Chapter 5
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses
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I have received hundreds of letters from guys who want to know how to get laid. Most of them are virgins and want to give nothing to a woman except their cocks. I remember seeing a cartoon once which pictured a little boy and a little girl who were showing each other their sex organs. The boy says, "I've got one of these, and you don't". The little girl points to her pussy and replies, "With one of these, I can get as many of those as I want!" Doesn't that tell you something? It should, but most men don't listen.

So lets look at sex honestly. From the statistics available on married couples, in intercourse, the man cums - gets his pleasure 99% of the time; whereas, the woman has an orgasm only 50% of the time. Among virgins, 99% of the men say that they got their pleasure by cuming, whereas only 20% of the women even found the experience enjoyable. That doesn't mean that they had orgasms, but only that it was enjoyable. At those low rates, even in marriage, why should the woman bother?

Most men get a hard on and want to stick it in the first woman who will talk to them - In fact they would prefer that the woman not talk. They don't want to take the girl out or spend time developing a relationship. If a young man can't find time between school or work for a woman, he can't expect her to find a place in her cunt for him. Why should a girl fuck someone she doesn't even know will be a decent lover or give her any pleasure at all?

I have met with several male virgins (ex-virgins, as they happily are now). None was a good lover initially. I'm happy to say they're improving with practice. As with anything, practice improves performance. It's a myth and misconception in our society that the man automatically knows everything about sex, naturally; that he comes to the marriage bed knowing everything about sex where he gives the dear trusting, virginal bride the most unforgettable night of her life. The only truth to that is that it will be unforgettable - though usually, she would like to forget it. But since many religions teach that sex is to be used only for procreation (making babies) it is true that the man knows all he needs to for that - put it in, cum and pull it out. Even the Neanderthals knew how to do that. Is it any wonder that 80% of female virgins are left frustrated and disappointed?

A male virgin should not have sex with a girl who is more sexually immature than he is. He would probably not be doing her any great service. In fact, he might even prejudice her against sexual experimentation. Humans don't have many acts which are instinctive and sex certainly isn't one of them. Or to paraphrase Shakespeare, "do you think that a woman is more easy to play than a flute?" This is real life, not the Music Man. Musical instruments and women are very much alike, you don't just pick one up and start playing. As the sex researcher, Lowry, put it, "Although sex is perfectly natural, it is not always naturally perfect."

One group of sex researchers, Ford and Beach, say that because the human brain is the most complex of any species, explains why in human beings sexuality is structured and patterned by learning. You learn by practice and I'm a believer in that old cliche, "practice makes perfect." I practice sex a lot. As the High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses, I go through sexual rituals every day with many men (though never enough). Yet after oral and vaginal sex with over 3,000 different man, I find that each man is an individual and responds in his own unique way. If a man or woman has a very limited repertoire of sexual knowledge, he or she cannot try a lot of things to bring out each personal and individual response. Some men I have been with have erotic nipples. Most of them are aware of this, but probably 10% had never had their nipples sucked on or played with. If you never try it, you never know, so you miss out on one of the pleasures in life.

Most male virgins (and unfortunately many non virgins too) are unaware that a woman's primary sex organ is her clitoris. Often they don't even know what a clit is; if they do know what it is they don't know where the clit is located; and if they know where it's located, they don't know how to use it. I've had a lot of men begin to eat my pussy and I've ended it right there. They were such bad pussy eaters. You can imagine how bad they must have been since I can have an orgasm within half a minute of being eaten. But can you possibly imagine what they must be like with other women who are not as responsive?

Most male virgins have also had little sexual experience, yet they often feel they must live up to the macho-male-know-all-about-sex image that our society has encouraged. With that attitude they are not receptive to being instructed. They are rough and pushy as they try to hide their lack of knowledge. It's, shove the cock in as fast as possible to reach their goal in life - to not be a virgin. Then, so they believe, they are a man of the world. They don't care anything about the pleasure of the woman and if they are bad enough, the woman won't care to go through the experience again. At least not with them.

