What Women Really Want In Sex

Chapter 6
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses

When "The Kinsey Report" broke the sexual barrier in 1948, there was shock and outrage by the general public. It was unheard of for scientist to be concerned with such things as women's orgasms, or what women wanted in sex. Well, we've come a long way baby in the past half century. Or have we?

Kinsey found that less then 1/2 (only 49%) of the 6,000 women he studied had orgasms 90% or more of the time they had sexual intercourse. That was 50 year ago. More recently, in the midst of the "Sexual Revolution" (1972) the Playboy Foundation studied just over 2000 women and found that 53% of the women enjoyed orgasm 90% or more of the time they had sex. That was a whopping big 4% increase in half a century. Sounds like not much was won in that revolution.

During that period hundreds of sex practices books flooded the market and became best sellers. But obviously people either didn't pay attention to what was written, or what is more likely, what was written didn't really help women's sexuality. Maybe Americans should stop reading about sex and practice it more, because women are still not getting what they want to fulfill their sexual potential. They aren't even getting a minimum of what they want. So what do women really want in sex?

I know what I want, but researchers can only study what men and women "say" they are doing, and every now and then they can observe some sexual behavior. But it is next to impossible to create sexual situations in humans. The closest researchers can come is to study monkeys. Kinsey was afraid to report some of his early research and techniques because of public opinion. Just his polls alone outraged people. A decade later, Masters and Johnson were able to actually observe sexual intercourse and orgasms in clinical situations. However, the women had to bring their own male sex partner with them. Can you imagine the public outcry that would arise if a sex researcher were to create sex encounters to observe what people really do? For example, a woman says she has fantasies of having sex with half a dozen men - what research facility can provide the men to observe her behavior without creating outrage from the moral bigots and law enforcement?

As The High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses, I have made several interesting observations which open a completely different perspective on human sexuality. This is because Priestesses of the Goddess of Teh Most High, and The Goddesses have sex (cunnilingus and vaginal intercourse) many times a day, with many different men, as part of their religious ritual. A Priestess is far more sexual than the average woman, however, but she does represent a segment of society which is far broader than sexually repressed religionists want to admit exists. More importantly, the observations of Priestesses are easily verified and are not as subject to the fantasy, imagination and the colorful reports given to sex researchers. Unfortunately much of the information given to sex researchers is highly inflated or simple fantasy of what the subject would like to enjoy in sex. But there is no question as to whether a priestess enjoys sex. She could not be a Priestess if she did not.

Most women who say they enjoy sex, don't enjoy the pure physical acts, or sex for the sake of sex. The fact that a woman has sex, often, with different partners, is not evidence of sexual enjoyment.

Prostitutes are the best examples of this. Prostitutes don't usually become Priestesses, because they refuse to enjoy sex. Most prostitutes view sex as work and detach themselves from their sexual and emotional feelings. They establish their own set of moral values. The most ludicrous of these, is what I call the "virgin whore." She's the prostitute who will have intercourse with her customer (John), but refuse to have an orgasm with him. Orgasms are reserved for her "man" to whom she is being the "faithful virgin". Some prostitutes remain faithful to their "man" by not allowing the customer to eat their pussy. Others will only have oral sex - suck the man off - and not have vaginal intercourse. This is the complete antithesis of a Priestess. A Priestess has sex with men and she enjoys it. If she doesn't enjoy the experience, it's because of the man. And believe me, some men are terrible at having sex and even worse at making love. A prostitute on the other hand, is in her business for the money, not for the pleasure; a Priestess not only enjoys sex, but looks upon it as a fulfillment in emulating The Goddess. Out of the nearly 3,000 sexual experiences I've had I've enjoyed all but a very few of them.

A Priestess is also distinguished from the woman who cannot separate sex from love. Such women only enjoy sex with their lover. Many of them do not even enjoy sex, but they don't realize it. What they enjoy is the tactile experience; the caressing and touching, as well as the affection and tenderness of the intimate moment. Sex to such a woman is her expression of love. She may even want to please her mate more than herself and will transfer his sexual enjoyment into her own pleasure. Sex to her is only coincidental to "love making." Her enjoyment of sex may seem real, she may even be convinced that she enjoys sex, after all she enjoys everything up to the point where the man puts his cock in her cunt. But what she really enjoys are those non sexual moments which she interprets as sex, or which moralists and psychologists have convinced her are sex, but which are not.

