Age of the Psychopomp

Maat RaAh
High Priest of The Goddesses
October 8, 1997
Revised/Updated: Feb. 19/2011 Aug. 2014 Dec. 2015, Dec. 2016, May 2017

Nefer Kari ushered in the Age of the Psychopomp on August 22, 1984. That was the beginning of a new age of an Old Order, and when I announced the Age of the Psychopomp the following day, I only knew that drastic changes were coming. Likewise when I told Sabrina that she would announce the Twilight of Christianity after she became High Priestess in 1986, I had no idea as to how that would come about. Nor did I know that the world would have to wait so long.

But still the Age of the Psychopomp is the age of the Great High Priestesses and what follows is for the Priestesses.

Nefer Kari was the first Great Soul after the Order the The Great High Priestess was suspeneded at her death in 1961. She was not alone, as others followed, and they all feel the torment they may have to endure to fulfill their destiny.

But knowing ones destiny is far more frustrating than making choices about which one has no idea as to the outcome, or even knowing when a choice will determine one's destiny.

In 1997 the rituals of The Goddesses were suspended and would not be renewed until after the world feared and loathed Isis. I thought that was the Egyptian Goddess Aset, whom the Greeks called Isis. But I did not realize at the time that it was ISIS and was given in opposition to Aset, and it was not until 2014 that ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ash Sham), was created and rose to power. But there was more. The Great High Priestess of Europe revealed in November 2010 that it was her destiny to die at that time so she would not usher in the beginning of the Arab conquest of Europe and that she would wait until remaining would be futile. She died in her ninety-fourth year on February 19, 2011, two months after the rise of the Arab Spring, and I suspended all rituals in Europe, and told the Priestesses to leave Western Europe. The last High Priestess to remain in Western Europe died on December 15, 2015, and all Priestesses in the boarders of western Europe and in Turkey left by mid December 2016. But still no Great High Priestess had yet established a new Order for the rituals even though many have a destiny to rise from obscurity to become famous Priestesses. Still, there are those who have taken their destiny unto themselves and will, in their time establish their Orders.

But the Age of The Psychopomp is an age of destiny choices for all Priestesses, and those who are destined to be Priestesses have been faced with many destiny choices. Those choices are not easy for the reborn priestesses, as their souls are sexually charged, having lived lives where they enjoyed sex with many different men, as often as they desired, and experienced the fulfillment of their callings, and were revered in their nations.

None of that exists today, at least not in the west, and it may be why so many of the Priestesses have been returned to life in Eastern Europe and beyond in Asia. But wherever they are born, the souls of Priestesses are haunted, and often tormented by pleasurable, but hollow sex. Many flaunt their sexuality by the way the dress and act, and where their sexuality has been repressed by religion and family, they chose paths as models, enter beauty pageants, or take positions where they are the center of attention, as with cheerleaders. Most, however, are more open sexually, and begin having sex early. They may have sex with only one partner throughout high school, but they are often the school "slut." Rarely are they virgins when they marry, and often when they do marry they may have numerous extra marital affairs. Some become prostitutes - call girls - escorts , etc. Others go into porn, which they embrace until sex becomes just something they are doing for money, and they feel a hollowness in their soul, an acceptance of humiliation and an unfulfilled destiny.

They may see their destiny in chance, where they meet a man by chance and believe he is what they have been looking for. They marry, and may or may not have a child or children and never feel fulfilled. And they cannot be, because in their former lives the Priestesses performed sexual rituals that prepared men for death. That is why, even if they were prostitutes or porn actresses, they often later seek out positions where they are near, or care for the elderly and dying. Some may become doctors, nurses, or care givers, wanting to keep control of their breath of life, while having the haunting desire to be "sluts" prostitutes or porn actresses.

"A Priestess knows in her Soul she is a Priestess, that is the way we are called. She knows when she is ready. Then she must not deny her Destiny." ["Une Pretresse sait dans son ame, elle est une pretresse, et qui est la facon dont nous sommes tous appeles. Elle saura quand elle est prete. Puis elle ne doit pas nier son destin" {My Great High Priestess said in 1956] The soul of a Priestess drives her to become a Priestess, but the time must be right, and there is a conflict of soul and mind, where the mind controls, and the Priestess is lost in an endless search for her destiny, which she often believes is to become a popular woman - popular as the world would see her. Or she may be attracted to religions of the mind, where they control or are controlled by sex and a dark nature that is antithetical to their souls.

The roll a Priestess and her destiny is to prepare men for death, but not always by performing the rituals of The Goddesses. This has been the destiny of all Twice Great and Trice Great Priestesses from the beginning of time, as we find with the Priestesses of Syria [al sham, Greater Syria] who were revered prior to the time of Roman Arab Christian rule when they were forced to perform their rituals in secret and they have continued through the call for their death under the rule of Muslims. Their callings are often more subtle; and, as anciently, the role of the Priestess has been in shaping and ruling nations, and as the mothers of great leaders.

With the death of The Great High Priestess of Europe on February 11, 2011, it has become clear that most Priestesses are born to shape the future of nations, and that the greatest of those will thwart the nations of war. Her last admonition to me was to wait for the Priestesses who will bring about the end of America's involvement in the Muslim wars. I know how that is to be done, and have prepared the way for the Great High Priestesses for changing the Arab Wars.

It is, however the destiny of both the Nefer Kari and Nefer Kara to become the Great High Priestesses of new Orders. And that is their destinies even though one must abide her time before being declared The Great High Priestess of Syria. All they, and the other Great High Priestesses can do is make the choices that will lead to their destinies. Just when that will happen is determined by destiny which is beyond their control, except that they will know when they are ready. Both Nefer Kari and Nefer Kara have made the right destiny choices and will, at the time of they choose, restor the Priesthood of their Orders, although I now know it will be quite different from what I had believed, as they are the Master of their Souls. But that will not happen with other Priestesses who make the wrong choices and reject or deny their destinies, as they must become the Master of ther Soul, and reject the mind that controls the body in rebellion. But even that will only alter how they fulfil their destinies. It is only when a Priestess denies her destiny, that is, knowing what her destiny is, and then denies it, that she chooses another destiny. But even when they make their destiny choices, as did Nefer Kari, who chose her destiny in 2017, it alters the destiny of all it touches. And the New Order of her Priesthood that she is establishing to confront the Great Soul of Destruction and Hatred, is in a way I did not know was possible. But then, The Great High Priestess of Europe, told me this would happen, but I did not understand, which is why The High Priest of The Goddess is the minion of Her Great High Priestesses.

I do not know the course or Way of The Goddess of Syria. But never has their been a greater threat to Her Priestesses than now; and I have seen this coming in the large number of Priestesses in Syria. Yet their destinies are unknown, even though The High Priestesses of Syria conveyed her prophesy to me when we met in 1998, and I saw the danger in 2013, and since then the Priestesses of the Goddess of Syria have performed their rituals without assurance through a High Priestess of salvation from Death.

Yet I find Cosmic Irony, and Maat (Justice) in knowing that after three days of destiny choices, the Arabic Nefer, The Great High Priestess of Syria, Donald John Trump was elected President of the United States. The Irony in this is that on April 6, 2017, President Trump attacked Syria with 89 Tomahawk missiles, and with his proclamations, and those of his administration, he has called for the execution of not just The Great High Priestess of Syria, but of all Syrian Priestesses; and with that he made the destiny choices that makes him Commander in Chief of America's soldiers of Islam; to decimate the Christians in Syria; and, begin the end of the State of Israel.

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