On the other hand, some men call me and almost brag that they are virgins. They seem to think that I would like to be the first to take their virginity. For the most part, these guys are phoney. They have the erroneous idea that women have the same perverse obsession with taking virginity that many men have. Virgin brides want virgin husbands because their religion demands it. Movies show "older woman" loving every second of their encounter with a man's first sexual experience, but those movies were written and produced by men. They do not reflect reality. Most women who enjoy sex do not enjoy virgins.

Occasionally you may find a woman who is so insecure about her own sexuality that she'd want a virgin or a man with very little experience so he would have little or nothing with which to compare her. Being the first, she'd always be the world's greatest fuck to him, or so she believes. But most women do not want virgins. I have heard women tell young men that they would love to help him not be a virgin any more, but they always find some reason why they can't do it. At any rate, men who tell me they are virgins to increase their value with me are misguided. I am not out to add notches to my clit, so phoney virgins don't impress me at all. I do appreciate a sincere man letting me know if he is a virgin so I can work with him - of course he has to be willing to learn.

It is usually physically obvious when a man fucks a virgin - but not alwasy. She bleeds (though not always). Bleeding is caused by the rupturing (breaking) of the hymen, a membrane which only humans, elephants, pigs and the "ass" share in common. It is interesting that all of those animals are "unclean" under the Law of Moses. But obsessions over the hymen, or hymen fetish, is restricted to limited areas of the world where the male dominated religions have power - among the Semitic's of the Near East and the Christians of Europe. It was unheard of in Europe until the advent of Christianity, and then only became important after the 14th century. Queen Elizabeth (the Virgin Queen for whom the Virgin Islands are named) is reported to have worn fashion which revealed bare breast as a sign of her virginity. Being small breasted, she followed the earlier Romans custom of measuring a brides breasts before and after to prove virginity. It was believed that a woman's breasts expanded with her first coitus, or as the Romans would say, "those nodes which nourish are revealed by the morning's light to not let the ends of the string meet which once encompassed them with ease." By the 19th century large breasts denoted the virgin. After all, Queen Victoria was the perpetual virgin - even after having born children - and she had large breasts. Thus, all virgins had large breasts and small breasts indicated sexual activity. Uplifted bodices and padding were used to reveal the smooth round tops of the "virgin" breasts. This reveals some of the most striking inconsistencies of the Victorian Era where large breasted women with asses and hips accentuated by bustles did not show their sexuality (which they obviously did) but revealed their virginal status. The Victorian era, which has been called the heyday of the hymen, was as hypocritical as it was absurd. Books were written warning men to be ware of tell-tale signs of "lost innocence". A swollen neck was a sure sign of sexual activity. Girls with mumps or colds obviously were not virgins because their necks were swollen. Women hid themselves to prevent men from seeing them during illness, especially when the other sure sign of lost virginity was also present, the change in voice. This was guaranteed to be 80% accurate. Which is probably true when you consider that 65% of all children born during that period were bastards. Obviously 80% of the unmarried women were not virgins.

The rest of the world (except for Islam) cared little for virginity and considered the hymen an impediment to a woman's development. Ernest Crawley in The Mystic Rose states that in China, Japan, Siam, Cambodia, the Moluccas, the Philippines and adjacent islands, "the hymen was ruptured in early childhood by an old woman who was employed for this purpose". This occurred before the child was 9 years old as the defloration "must take place before puberty."