In the Hite Report, Shere Hite relates that what women said they enjoyed most about intercourse was the intimacy and closeness. But most of these women were not experiencing orgasm during intercourse. Only 30% were having climaxes during intercourse as compared to 95% who have orgasm in masturbation. This is most interesting because a survey taken for the Book of Sexual Lists, made women's top 10 heterosexual activities, Number 1 in order of preference was having their pussy eaten. #2 was having intercourse with the woman in the top position - the Priestess position; and way down on the list at # 9, was masturbation. Obviously the women in Shere Hite's study were not having their pussies eaten and were not fucking in the top position, but were masturbating.

Sex is sex. It is not love. It is not affection, or petting, or caressing. Sex is copulation, fellatio and cunnilingus. Fucking, sucking cocks and eating pussy. Masturbation and the new, "safe sex", which is nothing more than mutual masturbation - can only loosely be termed, sex. It is not really "masturbation". The acts of foreplay which may be sexual in nature, are not really sex either. Just as phone sex which is sexual, is not sex. Four-play to me is sex with four men.

A Priestess enjoys sex for the sensation of the moment. She loves the feel of a hard penis in her vagina, or a tongue licking her pussy. She enjoys sex for the sake of sex, for the pleasure of the feeling and the gratification of the orgasm. To her a great lover is one who can perform the sex act - Venus Love - with great ability. It is not, as sex researcher, Shere Hite asserts, "a man who knows how to say the right things". (That isn't even oral sex.) A priestess realizes a fulfillment of sex with the man - any man - through her religion

Even though cunnilingus is listed as the number one preference for women, I don't believe that cunnilingus is really what women want most. Nor do women get the most fulfillment out of having oral sex performed on them, but it is the best way and often the only way for women to have orgasms - which means simply that men are not capable of giving women what they really want, which is a good fuck.

Most women need more sexual stimulation than a man to get excited and lubricated to be able to enjoy vaginal intercourse to orgasm. Without "knowing how to say the right things" and some sort of foreplay, the vagina is generally not ready for penis insertion. The most frequent complaint I hear from women is that they just aren't lubricated enough. I never realized women do not have constantly wet and juicy vaginas because that's the way I usually am. But not always, and I have notice that when a man has a terrible, boring or uncomfortable technique, even I stop lubricating. And that's the end of that, because if I don't get lubricated, he doesn't get in me.

It is interesting how many women tell me how great their husband or lover is but that they don't get lubricated enough to keep up with him. The fact is, if she isn't lubricated, it's because the guy is too boring for her. When I have had sex with their "great lover" he has always turned out to very boring. Even I could not get lubricated. After nearly 3000 different men, I think I can tell a lousy lover when I've had one.

Women who enjoy sex with men and who can separate sex from love or emotional attachment, (and even those who can not) make the first order of sexual preference in a man a hard penis; not the perpetual hardness of the tantric lover who prides himself in holding off, but the hardness of a man about to explode in orgasm. Women may convince themselves that they enjoy the semi-hard cock of their lover, but when they are honest, women admit that a man is at his best, feels the best and generates the most sexual excitement in her, when he is about to cum and is cumming in her vagina - not her mouth, or on her face, or breasts or ass.

Women find it difficult to define the exact reason for this. I express it as intensity; intensity of a hard cock; intensity of muscle tension; intensity of rhythm; intensity of physical power -- just plain intensity. All other acts of sexual stimulation are secondary to this one act. Even cunnilingus, which may be preferred by women because most men can't keep it up, is secondary.

