The Art Of Eating Pussy

ChapterChapter 9
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses
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For a man to be a great pussy eater, he must first have great pussies to eat. Mine is and it's also clean shaven. That makes it easier to find the right spot. It also keeps hair out of the man's teeth, or pulling out and getting caught in his throat. Which gets us to the point, or more specifically to the right spot. Women have a very unique part of their body - the clitoris. It's sole purpose in life is to enjoy itself. This is in contrast to the man's sex organ, his penis, which not only gives him and (if he uses it right) the woman, pleasure, but it also serves for urination and impregnation.

As a Theological Hedonists, I believe that our bodies were given to us by the Goddesses to enjoy. Unlike other religions which consider sex evil and sinful, or at best, ungodly - to be used only for procreation, (preferably without pleasure) our theology asserts that what Gods and Goddesses have given, is good. What better confirmation is there of a woman's Goddess-given right to enjoy sex than to be endowed with an unique part of her body devoted exclusively to pleasure?

A woman's breasts and nipples can give pleasure and they are certainly a turn-on for most men, but they can also be used for suckling babies. Her vagina can give pleasure as it swells with excitement and excretes vaginal juices as a hard throbbing cock pulsates inside of it. But the vagina is also the passage through which semen enters the body, and it is the exit for the result of the encounter of semen and egg, that is, the baby; or the lack of encounter - the menstrual period. But the clitoris does none of these things. It just lies there, swells with anticipation, throbs with stimulation and shakes the woman to whom it is attached in uncontrollable orgasm.

To do this, clits come in many shapes and sizes. Some are very large and obvious. Large clitorises over 1 inch are very rare in white females, but occur in 2-3% of blacks. The most hard to believe size of 12 inches is reported in the Book of Sexual Records. Others may be undetectable, even when stimulated, while others are neatly tucked away under folds of skin to be discovered by a probing tongue. There is no relation between the size of the clit and the pleasure derived from it. That is a matter of genetics and the social background of the woman. There is nothing more destructive to enjoyable orgasms than the fear of hell and damnation given as the price of sexual pleasure as preached in most religions.

In the religion of The Goddess, both men and women give an outward token of dedicating themselves to the principles of the religion, to The Goddess and to the Priestess by eating her pussy. There is a spiritual as well as a physical side to all the rituals of The Goddess. We believe that each of us existed as spirits before we came to this earth; that the spirit enters the body at the time of birth, when Ankh, the breath of life is breathed into the infant by The Goddess. In the Ritual of Dedication men and women are putting themselves in the same position they were in at birth, between the legs of their mother. The Priestess is the mother of their new spiritual knowledge; she is their guide in this life to a spiritual life. Because the body is Goddess given we must learn to give as well as receive pleasure, and the token of one's dedication is to eat the pussy of the priestess. Not all priestesses have orgasms in Dedication. I do. My spirituality and sexuality are inseparably connected. If a person cannot give me an orgasm in Dedication, I end the rituals. He may come back another time but I will not continue with him that day.

Some people have termed the clit a "miniature penis". It is not, though they are embryologically related. A few very large ones (2-3 inches) may have a resemblance of a very small circumcised penis, but the similarity ends there. The clit does not have the multiple function of the penis. It's been said that God made a man's urine yellow and his semen white so men could tell if they were coming or going. Clits do not excrete anything and nothing passes through them. Nor do they have a recovery period between orgasms as does the penis. That is because most clits do not engorge with blood. The blood vessels around and near the clit on most women tend to get constricted and the tissues of the clit swell and expand much like any muscle which is exercised, but the penis works entirely in a different way.

Physiologically, a man is constructed with a set of muscle located at the base of the penis around the dorsal arteries. These muscles work as a valve which tightens around the artery when the man becomes excited. Initially the muscles and valves must be relaxed to enable the blood to flow into the chambers. If they are not relaxed, the blood flows out as quickly as it comes in.

