Religious Sex

Chapter 18
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses
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I am often asked whether the religion of The Goddess practices the same rituals as the Hindu and Buddhist Tantric sects. These religions do involve sex in their rituals, but their theology is totally different from the House of The Goddesses of which I am the High Priestess. Although Tantrism has no relation to my religion, I get so many inquiries as to whether or not we are Tantric that it seems necessary to say, we are not. Neither are we Witches nor Satanic. My religion and tantrism both teach that the man should develop a firm, hard cock, but the Tantrics believe that the man must never ejaculate in their rituals, whereas filling my cunt with cum is required in the religion of The Goddess.

Because of our legal problems, many people have suggested that I research Hindu eroticism of 1000 years ago with the implication that it will substantiate my sexual religion. Hinduism predates Christianity at the most by 1900 to 2500 years. Its earliest writings date to only 1000 B.C. though there are some ancient writings found in the Indus Valley which may date to as early as 3000 B.C., but the language in which they are written is unknown and translation is impossible. Even if they are assumed to be religious in nature, they are not Hindu text. Buddhism, which grew out of Hinduism, predates Christianity by only about 500 years. It is said that Buddha studied the Hindu religion, but rejected it to form his own religion. What is more correct, is that Buddha rejected many of the principles of Hinduism while keeping many others.

Technically, there is no religion called Hinduism and there is no Indian equivalent for the word. Hindu is the common western term used to lump many eastern religious sects and cults into a single grouping. However most Indians accept Hindu as a common word of reference to their religious practices. One of the reasons for the success of Hinduism has been its ability to assimilate all other religions into its teachings. Thus, in Hinduism we find gods and goddesses from a variety of ancient religions as well as the christian saints and the teachings of Christianity, Islam and Tantrics.

Basically Hindus and Buddhists have the same beliefs in a neuter being as the Absolute Spirit and in the transmigration of the soul. That is, the belief that the soul passes from body to body until it becomes perfected enough to unite with the Absolute Spirit. The Hindu religions believe in gods and goddesses as spirit beings with only one god - the Absolute Spirit. But Christians who believe in three gods, like to think of the Hindus as being pagans and heathens who believe in more than one god.

Tantrism is mainly practiced in India and Tibet. Though an early form of what would later become Tantrism once existed in China, it was largely stamped out by Confucian patriarchs. The Chinese tell great tales of the ability of those who used the same techniques employed by tantrics to maintain erections for hours. To quote from the book The Ying Yang, by Humana, speaking of busy men in China who spent many hours with concubines, "There are many instances in both novels and court records, of papers being signed without the male member being withdrawn and of urgent matters being discussed with callers to the accompaniment of occasional movements to ensure that the erection was not lost."

How would you like to attend that kind of executive meeting? The problem is, as a woman, I don't find having a hard cock in my cunt for hours with little or no movement to be much of a turn on. But then tantrism is a male technique. Women don't need to keep up an erection.

The Japanese had a group called Shingon which was similar to Tantrism but it is no longer known to be practiced in Japan.

In the Tantric religions, the ultimate goal is to unite with the Absolute Spirit and be absorbed into it in perfect peace forever - eternally. Sounds like a lot of nothing going on for all eternity, but that is their concept of peace. I prefer peace and piece.

The early prominent Hindu and Buddhist religions were ascetic. Sex was not a part of their rituals. In fact one of the four Noble Truths of Buddha was that suffering was caused by the desire for pleasure. Only by eliminating the desire for the five pleasure could one gain perfect peace and freedom. Now be sure you remember that Buddha said that. I didn't.

Tantrism got its name from written scriptures called Tantras, which date to around 200 to 250 A.D. That is at least 1200 years after the earliest Hindu writings. In perspective, Tantrism is a fairly recent arrival which put a hard cock where abstinence was the accepted way. Tantrism did not become a part of Hinduism until very late in history, possible the 6th century A.D. at the earliest. It is said to have been introduced into India by women of a secret sect called Vratyas. Where these women originally came from is not known. They may have been priestesses of The Goddess from another area as there are basic similarities in the concept that the woman has more spiritual power than the man.

