The Priestess in Life and Death

High Priest of The Goddesses
Online October 2015

A Priestess is not a female priest, nor can a Priestess be described in Christian terms, as the Goddesses were worshiped and their Priestesses revered for more than 20,000 years before the gods of the Jews, Christians and Islam were created. Yet it is Christianity that has mandated a perverse doctrine the world has been forced to believe about The Goddesses and Their Priestesses.

From the earliest time religions did not have names. The Goddesses, and goddesses, were often called Great Lady, in the language of whatever people revered or worshiped them. Just as Lord was the title of a God or god. Thus the Jews hated their opposing God, Baal, which was simply Lord, while Beelzebub, was Lord of the Flies, meaning a god of the dead or after life. Likewise, “sin” the Jewish and Christian embodiment of everything evil and forbidden was the Akkadian and Babylonian God Sin the God of the Moon. While in its Sumerian original form, Sin was Nanna, the Moon Goddess. However, the Jews never had any influence on any nation until Christianity accepted the Jewish scriptures as god-given, and everything the Jews called sinful

However, it was not until Christianity came to power in Rome and Constantinople, that the Goddess religions were demonized. Early in the reign of Emperor Constantine, (c. 325 CE) the “milites” "soldiers of Christ” became a military force, and distinguished themselves from the Roman paganus (civilians) and Pagan became a contemptuous slur for all non Christians. This newly Christian defined Pagan world then became a world of devil worship where the ancient God, Goddesses, gods and goddesses were evil and everything associated with them was sinful, with emphases on sex and the human body in all forms. Sex and the sexuality of women had been suppressed by the Jews, and Christians followed the Jewish scriptures that anything sacred to the Goddesses, would, under Christianity, become obscene, lewd, wanton, indecent and immoral.

The slurs began early, with Christians calling the Goddess Isis, "The Bitch," because Her Star was Sirius (Sothis), the Dog Star in the constellation Canis Major, and Her worshipers "Sons of the Widow," became Sons of The Bitch, thus making "bitch" an indecent word.

Fuck would later become not only obscene, but a word never to be spoken. But in the Religion of The Goddesses, fuck is the word for a sacred act. It is reverse of the name of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Kufu. U-fuk, known to the Greeks as Cheops, who built the great pyramid at Giza 4,500 years ago. During its building, his daughter, Mari-TetNefr, (NeferTet - Mari) was The High Priestess of our religion, and the sex act in the rituals she and her priestesses performed was respectfully called ufuck, and we still use the 4,500 year old term fuck today.

Cunt was also a respectable word for an Egyptian woman, and became a lewd term for Christians because a cunt was a Pagan woman. Twat became indecent because it was both a place in the heavens where spirits (disembodied souls) went in death, and also that place in a Priestess (a woman - a cunt) where the man died the little death as he fucked and ejaculated in a Priestess. The High Priestess Sabrina, explains this in Four Letter Words, where she states that the indecent Christian word, "Cock, is purely Egyptian in origin. It would be transliterated kahk. The Kah in Egyptian was the soul, that is the body which is animated by a spirit. Kahk, however meant the power of the Kah - the man's sexual organ, his cock. The "kaht" was the woman's vagina or vulva, that place from which the Kah had its origin. "T" is a feminine ending in the Egyptian and so "kaht" in English became a kat, or cat and hence a pussy-cat, then pussy."

Christianity has branded these words as being anything from contra bonos mores - against good morals - to obscene because they offend Christian values and Christian morals, and because Christians are against The Goddesses and the rituals of Their Priestesses. But the roll of the Priestess in life and death cannot be understood without using these words; and more importantly, calling sacred rites and acts by Christian terms accede to Christianities definition of what is sacred and what is obscene.

Thus, a Priestess fucks men because "fuck" is an ancient epitaph for the ritual, and it is without equivocation. That is, a Priestess fucks. She does not have coitus, nor does she fornicate, have an affair, have carnal knowledge, or sexual intercourse, nor does she make love, sleep with the man, or have some ambiguous sex. A Priestess fucks in her rituals because it is a sacred act, and she fucks whomever she wishes because that is her divine right, and it was her right for thousands of years when in our Goddess culture, every woman was a priestess.

