The Syria Blunder

High Priest of The Goddesses

Sunni Muslims praised Allah for the United States April 6, 2017 attack on the Syrian Shayrat air base that raining down 59 pillars of fire on the sworn enemy of Islam, the Nusayris Kafir, Bashar al-Assad, proving that Allah Akbar "The God is Greater" than the greatest nation on Earth and more powerful than the most powerful man on Earth, President Donald John Trump, who, with that missile strike made him Commander in Chief of America’s Soldiers of Islam.

The United States has been backing the Syrian Sunni Muslims since the 2011 Arab Spring, but the missile attack by President Trump has shown the Syrian civil war is in fact a religious war in which the United States is fighting on the side of Sunni Muslims to overthrow the Syrian secular government and establish Islam as the state religion of Syria. And President Trump, like his three predecessors, is preferring one or more of Mohammad’s seventy-three sects of Islam over the Shia Muslims and Alawite. That of course violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, which prohibits the United States from establishing a religion. It also prefers the United States approved Sunni Islam religion over the religion of The Goddess of Syria, and that has placed the lives of the Syrian Priestesses of The Goddess and The Great High Priestess of Syria in the hands of President Donald Trump.

Their lives are not only in the hands of Donald Trump, but by his actions and his statements, he has effectively ordered the execution of the Priestesses of The Goddess of Syria by Sunni Muslim's, and that has consequences.

If the Great High Priestess of Syria is killed, it will be at the hands of President Trump, even if it is by a "borrowed knife;" and if she is removed from Syria, or if she is forced to leave Syria, it will be President Trump who removes her; and when she is gone from Syria, or if any Priestess in Syria is killed, it will be as though President Trump ordered her execution, and the killing of "...innocent babies — babies, little babies...." will be nothing compared to the slaughter of Christians at the hands of Sunni Muslims, and the Maat [Cosmic Justice] meted on those who words and hands made no one innocent with this dishonor of The Goddess of Syria.

Maat also requires that there can be no sacrifice for anyone fighting against those who protect the Priestesses, and they are now under the Law of Forfeiture. The United States has openly fought Arab, first in Iraq, then in Libya, and now in Syria to protect Israel. Those who have died and who will die in the Muslim Wars have sacrificed nothing, but have forfeited their lives, limbs and minds as Soldiers of Islam; and, those who have fought and will fight in the Arab Wars, will forfeit that for which they are fighting, which is to protect Israel; and the attack on Syria has announced the Beginning of the End of Israel.

I have said many times that I am no prophet. However, The High Priestess of Syria was, and she had read The Pious Fraud (which I had written in 1987) when I confirmed her as High Priestess in 1998. At that time she prophesied what I thought was a slanted Arab distaste for Israel. But I have known since 2004 that it was I who had the slanted view. What she told me was not easy to understand because her English was unclear. But when she brought her Priestess to be ordained by me 1999, my Priestess spoke for her and I posted her prophesy in the members section until 2011.

The United States will start wars in Muslim countries and destroy governments to protect Israel. When you see America killing Muslim Arabs in their countries you will know it is being done for Israel, and Americans will be shedding their blood as Soldiers of Islam, and America will be spending its wealth to defend Israel. You will know this, when the protectors of their people against Muslims are murdered it will be a beginning of Christian slaughter and being driven from the lands where they had killed the Priestesses of our Arab Goddess. You will see in time (after she is gone) that Israel will use America to fight the Defenders of The Goddess of Syria (Syria being much of the Mid East). You will then know that America will be giving Israel great amounts of money while the people of America go without, and more money and treasure will be spent to defend Israel by attacking the Defenders of The Goddess of Syria and Her Priestesses. You will know The Great High Priestess of Syria by the title you call her name, Nefer Kara, and she will know that you are to defend her and our Priestesses against the wars America fights for Islam and against us. Then your Great High Priestess must begin the end of Israel.

She added that when the United States attacks the defenders of The Goddess of Syria, and joins with the Muslims, it will be Christians and Muslims who will be slaughtered and driven from the Levant. And, that the blood of any of Her Priestesses will be on the hands of any President of the United States who fights or joins with the Muslims against the defenders of The Goddess of Syria (Levant). When America's soldiers fight in any Muslim land they will become soldiers of Islam and will fight to make that land submit to Allah, Islam.

I'll let the prophesy speak for itself, but when President Bush invaded Iraq in May 2003, I asked: "Who will be the last American to die in defense of Israel?" I now ask, " how many of America's finest have been, and will be condemned to torment, dismemberment and death as Soldiers of Islam?" And, how many American children, "innocent babies — babies, little babies," will have miserable lives, and how many Americans will suffer and die because President Trump will squander America's treasure, wealth and health care money in defense of Israel, and fighting what will be his unwinnable Muslim Wars? And how long will Americans accept Presidents who choose to establish Islam as the state religion of America, and spend trillions of Americas dollars establishing and keeping Islam as the state religion in Muslim countries?

The enemy in Syria is the Islamic State, ISIS, not Bashar al Assad, and if the United States actually wanted to defeat ISIS it would stop supporting the Muslim rebellion and use Assad's forces and Russia to join with America. But neither Israel nor America's generals and politicians want that.

Sunni Muslims have killed Priestesses and all non believers from the time of Muhammad. Shia Muslims have not, and Shia have protected non believers since its beginning, as they do today in Iran [the sworn enemy of Israel]. My High Priestess of Syria told me that no Priestess of The Goddess of the Arabs was ever killed by a Shia, but in the 1,200 years since the last High Priest Sunni Muslims have killed hundreds of Priestesses.

President Trump has made no secret of wanting regime change and Syria. But he cloaks turning Syria into a Sunni Islamic state by claiming the Syrian people should democratically chose what government they want, which in a country that is 80% Sunni Muslim, that means making Islam the state religion.

I do not know the destiny of Syria, but from the Prophesy I must believe that Syria will remain a secular state; that the United States will eventually withdraw from Syria; that America will withdraw its support for Israel; that the Syrian Christians will be decimated; and that the Sunni Muslims will be hopelessly divided and ruled by Monsters far greater than any they have had.

I had warned of the consequences of executing Saddam Hussein in the then WordPress section of this site on December 31, 2003; and, after his execution, I repeated the warning in the January 7, 2007 update of War Kill and Maat:

"I had warned in the WordPress section, that if Saddam Hussein were to be executed, he would be replaced by a ruler far more vicious than he. The Great High Priestess of Europe goes even further. She was incensed at the execution and has declared that the Twilight of Christianity in the Mid East will turn to its Dusk before the last Priestess is taken from Europe; and, that after her death The Goddesses will raise up Islam to satisfy the Law of Maat.

"The Great High Priestess has further declared that President Bush, and those who support him and his war against the Goddesses, will, before their end, reveal that they are without character or conviction. They will lose their followers; and, that they will live to see the day when the Christian war they created will have destroyed all but those few Christians who will be left in the Mid East as a witness to what President Bush and his myrmidons have brought upon them."

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