Sometimes a man may be so uptight, literally, that blood can't flow in and he can't get an erection. When that happens the best procedure is to relax and take his mind off the situation until the body can respond effectively to the tensing excitement. The heart pumps blood into the penis, but with the dorsal artery closed, the blood begins to back up. The penis is constructed of many empty chambers, known as corpora cavernosa, which fill with blood until the penis becomes hard. When the pressure build up to where the cock can no longer hold any more blood, the pressure forces the excess blood out, past the valve, so there is a constant struggle between blood being pushed out and the muscles around the dorsal artery trying to keep it in. When the man ejaculates, the muscle tension on the valve releases and the blood which has been under extreme pressure rushes out of the penis - in most cases. There are some men in which this does not happen and they maintain an erection, even after ejaculation, but that is not common. It takes time between orgasms for the blood to flow back into the penis and engorge it to a rock hardness again. After ejaculation, not only does the blood generally rush out of the cock, leaving it limp, but the muscles which surround the dorsal artery generally becomes weak from exertion. Like any tired muscle they will not work as well and in this case do not close off the artery.

Almost every man at some time in his life has awakened in the morning with a hard on. This is most often caused by a full bladder, the piss-hard-on, where pressure from urine in the bladder presses against the dorsal artery closing it off so the penis fills with blood. Once the man urinates, the erection goes down. However when a man ejaculates, it is the muscles around the dorsal artery which become too weak to close off the value again. The period for recovery, varies from man to man.

Not so with a woman. There is no muscle to get tired or weaken and there is no physiological reason why a woman cannot have one orgasm after another. (I certainly am living testimony of that.) Which is what makes eating pussy and having my pussy eaten, so much fun.

I enjoy giving pleasure, so I enjoy feeling a woman's orgasms as I eat her pussy, knowing that she is enjoying herself. I enjoy receiving that pleasure even more myself. I love having my pussy eaten. The back and forth, flicking motion of a tongue running over my clit gets me warm and wet. I can experience orgasm after orgasm in a short period of time. However, a regular rhythm of licking works best. When a man sucks on my clit and pussy, licks all over, switches rhythm, or ignores my clit, even I get turned off. Those things are only stimulating at the tongue of a master pussy eater. They are never orgasmic, but they can heighten orgasm. My clit is extremely sensitive, so when a man sucks on it, rather than being pleasurable, it is excruciatingly unpleasant - too much of a good thing. Many men have a similar reaction when I suck on their cock after they have had an orgasm. Most men love it when I begin to suck on their cocks to get them hard and they love it when I deep throat their cocks all the way to the hilt. But once they have an orgasm, the cock is too sensitive to have that kind of pressure. Well, my clit is the same way all the time.

Some women, however, love to have their clit sucked. That was true of one of the Novice Priestesses of our religion who loved to have her clit sucked. In fact it is about the only way she could have an orgasm. The same was true of the Porn Star, Stephanie Rage. When I was shooting Erotic Video Network's video, When Love Came To Town, I wanted my sex scene with Stephanie to be as real as possible. I asked her what she liked to have done to her. She replied that she liked to have her pussy sucked. I thought she meant to have it licked - eaten, but she really meant having her clit sucked. So I did and she enjoyed it. But such women are rare. Most women prefer to be licked around their clits, touching it slightly and lightly from time to time. They get the best sensation from indirect stimulation with a regular rhythm.

Just think, guys, how your body acts when it is about to explode in orgasm. You pump in and out with a regular rhythm building in intensity, faster and faster - your hips move on their own, your desire for pleasure takes control, you reach the point where you have to go all the way over the top into the explosion of pleasure. It's the same with eating pussy. You need to sense the woman's rhythm. If she is moving towards orgasm and you change rhythm, the orgasm is turned off and she has to build up all over again. Since most men are only capable of a single orgasm in a short period of time, they try to prolong the pleasure by changing rhythm to keep from ejaculating. Changing rhythm with a woman has the same effect. She can't have an orgasm either. The problem is, most, if not all women are capable of multiple orgasms. Orgasm is their pleasure, it is not a climax or the end. Changing rhythm or position, therefore, does not prolong her pleasure, it stops it. She may just give up, stop trying to have an orgasm and lie there like a dead fish. Or, if she's my kind of woman, she'll tell the man to keep going or get out. If he's eating me and keeps changing rhythm and position I may grab the man by the ears and say, "keep licking, or get out." When it's done right, a woman will explode in orgasm time after time.