From the earliest times, fucking was a driving and comforting force. With the advent of the Priestesses, fucking, eating pussy, and sucking cocks, became a spiritual conduit that eased the hardships of life and prepared men's souls for death. It was the Priestess, as surrogate of her Goddess who tamed the beastly nature of the men, as each man surrendered himself to the Priestess, and in orgasm died the little death. But this was more than just symbolism, it was, and is, or can be, a spiritual experience where soul touches soul, where fucking is an expression of the union of the Priestess and the man which brings their souls in harmony with life and death. It can also be a sexual love, where the mind and body give into desire, and surrender to the passions ignited by the Priestess; and emotional love, where desires overcome a man's rational mind and draws him inexorably into the powers of the Priestess. This power of the Priestess, the ability to touch men's souls and to know them, was but a whisper of the power of the High Priestess to communicate with the soul of the man and prepare him for death.

For it is only with the man's cock inside the cunt of the Priestess that she can know him, and through orgasmic pleasure, when the man dies the Little Death, that the Priestess can take upon herself the transgressions of the man, that can prepare him for a future spiritual journey. As it is the Priestess of The Twat who "knows" the soul of the suppliant who is worthy of Initiation. There is no other way for a Priestess to know a man, as it is his cock, when it is the cunt of the Priestess, that he reveals his mind, Spirit and Soul which allows the Priestess to know whether to accept him into her Twat, the Realm of the Dead.

Anciently the man's cock revealed his mind, and the cunt of the Priestess knew his every thought, while her Twat knew his soul; for to "know a man" was the Secret of the Priestess. It was the secret of knowing the man, the same way the Goddess Aset (Isis) knew the secret name of Ra, which was a gift of The Goddesses. And that secret held within it the Great Secret; the Secret of Secrets; Seta Setau; the Secret of the Psychopomp. It was the secret kept from the time of the Birth of Great Souls, which was handed down through the First Phat, which was the most ancient line of Priestesses.

Long before the Egyptians and Sumerians created nations, the Priestess had, through misdirection, kept secret how a man revealed his heart and mind when his cock was in her cunt. When a man fucked a woman, it was his cock that entered her and was inside her, and the Priestesses let the world believe that it was the man who "knew" a woman when he raped or fucked her. The earliest writings reveal that sexual intercourse, fucking a woman, meant the man "knew" her; and this knowing a woman through sex was called Rakt in Egyptian and GisZu in Sumerian. Men came to believe their power to penetrate a woman's cunt and be inside her, was not only the power to know a woman, but to take control over her; and that physical power of the man, was the only evidence they needed to believe a man "knew" a woman when he fucked her. In time, the act of a man fucking did, in fact, through the laws men created, give him control over women; but never to "know" them; and, it became axiomatic that no man could ever really know a woman. But more importantly, not only do men not know the woman, but they have never know either the Priestess or Death.

Death! The Great Unknown. Unknown, that is, to all but the High Priest and High Priestesses of The Goddesses, who conduct the souls of those who had been prepared for death. And those who were prepared for death do not need to know where they go in death, only that they will be safe from destruction and continue their existence in a Realm of Souls. That, however, only existed in the Goddess societies, where the Priestess was sister to the Shaman, and until about 30,000 years ago, they only existed in what is now Northeast Asia, and there have never Shaman, nor a native born Priestess in Sub-Saharan Africa. Rather, both Priestesses and Shaman originated with early humans in what is now Northeast and North-Central Asia. By 20,000 years ago the population of our evolved hybrid modern humans had grown in Asia into different families, clans an tribes that consisted of several hundred people who ranged over large areas of northern and western Asia through the Ukraine steppe.

Most of those ancient clans had a priestess who server her Goddess or goddess, while most women worshiped their Goddess, or one of the many goddesses through sexual rituals that always included fucking. This began to slowly change about 10,000 years ago when men discovered the secret of the "Double Nature of Man," that it took both the woman and the man to have a child, and with that came the concept of father and mother. But there was no marriage that early, with the possible exception of waring clans uniting with a bond/marriage. That was followed by the rise of the patriarchy, where physically stronger men claimed superiority over women, and the exclusive right to fucking their women, and with that to " know" they would be the father of any child and thus to "know the woman."

This knowledge took hundreds of years or more to spread throughout the various peoples. But Goddess worship was so pervasive that patriarchal rule and the rise of kings had little impact of sexual ritual, especially where women worshiped their goddesses through fucking.

The most pervasive of those rituals was hospitality sex, where, strangers were treated as honored guests. Men were bisexual even after marriage was introduced, and the head of the house or husband participated in giving their wives and women to the strangers to fuck. This developed into such a strong hospitality bond that it existed until the advent of Islam which forbade sex outside marriage, but has kept the hospitality to where even today, a stranger who is taken into the household will be protected even to death.