This introduces an interesting fact: Women do not really enjoy a man who lasts a long time. Of course, this goes against the thinking of the sensitive male lover who wants to believe that he can satisfy a woman who really enjoys sex. And it's totally against the femi-nazi concept of sex or the psychologists who attempt to place their own moral values on society. When women can place their prejudices and upbringing behind them - when they are honest, they readily admit that they enjoy vaginal intercourse best when a man is coming. Those who disagree, for the most part do so on moral grounds, or because they are so narrow minded they cannot think of any other alternative. And they usually can't find alternatives.

Books have been written on how to increase sexual pleasure by foreplay and prolonging the man's urge to ejaculate. Some books even go so far as to tell people that the best way to enjoy sex is not to have an orgasm. That's nonsense. The way a man learns to prolong his erection is to have more sex - more orgasms - not fewer. Those who completely reject the idea that women enjoy a man best when he is cuming, do so because of the emotional and moral implications which they refuse to confront.

Put simply, the dilemma is this: Since a woman who really enjoys sex is capable of having sex longer than a man, she will not care for men who try to last a long time. What she prefers, what she enjoys, is the intensity of a hard penis about to explode in orgasm. And that's a modern dilemma. Christian and Jewish morality dictates that she have sex with only one man - and some religious teachings hold that it only be for procreation - But her physical, emotional and sexual self tells her that she must have sex with as many men as it takes to fulfill her sexually.

To the Priestess, this is no dilemma at all as her religion establishes a morality which requires her to have sex with many different men and requires that she enjoy it. Before I became a priestess, I enjoyed sex, but I only had sex in marriage with one man, my husband. He was a good lover and what he couldn't accomplish with his penis, he made up for with his tongue. After oral sex, I always enjoyed his hard penis in my vagina - but sometimes that wasn't possible - I'm not telling secrets, he readily admits he just couldn't get it up or keep it up all the time. Because of my very strict moral upbringing, that didn't seem to matter.

Fulfilling sex for a woman - sex with more than one man - is not a problem with a priestess, but for most of our society this presents a major problem for both men and women. To the man, it requires a recognition that keeping it up means more than just keeping an erection. He can no longer compensate for his inadequacy, or make himself appear more "manly" by holding off ejaculation to maintain an erection. Such men have convinced themselves that a hard penis is what a woman wants. But women's rejection of that male concept is found in the fact that women do not usually have orgasms with just a hard penis. The brutal fact is that usually when the man tries to keep it up without having an orgasm, he can't keep it up at all. With the thousands of men with whom I have had sex (and this is confirmed by my other priestesses), as the man trains himself to not have an orgasm, his mind turns off to that anticipation and he goes limp, or at best semi-ridged. When he does cum, it is usually without any intensity; the semen just oozes out without an explosive ejaculation.

Men are just not capable of sustaining the intensity of a penis about to explode. I liken sex to running. (I run between 4-10 miles each day.) You don't walk a marathon to keep from getting tired, because, except for the disabled and physically disadvantaged, the purpose is not to finish, no matter how long it takes, but to expend all your energy and finish at your personal best. No man could possibly run the marathon distance with the same intensity of a fifty meter sprinter. And that is what a woman needs and wants. A man who can keep up the intensity of the sprinter. The only thing which comes close is a relay of men for the full distance. Not a re-lay

This defies the myth of the sexually superior man, the macho man, who, by himself, can satisfy a woman's sexual capacity. And it opens the man to the realization that sexual satisfaction of the woman requires more than one man can physically give.

To the woman, this requires an admission of her sexuality. She must realize her latent desire to have sex with many men; to enjoy one man after another; to have one hard, intense cock after another explode inside her; to be the field upon which the intense marathon-relay of one hard fast sprinter cuming after another - is run. In short, she must come to the realization that she is by nature, a Priestess.

Women have been sexually suppressed by a male dominated society and its male religions for too long. It is only now that women are again able to express what we really want: To be free to have sex with as many men as we want. Not just any man, but good quality men with intense, hard penises. Penises which, no matter what their size, can create a sensation of excitement in the woman. A man who is in touch with his body will realize this. Those who are not will think its just the size of the penis that matter. Bigger is better. Is that a valid assumption? Women who really enjoy sex know the answer.

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