Tantrism teaches that the Hindu Absolute Spirit has two aspects, Shiva, male and Shakti, female. Shiva represents passivity, Shakti represents sexual energy and mental activity. The women is considered to have more spiritual energy than the male. A man can achieve transcendental realization of the Absolute through the rituals of controlled sexual intercourse, called various by,"maihuma, karezza, kundalini", depending on the sects origin. The theory was that a man must store up his seminal fluid rather than ejaculate. He is supposed to be able to absorb through his penis, the vaginal fluids of the woman as she orgasms. These fluids then are stored in the man's spinal column and eventually mount to his head at which time he will then experience the transcendental realization of the Absolute. As symbols, Shakti is represented as a serpent lying coiled in the groin area. She must be awakened and mount up the male's spinal column to flower forth as the Lotus from his head. Pretty symbolism, but physiologically I don't think anyone has ever found semen running up a spinal column, at least not on the inside.

I saw a nice shot of cum running up the outside of a spinal column in a movie clip Bill Margold showed at one of the lectures he was giving to a college class on Human Sexuality at which I had also lectured. He was fucking a girl, doggy style, and pulled his nice sized cock out and shot his load all over her back. He then bent over and licked it off her. The guys in the class groaned, They considered it gross. Those same guys would expect a girl to suck their cocks and swallow their cum, but wouldn't touch the stuff themselves.

Tantrism is a cult of Hinduism and Buddhism; but cult has taken on a modern negative connotation because of fundamentalist christians. Anyone who doesn't like a religion calls it a cult; but cult comes from the Latin, cultus, meaning to worship by bestowing time and effort into the practice. Cultivation of the land was originally a religious practice in which the farmer bestowed time and labor while the priestess bestowed her blessings on the land. As religions broke into different factions, a cult became an independent religious order, with different rituals, which remained a part of a larger religion. Thus the Greek "Cult of Isis" had the worship of the female deity, Isis, while the Greek "Cult of Apis" worshiped the male deity, Apis, but they were both part of the same religion. Their ceremonies and rituals were different but they worked in harmony with each other.

Sect is from the Latin, Secta, meaning to follow, as compared to cult, which was to worship. The first christians were a sect - followers of Jesus, but the Romans also called christians a Jewish cult. The cults of the Jews were the Sadducees (followers of the High Priest, Zaddoc), Pharisees, Essens, Zealots and Christians. They all claimed to worship the same god, but none could agree as to what their god's attributes were. The split between the Jewish religion and christianity began in 133 C.E. and by the 7th century, christianity had become a separate religion and the remaining Jewish cults had disappeared. They were replaced by Judaism. Even the occult forms of Judaism can not trace their writings back earlier than 1000 A.D. This makes Judaism a very new religion. Christianity having became the dominant religion, lost its "cult" status and became "The Church". The cults of christianity came into existence at its very foundation. The Gnostics, Koptics, Agape and Manichaeans were but a few that rose before the split between Rome and the Eastern Churches. Today the Greek, Armenian, Russian and Roman Catholic Churches all lay claim to the same divine authority - they are the original "Christian Cults" and sects.. These were followed by the christian churches of the reformation which are technically and realistically are Cults of Christianity which in turn is a cult of the ancient Jewish religion.

The religion of The Goddess was around well over 5000 years before the Christian era. Our written records dating to 3200 B.C.E. present the same concepts and doctrines we espouse today.

Unfortunately history does not seem to be a required subject for Los Angeles police officers or City attorneys, and the federal judge who heard our case rejected everything, finding that if there was sex involved it could not be religion.

My religion believes that God and Goddess are separate beings, male and female, who are not just spirits but actual anthropomorphic beings. The Egyptians went to great length to state that their God and Goddess "live" with bodies and we make no pretense at being monotheistic. We are patently polytheistic. Nevertheless there is One God whom we worship and One Goddess whom we emulate, but there are many Gods and Goddesses. We believe that the spirit of an individual exists eternally in one form or another. The spirit does not reincarnate, nor live in one body after another as the Eastern religions teach. In death, the spirit is separate from the body and will either degenerate or retain its spiritual knowledge and be reborn as a twice great soul in another body, which is not necessarily human.