Since not all girls have a hymen, it is believed that the hymen was developed through selective breeding. As Robert Eisler states in Man into Wolf, "The virgin's hymen seems to be a late acquisition of human females, produced by the sexual selective action of the possessive male, after the transition from matriarchal to patriarchal values." In other words, the ignorant patriarchs killed the young girls who didn't have hymens because their ignorance dictated that the girls had obviously had sex. Girls with hymens were prized and selected as wives. Such selective breeding came to a head during the reign of Queen Elizabeth when some noble women were found to have such thick hymens that they could not be broken, even when they wanted them to be. Husbands gladly paid Surgeons high prices to cut the membrane so they could be admitted. Needless to say, many a woman made herself inaccessible by placing objects in her vagina so her husband could not enter. Then the good surgeon, whom the woman had bribed before hand, would come and open her with his skilled scalpel. No doubt the surgeon had already probed the woman's vagina with his own penis, to make sure all was right for the bride-to-be.

Elizabeth Gould Davis in The First Sex points out the problem the hymen fetish brought. "The development of the hymen in women, however much men approved and encouraged it, led to new problems, new taboos, and new guilt on the part of men in their relations with women. Woman's blood had always, ever since time began, been dangerously taboo. Menstrual and postpartum blood, as well as the venous and arterial blood of women, was powerfully sacred, a thing to be avoided at all costs. But now it became necessary to shed woman's hymenal blood in the sex act. So man was beset on all sides by that mysterious and dangerous creature, woman."

Davis, like most radical feminists, believe "the forcing by many patriarchal peoples of virgins to give up their hymens to the god" to have been repugnant to the priestesses. Like the male hymen fetish, femi-nazis have a developed a virgin fetish. They are either incapable of admitting that women enjoy sex, or they refuse to admit it. The fact is, ancient women entered the temples because they wanted to. They were not forced to. The alternative meant that man would want them. Women were prized by men for the number of men they had fucked, not for their virginity.

In the temple, it was not the man who took the woman's virginity; her hymen was offered as a blood sacrifice, not to a god, but to The Goddess, just as the woman offered her blood sacrifice each month during her menstrual period. Sex was not a drudgery for the priestess, it was her pleasure to serve The Goddess in Her temples where sex was a ritual. The temples of the various gods did not have priestesses. The priestess was a perpetual virgin, which simply meant she was unmarried. Virgin births were common and male children conceived by priestesses were considered Sons of God. Females born of the virgin priestess, were high priestesses from birth, having been selected by The Goddess Herself.

There were a few areas, such as Armenia where according to Strabo, who wrote in the First Century of the present era, that virgins offered up their hymens to the god Amiatus. But historically, Armenians, like the Jews, developed gods who were in opposition to The Goddess. The Armenians had been subject first to Assyria then Babylon then the Persians for nearly 500 years and resented the worship of Ishtar who epitomized their oppression. They were one of the first nations to change their goddess to a god and the first nation to accept the new male religion, Christianity, when it came along.

But even Armenians were not so brave as to take the woman's blood upon themselves. A god may have replaced The Goddess, but it was only under the auspices of the divine that her virgin blood could be shed. Only a High Priest could withstand the wrath of The Goddess for sheading a woman's blood. It was, therefore, the High Priest who first had sex with the girl. As time went on the duty was relegated to lesser priests - who often paid for their offices.

From the beginning of time, men had marveled at the menstrual cycle of the woman, when she would mysteriously shed her own blood in concert with the same phase of the moon. To primitive man that was only the beginning of wonders and magic, for when the woman did not bleed in the appointed time, her blood magically coagulated - clotted - to swell in her belly until it issued forth as a child. There was no connection with the sex act and the birth nine months later. Women conceived through the magic of the Moon's Light, or the West Wind. There was no concept of fatherhood. In fact, the early Indo European languages (prior to 3,000 B.C.) did not even have a word for father, just as there was no word for god, only mother and Goddess.

As women learned about the cause and effect of procreation they also began to regulate the process. Birth control was practiced from the earliest times. Egyptian medical writings dating to 2,200 B.C. tell how to use crocodile dung (shit) inserted in the vagina to prevent pregnancy. Lamb skin condoms were in use long before that time. They were the original "lamb of god", and the only thing, besides wool wigs, for which sheep were used in Egypt. A recent archeological dig uncovered a dry well pit in which thousands of what was at first thought to be dried fruit peals were found. They turned out to be used condoms.

