The Priestess

High Priest of The Goddesses
Online March 2015

The sight of her bare vulva sent a tinge of excitement through his body. It was like the excitement he felt just before going into battle, yet different. It was the excitement of the unknown, and knowing anticipation. His very being was transfixed at what she told him as he knelt, nude, before her in her seat of power, yet his mind retreated towards some primal force that drew him inward and blocked his sense of reality. It was no drug which now deadened his senses while making them vividly alive; nor was it like the rush of adrenalin which made him oblivious to the slaughter inflicted by battle. This was a far greater force; one that felt as though it came from within, and he trembled in fear knowing it was coming from the Priestess. His apprehensions gave way to a reality that strangely seemed unreal. His hands were on her thighs, but it was as though they were touching another body, another person, someone who was real, but who seemed to only be a shell of something he could not comprehend. Yet he felt every movement, sensed every smell, heard every sound and saw every fold of her smooth skin, which covered the indentation of her mound and revealed the texture of her labia.

His eyes lost focus as his head moved between her legs and closer to the most beautiful vulva he had ever seen. Or was this another person, another body, one more sublime even than the one before whom he was keeling? His mind was keenly awake, yet there was a cloud that covered his memory like a veil. The smell of her vaginal juices reached out to caress his nostrils, awakening a sense he had never known before. The smell was overpowering, like the breath of life rushing into his lungs at birth.

He sensed his face next to her vulva. He tongue was alive, reaching out to lick the folds of her warm, wet labia. He savored the taste of her sweet, thick vaginal juices and felt himself moving with her rhythmic hips, which undulated to the pleasure his tongue gave. He gave himself over to her control and instinctively knew what pleased her and what did not. His only desire was to fulfill her desires; and his tongue was pure symmetry as it moved faster and fasted, darted from side to side, from the top to the bottom of her clitoris, which was sensitized in firm anticipation. As his tongue touched the hard knob in the fold of her clitoris, her hips responded in pleasure with the contraction of her muscles, which he sensed with his entire being. Faster and faster he moved, anticipating the fleeting movement of the elusive center of her pleasure, which tried to elude him with every lick as he felt her build higher and higher in pleasure, only to withdraw in silent, motionless, timeless. It was only three breaths, but it seemed an eternity as he tongue sought desperately to regain the pleasure he had given her, before her hips moved slightly, then more; then he felt the rapture of her body explode in orgasm upon his tongue and face. Her hips moved in elated ferocity as her hands pushed his face hard against her as she dropped her hips low before they rebounded with intensity, raising high, then with a spasmodic jerk, pulled downward to hit the fur on which she sat. Convulsion after convulsion racked her body as she took pleasure from his tongue and face, until she at last sat peacefully, caressing his head in grateful discernment.

Something happened in that moment of giving pleasure. He had come to the Priestess for her blessing and she had touched his soul. In grateful bliss he rose and offered his sacrifice to the Priestess and The Goddess. But his hands were soiled with the blood of battle, his soul stained from slaughter and his heart had been filled with anger and rage against an enemy for which he felt nothing. He was not worthy of the grace of The Goddess nor the comfort of society, and his impurity would defile his home and his people. He could not bring such condemnation upon those he loved. Only The Goddess could make him whole.

The priestess accepted his sacrifice and led him to her couch. He felt the excitement rise in him as she slid the thin long veil from off her shoulders and revealed her provocatively sensual body. Her round breasts with large, erect nipples seemed to beckon him as the breasts of Aset - the breasts from which the knowledge of the Goddess flowed. His hard cock sprang upward and ached with desire for the Priestess, but with that physical desire he felt impure. He had transgressed, and was unworthy of the pleasure that lay before him. Yet, that was the power of the Priestess, to negate transgressions, to reconcile man with The Goddess, to show men how to live joyfully, and to die with a greater hope.

Emotions swelled within him as lay on her bed while she first licked his breasts then offered her own to him. Waves of feelings which he could neither express nor cover with a veil, overpowered him. He basked in the pleasure her tongue gave as it moved down his body to his hard, throbbing cock. Her darting tongue moved back and forth across the head of his cock, down his shaft, then back up to its head which she gently took into her mouth, swallowing all of his cock down her throat. She truly possessed the Ma'e of the kissing of the cock. It was a gift of The Goddess to the Priestess and mankind.

He felt the pleasure of her pudenda as she moved up and slid his hard cock into her cunt, then rode up and down in the Priestess position. He was filled with a delight he whished could last forever. But he knew that he must give up his essence and with it his transgressions; that he must die in her, for she was Priestess of the Twat, that dark realm of the dead, where only those with knowledge could enter. Her body beaconed him. Her Twat opened for him, and somehow told him to give into her, to follow her, to find her and show himself worthy of her grace.

He obeyed her command, a command he could not hear, but which resonated like a deafening roar around him as he erupted in orgasm inside of her, forcing his essence deep inside her Twat. She responded with pleasure and joy to his pleasure. His own pleasure could be no less than that of the Priestess, for it was not punishment for his transgressions which the Priestess gave, it was joy for his contrition. He had given his very essence, his semen, his session, in order to have his transgressions negated, wiped out; and with his essence, the embodiment of his being, the Priestess had taken him, his transgressions, his all, upon herself; and he died in her.

