 87 years before Alexander the Great was born. When Alexander destroyed Thebes, he spared only the priests, the Macedonians living there and the family of Pindar. 30,000 other Thebans were sold in public auction as slaves.
14 The Jews and later christians who were ignorant of mythical symbolism did not understand the destruction of the "Ages of Man" and the "passing of the world by Cosmic Fire". Instead they interpret the destruction of the earth to be by actual, profane fire. They do not realize that since the introduction of christianity there has already been a new heaven and the new earth is about to evolve, leaving them in their own world of ignorance.
14b The precession of the equinox is the phenomenon which makes the stars appear to slowly move in a retrograde motion at about 1 in 72 years. This is due to the inclined or tilted of the earth which is at 23.44 (23.5 in 1900), which makes the earth wobble like a top instead of a spinning ball motion. It takes approximately 26,000 years for the earth to make one complete revolution of the precession.
15 Catastrophe means literally the casting of the stars from the heavens.
16 This movement of the stars is called "Mystical Fire" and is said to be an invisible archetype of fire which extends from the realm of the North to that of the South. As the poles change their heavenly positions, the world is said to be destroyed by this Mystical Fire. 13,000 years ago, Vega was our pole star. Today Vega is half way across the heavens, 47° from Polaris, the present pole star. 13,000 years from now, Vega will once again circle the earth's pole. As the poles slowly moved those 47°, so to did the stars of the ecliptic - those stars which appear in the path of the sun - as did most of the constellations which presently comprise the Zodiac. The Zodiac was destroyed by Mystical Fire and the most ancient Belt of Animals was replaced by another "Belt of Animals" about 6,000 years ago and that Zodiac was replaced by the present one 3,200 years ago.
19 In classical language a portend is an evil omen, not just a foretelling of a future event as the word is now accepted it to mean.
20 The Spring or Vernal Equinox is presently March 20-21. Two thousand year ago it was March 25 and carried the constellation we call Pisces, with the rising sun. Pisces entered the sun at the Vernal Equinox in 100 B.C., about the time of the birth of Julius Caesar, though Christian astrologers have attempted to make the Piscean Age begin with the birth of Jesus. Pisces occupies 38° in the heavens - though astrologers try to give it a neat 30° as they do with the other 12 signs of the Zodiac to make 360° . The next "Age" will be that of Aquarius, which if the signs of the Zodiac were all escatly 30°, it would be now. But despite the artificial placement of stars by astrologers, the actual stars of Aquarius will not enter the sun for another 600 years.
21 The next astrological age, Aquarius, will not commence for nearly 600 years.
22 Asteria (the starry sky) was the daughter of the Titans, Coeus and Phoebe. She was the sister of Leto (the mother of Apollo and Artemis)
23 The claimed miraculous heading of the modern christian faith healers are for the most part frauds. Those that are in fact healed are no more divinely inspired than the miraculous healing now being experienced through mind control--self hypnosis.
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