The earliest documented rituals of ancient goddess religions was the Hieros Gamos or Sacred Marriage Ritual. In this ritual the high priestess of the religion, acting as avatar of the Goddess had sex, vaginal intercourse, with the king or ruler of the country. This signified his acceptance by the Goddess as the caretaker, or shepherd of her people and was done in front of the entire populace amid great cheers when the King had his orgasm. If the King was unable to perform the ritual, he was replaced. (And some guys now-a-days complain about pressure to perform, what if your life work depended on it.)

The Hieros Gamos is depicted in ancient clay tablets from Sumer. From the projection sticking out from the surface of the tablet it is quite obvious that the king had no problem getting it up.

There are remnants of this Sacred Marriage ritual in the Bible, I Kings which relates when, "King David was old and stricken in years, they covered him with clothes, but he got no heat. Wherefore his servants said unto him. Let there be sought for my Lord, the King, a young virgin and let her stand before the King and let her cherish him and let her lie in thy bosom that my lord, the King may get heat." I would say more accurately not to get heat, but to get "in heat". Certainly her standing before the King would not benefit an exchange of body heat as fundamentalist Christians claim was the purpose of this girl going to bed with David. If it were just body heat that concerned them, they could have had a big fat woman to hold King David in her arms. But no, "They sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel". So they finally found the damsel, Abishag, and brought her to King David and she ministered unto him. Abishag's ministry would have been more in line with mine, as a priestess, I have sexual rituals and minister to the members in the Goddess religion. But unfortunately, the scripture say "he knew her not", which in biblical terms, meant he didn't have sex with her. In other words, King David couldn't get it up or get off - he couldn't perform the ritual any longer. But even though David was 70 years old, it wasn't until David's erection failed that his son, Adonigah, aware that his father was impotent, and being a virile young man himself, claimed the kingship for himself.

Today if a politician has sex with a young woman to prove his virility he gets kicked out of office. I personally think it would be more revealing of a politician's leadership to see how he fucks a woman than having to wait to see how he fucks his people.

The sexual rituals of The Goddess as practices of the Egyptian priestesses of Isis, Hathor, Sati, and Sekhmet were also contained in the sister religions of Astarte in Byblos (Astarte was also known as, Astrorche, the "Ashtoreth" of the Bible), Ishtar in Babylon, Aphrodite in Cyprus and Greece and Venus in Rome. These are all Sects of the same religion with different local names for The Goddess who was represented by "the Star". The Egyptian religions which had male priests at their heads found few followers outside of Egypt. The two notable exceptions were the followers of Thoth (Hermes of the Greek) and the introduction of the (Greek) cult of Isis into Rome under the sponsorship of Cicero. It took many years to get approval for the cult of Isis to enter Rome and this was only accomplished by giving the supremacy of the priesthood to men. The priests were a compromise by the Roman Senate which was divided between honoring Cleopatra as The High Priestess of the religion and insulting her by putting men in her position of authority. Both religions of Isis and Hermes had sex as an integral part of their rituals and had a great influence on the Jewish cult of christianity which was soon to come into being.

The religion of The Goddesses has rituals involving sexual intercourse in which the priestess encourages a man not to hold back. In the Ritual of Negation the man symbolically gives up his very essence, which was represented by this semen in order to have his sins wiped out. It would be contradictory to the doctrines and principles of the religion for a man to hold back and stop himself from cumming. Anyone who would practice tantric techniques in our religious rituals would not be acceptable to The Goddess or the priestess. He would be going against the purpose of the ritual. You cannot say you want to give up your sins and have them wiped out and then hold on to them as long as you can. The ritual of negation is something a man continues with all of his life. It is a way of purification, a path back to God. There is no reason why a person would want to hold back and if he did he would not be acceptable to The Goddess or the priestess.

In Tantrism the male trains himself not to cum, but to fuck for a long period without orgasm or ejaculation. In doing this he endeavors to become like Shiva in perpetual union with Shakti.