In that fleeting moment, he died the Little Death. His mind was numbed as it reeled without direction, as the veil which obscured a forgotten time faded from behind the din of eternity. He saw his past. He knew who he was and from whence he came. In that brief moment of awe and wonder, he felt his spirit leave and reenter his body.

He had gone to the depths of mortality, and had glimpsed immortality. In that moment of pleasure he had returned to the moment of birth when his spirit entered his mortal body as Ankh, the Breath of Life and bound his spirit as his soul, his Kah. He had come to the Priestess for her blessing and had been reborn in The Twat. He had become a child of her Spirit, the fruits of her pleasure and knowledge. He had glimpsed his spirit's past and had hope of his eternal future; that he could, with knowledge, become a twice great soul.

He was cleansed, purified by the Priestess and The Goddess. The warrior was no longer tainted by his acts of violence. He had given his essence in the Twat of the Priestess, where his transgressions had been negated. He was now sanctified before the Goddess and worthy to return to society.

The Priestess had given him the vision of his soul, and in doing so, she knew him. It was a gift of The Goddess to know men's hearts and thoughts when their cocks were in her cunt, and to know their Souls when they ejaculated in her Twat; and, knowing the hearts and minds of men had been the secret of the Priestesses from the beginning, when the First Priestess was chosen from the First Race of humans, the Phat.

Sex has always been spiritual in the Rituals of The Goddesses, and the Rituals are performed today as they were anciently. But the Trinity Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have imposed their morals and laws on the West to where we are controlled by religious views that are contrary to the roll of the Priestess in Life and Death.

That has produced serious consequences when it comes to the Law of Sacrifice and Forfeiture. The government of the United States has made sacrifices to The Goddesses a crime. As a consequence The Ritual of Sacrifice was withdrawn in 1997, and reverted to the Law of Forfeiture. Simply put, a Sacrifice is the giving or surrendering of something of value for a greater, advantage or spiritual purpose, while Forfeiture is the surrendering something of the greatest value as a penalty for rejecting Sacrifice. Thus, after 1997, as America went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and later the Mideast, all killing makes the, “American forces impure, and even though they may return home as heros, they will defile their homes and their people, and bring condemnation upon those they love, as there will be no Priestess to sanctify either them, or the nation through the Rituals of The Goddesses.” The lives, limbs and minds of America’s troops are no longer sacrificed, but are forfeited to the enemy. America fights and gains nothing from the forfeiture, while ceding victory to the enemy - the Muslims. Thus, all of the American lives and limbs, and the trillions of dollars spent in fighting in Muslim countries has not been to free the people, but rather to establish Islam as the United States sponsored state religion in those countries. And American are no longer fighting to bring freedom, but as soldiers of Allah, to enslave the people to surrender, Islam, to Allah.








Anciently the man's cock revealed his mind, and the cunt of the Priestess knew his every thought, while her Twat knew his soul; for to "know a man" was the Secret of the Priestess. It was the secret of knowing the man, the same way the Goddess Aset (Isis) knew the secret name of Ra, which was a gift of The Goddesses. And that secret held within it the Great Secret; the Secret of Secrets; Seta Setau; the Secret of the Psychopomp. It was the secret kept from the time of the Birth of Great Souls, which was handed down through First Phat, which was the most ancient line of Priestesses.

Long before the Egyptians and Sumerians created nations, how a man revealed his heart and mind to the Priestess when the man's cock was in her cunt was kept secret from the world by misdirection. When a man fucked a woman, it was his cock that entered her and was inside her, and the Priestesses let the world believe that it was the man who "knew" a woman when he fucked her. The earliest writings reveal that sexual intercourse, fucking a woman, meant the man "knew" her; and this knowing a woman through sex was called Rakt in Egyptain and GisZu in Sumerian. This power, which men believed they had to know a woman, gave them control over women; and the physical power of the man, was the only evidence needed that they "knew" a woman when he fucked her. In time, the act of a man fucking did, in fact, give him control over women; but never to "know" them; and, it became axiomatic that no man could ever really know a woman.

The power to "know" a man was only a faded memory by the time the Sumerians who called themselves, Un Sag Gi, (black-headed people) came to power in what is now Southern Iraq. But long before that time one of last black-headed Priestesses had fled to the Land of Mari, Egypt, where she established the "House of Hr," HatHor, and from that time to the end of Egypt, the Priestesses of Aset performed the rituals of Aset (Isis) and Wasir (Osiris), while the Priestesses of HatHor (House of Hr) performed the rituals of their Son, Hr (Horus).

Not all Priestesses of Aset and HatHor were able to "know" a man, as it can require years of training and practice, which means a Priestess may go through the rituals with thousands of men before she can learn the Secret. That was not as difficult anciently, as a Novice Priestess would perform the rituals during the twelve hours of the day, which means she would have the cocks of 36-72 different men in her cunt through which she could practice, every day for the 10-day week (tepramad). This was also true of the Priestesses of the night (dah); and, once the Rituals, which were suspended in 1997, are reinstated in the future, that will be how the new Priestesses will train to know a man.

Each Priestess is, of course different, and while the ability to know a man is important, it is only a step in knowing the heart, mind and soul of a man so he can learn how his soul can survive after death. But that can not happen without knowing what the soul is; or for the skeptical seeker, whether there is a spirit or soul.

That may not be easy, because the world's religions have, without exception, no knowledge of the soul; and what they teach has, for over two millennia, prevented the world from discovering the truth of Spirits and Souls.

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