I have been recorded as having 300 orgasms in one night. 16 men were worn out in that experience, and yes, someone was counting. On another occasion, a single enthusiastic pussy eater counted 125 orgasms when he was eating and fucking me. A woman learns to enjoy orgasms by having them, not by being deprived of them, by building to orgasm, not by changing rhythm before it happens.

Even if the man understands that a woman needs constant licking with a steady rhythm, he may not be in physical condition to bringing her to orgasm. I usually have an orgasm in less than one minute of the time a man (or woman) begins to eat me. But only about 1/3 of American women are having orgasm at all with men. Of those who do have orgasms, 2/3 take more than 15 minutes of stimulation to orgasm. In other words, only about 1 in 10 women can have an orgasm in less than 15 minutes. But even 15 minutes is a long time for a man who does not have a practiced tongue. Most men are used to fast orgasms. After all the average man takes less than 2 minutes for his orgasm. But women are not men. A good pussy eater has to have his tongue in condition to last as long as it takes. Even when a woman has an orgasm, it will most likely not be the end but the beginning for her. I may only take a few seconds to reach my first orgasm, but it takes more than one orgasm to satisfy me. Unfortunately, most men cannot kept their tongues moving (out of their mouths) for even one minute let alone for 15-30 minutes - they aren't in condition.

Developing good tongue and jaw muscles is important for eating pussy. But exercising the tongue goes against cultural norms. Americans just don't stick our tongues out at people. Nor is it culturally acceptable to go around with your mouth open. So men (and women) who want to become good pussy eaters have to exercise the tool of their craft in private. But unlike exercises like pushups, sit ups or lifting weights where the primary discomfort is feeling the muscles strain or even cramp, tongue exercises bring on conditioned reflexes which must be overcome.

Five things happen when you stick your tongue out for any length of time. First the tongue begins to feel dry; second, your jaw begins to ache (in as little as 20 seconds for beginners); third, you begin to salivate; fourth, you have a swallowing reflex; and fifth, the back of your tongue becomes sore from touching or rubbing against your teeth. These may happen in different orders, and of course if the person has no teeth - well - but each of these conditions has to be confronted and overcome.

Most people feel a dry sensation on their tongue within just a few seconds after sticking it out. It isn't dry, but it feels that way. The sensation usually begins on the underside near the tip and within half a minutes the sensations moves towards the top. A dry tongue triggers salivation which is the natural way to wet the tongue. This in turn, triggers a swallowing reflex. To swallow, you bring your tongue back in your mouth. End of exercise for most men. But the true student of the "Art", must learn to work against these natural reflexes and recondition himself or herself.

The easiest reflex to overcome and the most important is the feeling of a dry tongue. So what if your tongue is dry? Ignore it. Remember, a constant licking with a steady rhythm is required to bring a woman to orgasm. It's impossible to maintain a good steady rhythm if the man keeps taking his tongue away, and obviously the motion is not constant if the man keeps putting his tongue back in his mouth ever 5-10 seconds because it feels dry. 90% of the time the dry sensation is just that, a sensation. The clit is usually wet from your licking it and your tongue is wet naturally. It only feels dry because it is not in your mouth.

The best way to overcome this feeling is to practice sticking your tongue out. Just stick it out as far as it will go. Don't move it, and ignore any sensation or reflex to take it back in. When you can keep your tongue out for 5 minutes without moving it around, or taking it back in you mouth, are on your way to being a pussy eater. You've got a long way to go, but at least you qualify as a beginner. When your tongue is out, there will be some up and down movement of the tongue at the tip, that's all right. While performing this exercise, breath through your nose. It's a technique you will have to learn for eating pussy and it keeps the air from moving across your tongue drying it even more.

Many men think that when they're eating a pussy and their tongue feels dry they can keep the woman excited by moving down to lick her wet cunt. But clits are very selfish. They don't like any other part of the body getting more attention than they get. You can play with a woman's nipples while licking her clit, you can play with her ass, rub her legs or stomach, but once you ignore the clit, for any reason, even to lick her cunt, the female brain will turn off the orgasm response very quickly. It then takes time to build the clit to excitement again.