Personally, I have been with men who practice Tantric techniques and found them very unexciting. Not only unexciting, but actually, they made sex unpleasant. It must be remembered that in tantric the man is supposed to get his power from the woman when she is having orgasms. Unfortunately, all of the men I have met who practice the tantric technique were only concerned with keeping an erection and forgot my orgasm. In order to maintain their erections they had to change rhythm frequently to keep from cumming. If I am just about to have an orgasm and a man changes rhythm that ruins it for me. It destroys my rhythm and ends the orgasm before it begins. So he builds up again to a nice regular pace. His cock gets harder and harder and I start feeling the orgasm building, then oops, he's got to change rhythm again to keep from coming, or he starts talking about irrelevant topics and his cock gets semi-hard. Another orgasm shot to tantric hell. After doing this two or three times, I feel that I'd rather not bother trying to have an orgasm, so that ends that fuck. Having an orgasm takes concentration and effort. I don't care to be frustrated. As I've stated many times a man is at his best when he's moving, naturally to orgasm, building up and up. I can feel him grow inside me and finally explode in orgasm, which is very exciting to me and usually I come at the same time.

All this, of course is intended as a general idea of some of the basic differences in the theology and the sexual symbolism and practices between Tantrism and the religion of The Goddessrd. There is much more to the doctrines of both religions but this makes the marked distinctions between the two. It is encouraging that there are people out there who do have sex as part of their religion, even if there are very, very different beliefs behind their rituals.

Sexual practices were common in early christianity which believed in the Egyptian religious doctrine of apotheosis, which became known as antinomianism. That is, that men and women had the potential of becoming gods and goddesses. Paramount among the christian sects which held sex to be a sacrament were the Agape. Today fundamentalist christians display and wear the Agape symbol of the fish, claiming they hold the same "pure love" which this ancient cult possessed. However it is now known that "the sacrifice of the mass" was the Agape term for sexual intercourse; "entering the privy chapel" was to enter the woman's vagina; "to bestow at least one hour in adoration at the alter is sexual play; extolling God in strophe and antistrophe and performing the sacrifice is to achieve orgasm"; while "`the elixir being prepared solemnly and in silence do thou consume it utterly," meant to swallow the mingled male sperm and female vaginal juices, which the Agape considered "the most powerful, the most radiant thing that existed in the whole universe." Too bad those modern professors of Agape don't follow their ancient traditions. But all of these sexual ideas, along with antinomian were denounced as heresy by the Catholic Church which began killing the priestess as early as the second century of the current era. It was not until 1310, however, that the leader of the last popular movement was put to the stake and burned along with her book, "The Mirror of Free Souls." But this did not end the agape practices in christianity. The 19th century found a new breath of sexual expression. A group of nuns of the Dominican convent of St. Catherine de Prato, were expunged from the order because they taught that "love of God and one's neighbor" was fulfilled when the man united with the woman in sex or when women has sex together or alone.

About this time American religions were being developed by men who espoused sex without cumming. Why men wouldn't want to cum when they fuck is hard (no pun) for me to understand, since I've participated in the joy of thousands of men exploding in orgasm inside me and they all enjoyed themselves thoroughly. To not let your body have its ultimate pleasure after its built up to it seems somewhat masochistic. The 1800's found this country in the midst of a great burst of religious fervor. To quote the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, "There was in the place where we lived an unusual excitement on the subject of religion. It commenced with the Methodist, but soon became general among all the sects in that region of country, indeed, the whole district of country seemed affected by it, and great multitudes united themselves to the different religious parties, which created no small stir and division amongst the people.... For notwithstanding the great love which the converts in these different faiths expressed at the time of their conversion and the great zeal manifested by the respective clergy, who were active in getting up and promoting this extraordinary scene of religious feeling, in order to have everybody converted, as they were pleased to call it, let them join what sect they please, yet when the converts began to file off, some to one party and some to another, it was seen that the seemingly good feeling of both the priests and the converts were more pretended then real for a scene of great confusion land bad feeling ensued -- priest contending against priest and convert against convert, so that all their good feeling one for another, if they ever had any, were entirely lost in a strife of words and a contest about opinions."

Religious zeal was sweeping the country and experiments with communal living were being tried. Two similar but yet very distinct groups were established in the eastern states that had sex as a prominent part in their religions.

It is probably fair to say that most practices of holding back, "coitus reservatus" or plainly put, fucking without cumming originated with tantric practices. But the Eastern religions did not hold exclusive claim to the technique. In the United States, there were religious groups as early as the eighteen hundreds that used similar practices.

