The Gods and Confusion

High Priest of The Goddesses
Update: December 2014
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One who truly seeks the Gods must ask, "Is it true that there are Vortices, places that are in tune with or control spiritual forces?" If there are, then religion, as it is practiced today, has little or nothing to do with the spiritual. But what if it goes even further? What if religions today not only lack spiritual power but are based on ancient gods that never existed, or if the Gods did exist, they no longer intervene in the affairs of mortals. And how can this be since I claim to be the High Priest of ancient Goddesses?

But who are these Goddesses? And why do they speak to me and not the rest of the world? I realize most people don't have revelations, and those who do are usually quite insane. But the revelations I've received have imbued me with knowledge, not fanaticism. And what was given is almost universally rejected by the world. People are curious to know what is given, but I don't consider satisfying the curiosity of others reason to say anything. Most people don't want to know the truth, and none would understand what I was given. People only want their own false beliefs confirmed. What Christian, Jew or Moslem is going to believe the god he worships does not exist, or that the Gods are quite different from what they imagine and worship?

How can anyone come 180° from believing in any of the trinity religions (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) to accept even the idea that their religion, or their religious belief is wrong? Religion requires "faith" and too often it demands the blind faith ignorant men and women require to accept the "Great Lie" - a Pious Fraud. Or it may be a faith, based on partial knowledge, or a half truth that makes one just as blind. This kind of faith ignores inconsistencies and contradictions, first because there is nothing better to believe, and secondly, because there is a supernatural element within each of us that we wrongly interpret, as being "spiritual".

Philosophers (seekers after truth) may not fall into traps of gross ignorance, but they too fall into exegetic traps. Plato and Aristotle were faultless in their interpretation of the ancient writers, but their conclusions were faulty because their sources were themselves faulty. The exegete - the interpreter of scriptures - is on even shaker grounds as his authorities, his scriptures or sacred writings, are not only faulty, but often outright frauds.

The instruction the prophetess, Diotima1, gave Socrates must be taken as a warning of caution,

"The truth of the matter is this: No God is a philosopher or seeker after wisdom, for He is wise already; nor does any man who is wise seek after wisdom. Neither do the ignorant seek after wisdom. For herein is the evil of ignorance, that he who is neither good nor wise in nevertheless satisfied with himself; he has no desire for that of which he feels no want."

The world is filled with those who feel no want for knowledge. They are satisfied with ignorance, pseudo knowledge and partial truths. The problem is, they are so convinced of the truthfulness of their beliefs that they ignore facts, or they are willingly ignorant of the truth.

Religions abound with such people. They are drawn into accepting what "everyone" accepts as fact, and never realized the "fact," is in fact, a lie. People don't want to know the truth about history and religion. They want to believe what they "know" is true. But there is more to it. There are those who want both history and science to substantiate their religion. To such people, contradictions are obscured, and in some cases a pious fraud is committed in which known facts are altered to comply with what the "Liars of History" want the facts to be. Without contradiction, time gives validation to the lie, and unless the lie is otherwise exposed, the passage of time will make fiction, fact. The rational person will reject falsity in the light of truth. But religionists are not rational. Truth to the religionist, is obscured by the testimonies and reasoning of others who believed the same lie. To them, faith is found in darkness.

About 1976, a fundamentalist Christian perpetrated a lie. He was a minister of the "truth of Christianity" (an oxymoron if ever there was one) who wanted so badly to prove the Bible, that he invented facts. From the pulpit he claimed that a scientist who worked for the Jet-Propulsion laboratory of NASA had been running a computer program on the revolutions and orbit of the earth for the past 5,000 years. He was disturbed because a day was missing. When he told a friend - a fundamentalist Christian - about the missing day, the Christian was able to supply the missing day. It came from two event in the Bible, one where Moses lengthened the day so the Israelites could slaughter the inhabitants of Canaan and take their land, and the other when the god of the Bible make the sun go backwards as a sign to Hezekiah that his life would be lengthened.

According the minister, the scientist fed this biblical information into the computer and sure enough, it not only accounted for the missing day, but fit precisely with the dates the Bible said these events happened.

This story was quickly told in many Christian churches, and eventually the news media picked it up. Unfortunately, the minister who invented the tale didn't know the name of the JPL scientist. Reporters took their investigation to NASA which finally held a press conference, and to the dismay of Christians, NASA officials announced that no such computer program had been run, that the revolution of the earth and its orbit are so erratic that it would be impossible to make such a finding. "It never happened".

When confronted with the facts, the minister, was undaunted. It may not have happened, but it should have, and if NASA would just run a computer program, they would discover the truth of the Bible. Fifteen years later the story was still accepted as fact by many Christians, it was still printed in Christian magazines, and televangelist were still using it on their programs, but with a new twist. The computer program was not run by NASA but in the Russian space program, and the "truth" of the Bible was again confirmed.

It is a fact of life that people want so hard to believe their religion, that they will invent "truth" to sustain the minutest details of their dogma. But this is not found only in religion. Politics and science, or what people what to present as science has its "true believers" also.