You can ignore the dry tongue feeling, but it's impossible to keep your jaw muscles from cramping. Jaw muscles are like any other muscle. You work them, they gets tired and cramps or burns. But that is the way muscles build - no pain, no gain. The more you exercise, the stronger they become. Fortunately, jaw muscles can be uncomfortable for a long time without causing any real problems. You can ignore the pain the same way you ignore the dry sensation on your tongue. But jaw muscles can be strengthened by other activities. Chewing rubbery foods, or chewing on a hard rubber ball or cube will strengthen the muscles.

For the beginning exercise, you are just sticking your tongue out, you are not moving it. This allows you to get used to dry tongue feeling and strengthen your jaw and tongue muscles. But you cannot ignore the swallowing reflex. The swallowing reflex is triggered by the salivation reflex which is triggered by the dry tongue feeling. Controlling the swallowing reflex is very much like controlling the gag reflex in deep throat cock sucking. Women who can't swallow a cock without gaging have not conditioned themselves - that's all. Now I've sucked some cocks that are physically too fat to fit down my throat. I don't gag on them, they just can't get down the narrow opening. Other women gag on a thin 5 inch cock. It's all in practice. The same is true of the swallowing reflex. When your mouth begins to salivate, your reflex is to swallow. But in pussy eating the object is to maintain a consistent motion with the same rhythm. You can't do that if you pull your tongue away every 15 seconds to swallow. That doesn't mean you can't swallow while eating pussy. You can. Just don't pull your tongue into you mouth to do it. Most people swallow by putting their tongue on the roof of their mouth. But that is a conditioned - practiced - reflex. With practice you can learn to swallow with your tongue still out, licking a clit.

You can begin practicing this as soon as you can stick your tongue out of your mouth for two minutes or more. The best way to do that is to close your mouth on your tongue - bite it gently - and swallow. With practice you will be able to keep your tongue moving in the same motion as you swallow. What is harder is reconditioning yourself not to swallow while keeping up a consistent rhythm. It isn't easy but if it is not difficult either. It just requires determination and concentration. The only real problem with not swallowing is the saliva which will drip our of your mouth. You'll literally be drooling over a juicy pussy. Come to think of it, that's not a disadvantage at all.

So you can ignore the dry tongue, pay no attention to the sore jaw and keep from swallowing or swallow with your tongue still licking, only to find that your tongue is rubbed raw by your teeth. That can be painful and break your concentration and rhythm. A raw tongue is the one thing which will continue to bother you until your tongue is developed. That may take months for some men. It isn't that your tongue develops a callous, but it must get used to the rubbing. Often the cause of a raw tongue is sharp or jagged teeth. These can be smoothed by touching them with a fine wet-emery cloth.

To give you some idea of what is required for great pussy eating, the High Priest once ate pussy for six hours with only a minute or so break in between women. Yes his tongue and jaw were tired, but he kept going, never slowing down or losing rhythm. Once you have stuck your tongue out for five minutes, you will realize just how long five minutes is and five minutes is only 1/3 the time required to bring some women to orgasm - if you're lucky enough to have one who can cum that fast. You need to practice to be able to go at least half an hour. Each woman is different sexually. And she is different one day to the next. Sometimes even I get stuck and can't have an orgasm - for whatever reason - and it may require half an hour or more of having my pussy licked to bring out an bed rocking, earth shaking, nose breaking orgasm. But it's worth it for both of us.

When the time comes to practice on your technique on a woman, you will find that all the exercise in the world does not prepare you for what you are doing. Sure you can keep up the rhythm in a continuous motion, but where to lick, how hard or how light to lick, what rhythm to use, what tempo, all of that will depend on the woman. And most women don't talk while they're being eaten. They don't say, "lick here" like I do. Nor do they tell you how to lick. You have to read each woman in the language she has written her sexuality. Some women are very expressive about what they like. Their hips and stomach moves in rhythm which is easy to interpret. Other women have little or no expression of their enjoyment. They lie there silently until they explode in orgasm. A similar type woman may be one whose hips move in fierce gyrations which are not at all orgasmic. You will spend hours eating her without any progress. Her orgasm comes when she is silent, motionless - the complete opposite of what you thought was turning her on. How can you tell? Practice.