Priestesses, however, had performed their rituals in tent temples, as nomads at the dawn of civilization. These were later setup along trade routes as they moved from area to area, and wherever the existed, Priestesses were prized as mates and later as wives when marriage was introduced, and those Priestesses who had fucked the most men were the most prized as brides, which became a foundation of matrilineal societies, and the dowery in later patrilineal cultures.

Around 3800 years ago the patriarchal Babylonian King Hammurabi made adultery punishable by death, and put strict restrictions of Priestesses who did not live in the temples, but hospitality sex continued to flourish. Hammurabi’s laws and those of other kings who would rise in the Mideast, usually only applied in the cities. About 3500 years ago, the Groves became popular places of worship among the peoples who lived in what is modernly Syria and Palestine. Nearly every woman was who, during certain phases of the moon and the rising or certain stars, would go to a Grove where they would fuck the men of the town or village under a tree. The Jews riled against the Groves in the Bible, but Grove worship continued through early Christianity and was destroyed by the Muslims in the 7th Century of the current era.

The Egyptian Temples of the Goddess Hathor - HetHeru (Hwt Hr) - existed long before prehistoric Egypt (8,000 years ago) as ornate four corner portable tents- shrine - that were moved with the tribe, and then as the people settled, the temples became permanent, properly oriented structures, that changed their orientation as the stars in the heavens moved with the precession of the equinox, and the obliquity of the ecliptic. As the stars changed, so did the BAt, (Guardians of Hathor) the 36 constellations or group of stars, that rose with the sun every ten day - later called the decans. These BAt, also marked the 18, 40 minute hours of the day, and 18, 40 minutes hours of the night. However, the 40 minute hours were determined by the rising of the stars in each constellation, not by daylight, and the rituals of the twilight hours (sunset to dusk and dawn to sunrise) were a transition from day to night and night to day - life to death and death to rebirth.

These 36 BAt 40 minute hours never chanced in the Religion of The Goddesses, even though the stars, the Guardians of Hathor, have changed, and the later Egyptians would change the day and night into the twelve hours of day and night that are now used in civil (government) affairs. But that civil day was never used in the temples.

What is important is the Priestess and her ancient rituals remained unchanged, and a Priestess is called today as she was anciently.

"A Priestess knows in her soul she is a Priestess, and that is the way we are all called. She will know when she is ready. Then she must not deny her destiny."

While the variety of sexual religious rituals of Goddess worshipers changed over the millennia the Egyptian Temples of the Goddess Hathor - HetHeru (Hwt Hr) remained the same from their beginning, which was long before prehistoric Egypt (8,000 years ago) where ornate four corner portable tents- shrine - were moved with the tribe. As the Egyptian Delta marshes dried, the people settled and the temples became permanent, properly oriented structures, that changed their orientation as the stars moved with the precession of the equinox, and the obliquity of the ecliptic. As the stars changed, so did the BAt, (Guardians of Hathor) the 36 constellations or group of stars, that rose with the sun every ten day - later called the Decans. These BAt, also marked the 18, 40 minute hours of the day, and 18, 40 minutes hours of the night, and the rituals of the twilight hours (sunset to dusk and dawn to sunrise) were a transition from day to night and night to day - life to death and death to rebirth.

However, life after death would become the fantasy of later priests who did not know the Secret of the Prestresses, and created an imaginary death as a mirror shade of life, where all imagined sins were punished in a spirit world ruled by a male god and men. Christians created salvation from both punishment and death, but it could not compete with the sexual rituals of the Priestess, so the Priestesses were killed. And those the Christians could not kill were killed by the Muslims.

Now, the Twilight of Christianity has allowed the Priestesses to once again know men and prepare them for death as they fuck men. But not all Priestesses have been able to "know" a man, as it can require years of training and practice, which means a Priestess may go through the rituals with thousands of men before she can learn the Secret. That was not as difficult anciently, as a novice Priestess would perform the rituals during the eighteen hours of the day, which means she would have the cocks of 36-72 different men in her cunt through which she could practice, every day for the 10-day week (tepramad). This was also true of the Priestesses of the night (dah); and, once the Rituals, which were suspended in 1997, are reinstated in the future, that will be how the new Priestesses will train to know a man.

Each Priestess is, of course different, and while the ability to know a man is important, it is only a step in knowing the heart, mind and soul of a man so he can learn how his soul can survive after death. But that can not happen without knowing what the soul is; or for the skeptical seeker, whether there is a spirit or soul.

That may not be easy, because the world's religions have, without exception, no knowledge of the soul; and what they teach has, for over two millennia, prevented the world from discovering the truth of Spirits, Souls and Death.

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