During her menstrual period, a married priestess would officiate in the temples and the groves without fear of unwanted pregnancy. Not only did the patriarch of the Jews rile against the groves where open sexual practices were venerated, but they made the woman unclean while she was on her menstrual period. For a man to even touch a woman on her period, made him unclean. Obviously, if you can't touch her, you can't fuck her. But the injunction didn't seem to have any real effect on the people. Worship of The Goddess was so widespread and prevalent in Israel, even at the height of power, that the religion of the Jews was secondary to it. Jeremiah accused the Jews at Jerusalem of causing the destruction of the city because they had worshiped The Queen of Heaven. To which the devotees of The Goddess replied that as long as they had worshiped Her, they were happy and there was peace; it was only when they had been forced to worship the new Jewish god, Yehveh, that their troubles began. When the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D. a temple to The Goddess was raised in its place the same year. This was at a time when the Christian writings assert that the Jewish religion was the only one in the land, but you don't build a temple if you don't have followers.

The Jews by making a woman unclean during her period were playing on a taboo which had been established from the beginning of time. Only a high priest could come in contact with the blood of a woman. Only the high priest could withstand the power of the woman's hymenal blood. In the temples of The Goddess all men were protected by The Goddess as they were doing Her bidding under the auspices of the High Priest and High Priestesses. As society changed, priests of the gods usurped the power of the priestesses and the priests of the gods became the ones who opened the hymen of the woman and shed her blood during her menstrual period. Where temples of the gods replaced temples of The Goddess, women no longer offered their hymens at Her temples, but were taken to the priests to shed her hymenal blood for the husbands who were in dread fear of the virgin's blood. As priests were replaced by kings and barons, the same power passed to them. The droit du seigneur in medieval Europe was not the "right of the baron" to deflower all virgins in his domain, or a cruel usurpation of the husband's right, as Christians claimed. It was the barons' "duty" and responsibility. He alone was powerful enough to withstand the danger of the woman's blood. It was the husband who begged the baron to take his wife's virginity, it was not the baron who demanded it of the woman, except in Christian writings intended to promote Christianity over the pagan customs. Sex had not yet developed into the Christian taboo at that time. As Crawley wrote, "The object of the custom is clearly to remove the danger from the husband."

Evidence of the fear of shedding a woman's blood is revealed in the burning of witches during the Inquisition. Burning was death without shedding blood. Men who recanted their heresy were usually permitted to be strangled or have their throats cut before the fires were set. There was no such mercy for the woman, except in England which hanged its women. It was not until much later that any king dared behead a woman. But even that was rare.

It was man and his gods who approved of the killing of men and animals. The shedding of blood, even of animals is not generally permitted by The Goddess. The biblical legend of Cain and Able is a throwback to that concept. Cain's offering was not acceptable by the Jewish god because it was of fruits of the ground, an offering made to The Goddess. It was the bloody sacrifice of Able which the Jewish god accepted. The blood sacrifice required by The Goddess was the offering of the man's foreskin at puberty. In later times the devotees of Cybele would offer their penises and testicles. But circumcision was the custom of the Egyptians. Moses, having been raised as an Egyptian would have been circumcised at puberty. Obviously the practice did not originate with Abraham as the bible asserts. Nor is it likely that circumcision was even practiced by Abraham despite the biblical assertion that Abraham circumcised Ishmael when was 13 and Isaac at 8-days, as the bible relates that practice was reintroduced at the time of the Exodus. It is more likely that the Jews did not create circumcision until after the return from Babylon in the 5th century before the present era. To prevent the foreskin from being offered to The Goddess, the child was circumcised at eight days. By attributing circumcision to Abraham, the Jews lent authority to their new law. Many scholars believe that the Bar Mitzvah was the original time for circumcision of Jews. As for women, their blood was too sacred to shed.