So while you learn to read a woman's motions you encounter other problems. I shave, so I don't have pubic hair to get in your teeth, but most women have mounds of hair. Pubic hair is usually brittle and breaks off easily and every broken strand seems to fall right on the lips of her cunt. No one has ever died from eating pubic hair, and the pubic hair that gets stuck in your teeth is no problem. The problem is the one or two strands that get stuck under your tongue or caught in your throat. They are annoying. The tongue is so sensitive that pubic hair which is caught under the tongue or along the side where the tongue rubs can rub the tongue raw. That can keep you from eating pussy for a day or two. The best way to avoid a problem is to get the hair out when you can first feel it with your tongue, before it gets in your mouth - and definitely before the woman has built to orgasm. Often you can swallow the wayward hair. Swallowing while eating pussy will not interrupt her rhythm if you make it part of her rhythm. Swallow when her hips move a certain way so it will be natural for your tongue to retreat for a second. If you haven't learned to keep your tongue out and moving when you swallow, be sure to keep a constant pressure with your lips - and remember to take only a second to swallow, no more than two seconds. But never - never - swallow or break rhythm when it will detract from her orgasm. Even if you think you will drown in you own saliva or die from the miserable hair that is annoying you. Remember, you aren't going to choke by not swallowing and if there is a hair in the way it won't hurt you to swallow it. It's the feeling which bothers you, and those feelings can detract from your own sensitivity to her rhythm. If you just can't take the hair, stop, remove it, swallow, get your tongue wet and start all over. Just don't do it too often - try not to do it at all. With practice, it won't be long and you'll be able to bring a woman to orgasm and as she basks in the after glow of orgasm, you can get rid of the hair, relax your tongue and jaw and get ready for her next orgasm.

All good pussy eaters have learned to breath in through their nose and out through your mouth as much as possible. This is essential in a cold room or if you're outside at night. It is very distracting for a woman to have her hot cunt chilled as the man sucks in cold air through his mouth. Some men think that it turns a woman on to have cold air blown on her cunt. Maybe there's a woman out there, somewhere, who likes it, but I haven't met her. It's a definite turn off to me. Some women get turned on as the man breath over her clit and cunt. It may even be exciting sometimes to a woman who otherwise is turned off by the feeling of air on her cunt. You have to learn to read the woman for the moment, not by her last chapter of sexuality.

Which brings up another point. Never blow in a woman's vagina. Sure you can do it, but it is usually annoying to her and it can cause serious problems, including air embolisms which can be very serious.

The best position for a woman is lying on her back, while you are on your stomach with your head between her legs. Your nose will probably be on, or near her pelvic bone and the air rushing in through the nostrils won't bother her. But even in that position, some women change their rhythm or slow down while the man is breathing in and build only when he is breathing out. If that is the way the woman you're eating is, breathing in through your mouth can completely stop her rhythm and you will have to start over with each breath. In such a situation you will breaths in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth.

You're on your way. You've practice your tongue technique, you can keep going without being distracted by the hair in your throat, you can build her excitement and keep the cold air off her cunt, and just as she's about to explode in orgasm, your neck gives out. You've been in an awkward position for so long that your head just can't move any longer. With most women, their cunt and clit will be below the level of your head. This means that your neck will always be bending down, with your face tilting up, and that can get painfully tiring. Dilettantes like to use the 69 position so their neck and tongue will face the same way. But 69 is not a good position for beginners. It's easier on their necks, but most women find it difficult to have orgasms in 69 because they can't concentrate on their own orgasm while sucking on a cock. The best was to condition yourself is to eat pussy so often that you develop good neck muscles, but you have to start somewhere. The next best thing is to put a pillow or cushions under her hips, back and neck. Raise her up about four inches. Putting a pillow or cushion under her ass will put a strain on her back. You can fold the blankets on the bed under her entire body, ending at her ass, and then place a pillow under her hips for the best position. Some men try to hold onto the woman's ass, raising her so she is easier to eat, but that is hard on the woman's back and eventually gets tiring for her and the man who usually lets her down (literally) just when she's about to cum. Some men will sit or kneel on the floor while eating pussy, but that does not let the woman rest her feet comfortably on the bed.