These religious groups apparently had no direct contact with the Hindu or Buddhist Tantrism, but rather developed their sexual techniques independently. Sort of like reinventing the wheel - a wheel which was ancient at the dawn of civilization.

The Oneida Company of New York, which is renowned for its silver work was originally run by a religious group that practiced coitus reservatus. John Humphrey Noyes was born in Vermont in 1811. He was educated at Dartmouth and Yale Divinity School. He originally practiced as a Congregational minister but was asked to leave because he preached what became known as his "perfectionist" doctrine, which he called Swedenborgism Americanized. To quote from one of his pamphlets. "The new commandment is that we love one another, and that not in pairs but en masse. We are required to love one another fervently; the fashion of the world forbids a man and a woman who are otherwise appropriated to love one another fervently but if they obey Christ, they must do this... love is not a sin. Susceptibility to love is not burnt out by one honeymoon, or satisfied with one love. On the contrary, the more you do the more you can. It is the law of nature." Not quite the same interpretation that most fundamentalist Christians make of Christ's new commandment to love one another (John 15, 12 & 17), but it was the same as the Dominican heretics and the Brothers and Sisters of the Free Spirit 500 years earlier.

After losing his Congregational ministry John Noyes founded a Perfectionist community in 1836 in Vermont. John had a wife he loved dearly and is said to have rediscovered Tantric sex techniques of fucking without cumming in order to protect his wife from "the horrors and the fear of involuntary propagation " (getting pregnant) after she had had severe difficulties in four pregnancies. However, Catholics who don't believe in any form of birth control (except the rhythm system) never came up with the idea of Tantric sex. And even though many of the heretic religions which were persecuted by the church did practice Tantric sex, the sexual practice does not appear to have been condemned by the church as was say, withdrawal. So there must have been some other raison d'etre. Perhaps John got a lot of pleasure from giving pleasure to his wife, and/or he was a masochist at heart. Instead of practicing fucking without cumming, he could have instigated fucking and withdrawing before ejaculation as most XX rated film studs do. Although that may have been looked upon as the same as the "sin of Onan" which is spilling the seed on the ground (masturbation). However, women who are partners in both withdrawal and the Tantric methods are eventually called "mothers" as the methods are not very reliable as birth control because of the cum that leaks out during intercourse.

I personally love to see that cum glistening at the top of the cock. If I'm sucking a cock and I see the cum begin to ooze out, I know I'd better climb on because the real excitement is about to happen. I think a man is at his best when he is just about to cum and cumming. His cock grows to maximum size, his rhythm is fast and regular. He's reaching inside of me as deep as he can get. The intensity is overpowering. If a man pulls out right before he cums that ruins it. I lose the intensity and feeling of excitement which brings me to orgasm and sexual and spiritual fulfillment. I'll grab his ass and shove the cock back in., as I say, "In, In, In".

The Noyes Perfectionist Community lasted in Vermont for ten years. After that public condemnation of their communal sex practices caused them to move to Oneida, New York. There they established a very prosperous manufacturing community. The religious movement did not survive long after Noyes, but the silver smithing business exists to this day.

Noyes taught the Perfectionist that after their conversion they could become completely free from the possibility of sin. They believed in holding not only property in common but also children. He abolished marriage, but unfortunately did not practice free, open love with everyone, but rather he paired people with the intention of producing the best children. Children were reared by the community and were not considered to belong to the mother or father.

Though people might have been attracted to the Perfectionist religion because of its original open attitudes towards love and sex, the group became so dictatorially communistic that, I think, that lead to its demise. The religious aspects pretty much died out by the late 1800's.

Another sect which was established about he same time as the Perfectionist was the Brotherhood of the New Life. It was started in Virginia by Tom Harris, but later moved to New York. Harris thought that God had both a male and female aspect, similar to Hindu teachings. he believed people had a duty to love each other, not just spiritual brotherly love, but also physically with many partners. This was also a communal group. One of its followers, Lawrence Oliphant, a former member of the British Parliament, split off from Harris to form his own colony in Palestine. He called this cult, Sympneumatta, and taught that through maintaining a state of sexual excitement one could become spiritually alive. In order to achieve this state, couples practiced lying together in a state of arousal -- in other words, the man has a hard on, but can't fuck. This, to me, would seem to be very frustrating to all parties.