It was not until Christianity gave men confidence in affronting The Goddess that the "hymen intacta" became popular. It was the Christian husband who would now take the blood of his wife. She was to sacrifice herself to him - and it is usually a Christian sacrifice which the woman endures with resignation, denying herself pleasure because the Christian god forbids pleasure.

Early Christians were almost completely ignorant of sex and the female's sexual organs. It was during the crusades that they learned how to pierce a woman's labia and padlock them together so the woman could not have sex with anyone but her husband. As late as 1871, a woman complained to her doctor that the padlocks on her labias were tearing the lips of her vagina. But that was humane compared to the chastity belt.

Virginity and hymeneal blood became an important part of Christian morality, just as it was important to the Jews. A bride's virginity was shown by the bloody bed sheet displayed proudly the morning after. Because many women do not have hymens and many had already ruptured the ones they had, women found ingenious ways to display the bloody sheet.

I had a friend in college who was enjoying herself, fucking around, but assured me that when she got married, her husband would never know he wasn't the first man because she would schedule her wedding night when she was on her period. What a wonderful way to start a marriage - total deceit. You can imagine how long that marriage lasted. Most real men would prefer an honest woman to a "born again virgin". The point is, and the reason she thought that she had to pretend to be a virgin is, that many men really prize virgins. They want to be the first. They want to take her virginity as if it were some material thing that they could keep, which would enrich them. They don't care about the girl, only that she's a virgin.

Mother-in-laws who themselves had probably deceived their husbands, watched the bride closely to make sure that her menstrual period did not coincide with the wedding day. When there was a screwed and watchful relative of the bride-groom the "Dove of Rhea" or "Shades of the Great Goddess" were used instead. Cybele was the Greek name for the Roman Goddess Rhea, and the Oracles of Cybele were renowned throughout the ancient world. Early Christians even used Cybelic pronunciations to prove that Jesus had been foretold by these prophetesses. One of the Cybelic oracles was the sacrifice of a dove. It's blood was said to be indistinguishable from that of humans. Splattering it on the bed sheet fooled many husbands and their mothers. For the more perspicacious who demanded the woman actually to bleed, mothers of the bride-to-be would put leaches inside their daughter's vaginas to suck blood and leave small embolisms. These blisters which were filled with blood would burst on the wedding night and leave real blood on the sheet which could be displayed before even the most critical mother-in-law.

In England, skilled surgeons were employed to reconstruct an artificial hymen, which required suturing the inner vaginal walls loosely together, so that when the husband's penis was inserted, it would bump into the threads tied between the vaginal walls, tear the inner lining and cause bleeding. Brothels employed the practice for wealthy, warped customers who were willing to pay a high price for a virgin. Some girls were thus made virgins many times over.

These records of the deceit of women throughout history have come down to us as told by men. Until the late 19th century, books were written by men for men who read them. When we look behind the hymen fetish and the deceit women used to conceal their virginal (or lack thereof) status, and behind the reason for chastity belts and infibulation (piercing the labias so they could be padlocked together) we are confronted with the reality that women were enjoying sex with men other than their husbands. Despite what femi-nazis would like us to believe, most women would enjoy sex if given the opportunity. And fortunately most women prefer good, considerate lovers and don't care whether they are virgins or not.

Call it fortuitous or just coincidence, but at this point I just got through fucking a virgin. It was quite obvious that he had no experience and he was very appreciative and responsive. However, like all other virgins I have fucked, he seemed to be overwhelmed by the fact that he was no longer a virgin. Everything seems to go out of the man's mind when his cum shoots into a woman. Like this one, they usually sit on the bed with a look of wonderment and say something like, "I really did it." It takes more than cuming in a woman's cunt to make a man into a lover. He did it, but if he doesn't learn and practice, he won't be doing it very much. The unfavorable side to this is that he will never have a fuck as good from another woman. Not that that will ruin him sexually, it's just that he'll always be seeking something for another women to give him what she can't - unless they practice and make sex perfect. But to make sex perfect you must know what a woman really wants in sex.

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