"There were these Japanese scientists in the `50s who left potatoes out every day for these wild monkeys on Koshima Island and then watched what they did.

"One of these monkeys learned to wash the potatoes and began teaching this to the others. Then, when a certain number had learned, maybe a hundred --scientist call this a `critical mass' --an amazing thing happened. Suddenly, all the monkeys knew how to wash potatoes, even monkeys on other islands hundreds of miles away! Scientists consider this to be conclusive proof of a telepathic 'group mind'." (The Fringes of Reason 174)

I had read this account in dozens of articles, seen scientists on television repeat the story, and listened to dozens of so-called psychics expound on the "critical mass" of human consciousness. It was accepted even in the most prestigious scientific circles as one of the unexplained phenomenon of nature. The Hundredth Monkey is nothing more than another "missing day". Lyall Watson first related the story in his Lifetide (1979) and from Ken Keyes Jr. came

The Hundredth Monkey

in 1982. Ron Amundson's in The Hundredth Monkey Debunked2 adequately sets the record straight. It seems that in through studies of the Koshima monkeys, made by Japanese primatologist, Masao Kawai in a 1965 scientific journal, revealed nothing to indicate a "hundredth Monkey" phenomenon. The fact is, there were only 49 monkeys in the troop, and nowhere was there a "sudden" acquired learning development. When Lyall Watson was confronted with this, his response was like the Christian minister when confronted with the missing day. Admitting that the Hundredth Monkey was not fact, he still asserts, "It might have come to be called the Hundredth Cockroach or Hairy Nosed Wombat Phenomenon". People who strongly believe in something, it seems, are willing distort facts to prove their point, and if the facts don't exist, they will create them.

I'm not saying that the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon does not exist. It just has never been observed in Monkeys, cockroaches, Hairy Nosed Wombats, Duck-Billed Platypuses or any other animal. We have no proof that it exists, but we have no proof that it does not exist either. Yet the Hundredth Monkey is still being promoted as scientific fact, as is the Missing Day.

nventing "facts" and "proofs" is the epitome of good intentions gone wrong, but there are those who are equally deceitful and intentionally obscure or changes facts, either to keep information from the world, or to perpetrate a Pious Fraud. They are like a lying Skylla, where one head lies and the other five swear to it. They professes gods that no longer exist.

When we look at the god of any religion from a purely logical viewpoint and examine his (as they are almost certainly all male) attributes and his association with men, we find that not one of those gods is the same today as he was in the beginning of the religion. This is as true of Mormonism, which is only 180+ years old, as it is of Christianity which is 1900 years old, or Judaism which is 1300 years old, or even the ancient Jewish religion which is 2400 years old. The god of the Jews hasn't spoken in over 2500 years, if he ever spoke at all. Nor does he rains down fire on the priests of Baal, nor keep his covenant with the Jewish people, which was evident during the most recent holocaust. Christianity is no better. Christians claim their god rose from the dead, visited his disciples and gave revelations for a hundred years. Then he disappeared, never to be seen or speak again. The followers of Jesus cannot give revelation, walk on water, change water to wine, raise the dead, etc., etc, etc. Islam is a little more insidious. Mohammed was the "seal of the prophets". Such things no longer exist. They ended with Mohammed

I've heard all of the arguments as to why miracles no longer happens. No one could argue the case for the Christian-Jewish god or Allah better than I. But it is rhetoric which for the most part is based on spurious events, if not out-right lies. And what of the Pagans?

As early as 1,900 years ago, Plutarch lamented that their Gods no longer spoke through their oracles. The last Pagan oracle the Cumaean Sibyl, ceased 1500 years ago. If one believes Pagan myth, Alcmena, the last mortal woman to have sex with a Greek God, lived well over 3,000 years ago. Aeneas, the last man born of a Goddess was only two generations later. The Gods of the Hindus hasn't done anything new since Buddha who died a mere 2,400 years ago. So why insist that their gods still exist?

Why? Because their followers have nothing better with which to replace them. That is why New Age came to be so popular. New Age appealed to those who could see the failure of religion and seek what they thought existed in a new religion, but which was really no better. It just appears better, and they, like the trinity religions and the Hindu cults, offer nothing more than peace of mind, and blissful ignorance. Neopaganism - new Paganism - followed as the fastest growing religious movement in America because people recognize that Christianity, Judaism and Islam have destroyed what they believe the Pagans once had.

But the new Pagans have attempted to resurrect dead Gods. If the Pagan Gods had forsaken the Greeks, Egyptians and Chaldeans two thousand years ago, what chance do Pagans have to call back Gods they don't even know? The fact is, and it is time someone spoke the truth, the Gods of yesterday are no longer among us. That is not to say that the Gods don't exist, but rather, the outside world doesn't know any of Them. That is what is being attempted here, to show how to understand the Gods and perhaps even point the direction to find Them.

1 Plato's Symposium 203-204. Diotima of Mantineia was Socrates's instructress in the art of love. She is said to have delayed the coming of the plague to Athens for 10 years through her prophesy and ordering of sacrifice.
2 Fringes of Reason 175, Ron Amundson, professor of philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

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