That brings up another problem for beginners. Often the only way you will get in the position for eating a woman will be when you are in bed and under covers. If you are under the covers for any length of time, you will use up the oxygen and find it hard to breath. If you uncover her, she may feel exposed, or even get chilled by the cool air. If possible, keep the covers around her neck and move them up to her waist. This keeps her warm and lets you breath. If she gets too hot, she will throw the covers off completely. If a towel is available put that over her. If it's her bed, be considerate and put a towel under her also. It keeps her sheets from getting wet and makes lying on them afterwards comfortable.

Almost every woman can have more than one orgasm, but most don't and many won't. Most women are very sensitive right after having an orgasm. Some will even push the man's head away when they begin an orgasm, others will push him away during or after. Usually it's because the man just doesn't know what to do during her orgasm. The best thing is to do nothing. Stop whatever you are doing and let the woman take over, follow her lead. When she's done and motionless, don't move. Just keep your head still and your lips and tongue motionless. Her clit will probably be so sensitive at this point that even the slightest movement on your part will throw her hips into convulsions. You may think that's great, but the woman won't and she won't want to go on for the next orgasm. It usually takes less than half a minute for a woman to recover from a super sensitive clit and you'll be able to feel a slight movement of her hips when it begins to subside. But don't begin licking at that point. Keep your tongue in the same spot and move your head slightly back and forth to move with her rhythm or to create a rhythm for her. Once she is moving in rhythm again you can start with your tongue again. More often than not she will have a second orgasm is a matter of minutes if not seconds. However, about 25% of women take longer for the second orgasm than they do for the first. In time, with your help, that will change.

As a beginner you will have to learn to follow a woman motions to learn what gives her pleasure. After you are more practiced and a skilled pussy eater you will lead the woman to orgasm. Her rhythm will follow you as you lead her to a higher and higher excitement. You will learn when she has reached her threshold of sexual anticipation and take her over the top to orgasmic bliss.

To get to the first step you have to be considerate - clean shaven faces are the mark of a considerate pussy eater. Soft mustaches and beards feel fine, but a heavy "5 O'Clock shadow" or a rough three-day growth can feel like sand paper on a woman's cunt - and that definitely does not make for easy orgasms. I'd never sit on a face like that, and many women would never let one near their tender pussies.

I never have sex with a man who won't eat my pussy. But I have found that pussy eaters come in four groups; those who eat pussy because the woman insists on it; those who eat pussy because they want the woman to suck their cock; those who eat pussy because they like the taste and feel of a cunt on their face; and, those who love to give a woman pleasure. I have turned down having sex with many good looking, otherwise considerate men because they did not eat pussy.

One man I know, who considers himself a great pussy eater, only eats pussy because he will get his cock sucked. He doesn't eat pussy just to give the woman pleasure, but always expects something in return. Needless to say, I only fucked him once. One man I know about began eating pussy back in 1961, because it was the only way he could get women to fuck him. Jerry was a well known photographer who photographed nudes on a regular basis. One day he was complaining to his friend, who would later become the High Priest of my religion, that none of the women he photographed would fuck him. They fucked other men. They would sit around nude after the photography shoot, get very friendly, kissing and petting, but they would not fuck. Will, asked if they would let him eat their pussies. Jerry was shocked. That was disgusting. He would never do that. A week later he came back with a pussy eating grin on his face. He had finished a shoot with a model he had worked with a dozen times before. Everything went the way it always did, kissing, petting, fingering - pure frustration - so he figured, "what the hell". He just went down on her and both of them loved it. They fucked afterwards and she came back ever day for a week and all he wanted to do was eat her. She now wanted to be eaten and then fuck. His problem was that he was eating so many of his models and fucking them, that he couldn't get it up for all of them.

Only a man who loves to give a woman pleasure has the potential of being a great pussy eater. He loves the smell of a woman's cunt and the taste of her vaginal juices. They are exciting to him, but he licks a woman's clit because she loves it, even thought he would love to lick the juices from her dripping cunt instead. He will lick a woman's clit while another man is fucking her because it is as exciting to him as it is to the woman. And he will lick another man's cum out of her cunt because she is still building towards an orgasm which the cock did not give her.

I have had men who are so excited by eating my pussy that they have cum simply by eating me. They are certainly on their way to becoming great pussy eaters. Being a great pussy eater requires not only having that great pussy to eat, but loving to eat pussy and knowing how to give a woman pleasure. And how to give it pleasure requires practice.

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