From my own personal observations, I have found that when men hold back when they are fucking, eventually their cocks go down. When I've been fucking a guy and he stops or pulls out to keep from cumming, after doing this for only one or two times, he develops a problem -- actually two possible problems. One, his body gives up and his cock goes soft and won't get hard again, so he isn't able to cum. His body goes on strike, you might say. It says "if you're not going to let me take my pleasure, I'm going to stop putting in all that effort." Or the other problem is the cock stays hard and stays hard. It can't ejaculate, it can't release the sexual tension that he's built up. It's as if the body says "you've brought me up to the point of cumming and stopped me so often, that I've been conditioned to not go all the way anymore." That is the true Tantric state, but the man usually cannot keep up a hard fast rhythm to give the woman pleasure. Both conditions are miserable to be in. And they certainly don't make for great sex partners.

I believe a man should go with his natural feeling and let his body take its pleasure when the urge comes. It's better to cum quickly than get stuck and not cum at all. I think men should practice cumming naturally, quickly and practice it frequently. When some guys want to drag out intercourse to the point of boredom they act as if its the only chance they'll have to fuck in their life, and with that technique, it probably is. At least, its the last chance they'll have to fuck me. I don't think having frequent sex will lessen the desire or performance. If anything, it heightens the desire and ability. As with most physical activity, practice makes perfect.

It has been written of Mrs. Oliphant, the wife of the founder of Sympneumatta, that she would get into bed with sometimes dirty men "the contact of her body brought about as she supposed, the coming of the spiritual counterpart. It was a great trial to her to do this and she felt she was performing a most holy mission". Mrs. Oliphant would probably never have made a good priestess of The Goddesses. Priestesses in our religion must enjoy sex. I thoroughly enjoy my calling as the High Priestess. We do not look at our sexual rituals as a "trial", or something to endure because God requires it. We emulate the Goddess and take joy in doing this. I try to communicate this joy to the people I take through the rituals.

The Oliphant's religion fell apart after the death of the founders.

Most people are familiar with another religious group which started back in the 1800's which is very prominent now, the Mormons. They are reported to have had very sexual practices secretly among the inner circle of the church. That is emphatically denied today by Mormon leaders but Mormon leaders also denied the same charges in coached terms when they first came to light in the 1830's. The denials were never, "Mormons don't have sex with any woman other than our wife", but rather "we don't engage in any illicite sexual practices" and "We do not engage in sexual practices as described by our enemy". Of course not. Religious sex would not be illicite, and the enemies of Mormonism would not know all the details of their sexual practices so the Mormons could make that general denial. It was an outright lie, just as was the denial that Mormons practiced polygamy. That denial, also made in the 1830s was in very emphatic terms. Twenty years later, however, Brigham Young found himself having to deny that the church had ever denied practicing polygamy, as polygamy was then a part of the "New and Everlasting Covenant of Celestial Marriage". Sex with several women became the "order" of Mormonism as long as they were married to the man; and there appears to have been no limit put on the number of wives. This practice was common among patriarchs of the Bible - Abraham, Israel, King David and Solomon, to name a few. Unfortunately Mormon women were never given the same freedom of having sex with other men as were the priestess wives of David and Solomon, and other patriarchs.

This right of the priestess, to have sex with any man she desired, appears to have been originally taught by Joseph Smith, but was rejected by his wife, Emma, who also rejected polygamy. William Law, was another high Mormon official who rejected Mormon sexual practices. In 1841, William Law was appointed counselor to Joseph Smith, the Prophet and president of the Mormon Church. That made him the number two man in the Church hierarchy - a situation which the Mormons corrected after the long debate over Brigham Young becoming the leader after Joseph Smith was murdered. Law became disenchanted when Joseph Smith gave Law's wife (who was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the community) to one man after another in their sacred sexual rituals. When William Law threatened to publish the sexual practices of the Mormons, his printing press was destroyed by Joseph Smith and his followers. He left the church but his wife stayed, obviously enjoying the opportunity to have one man after another.

The Mormons also tried communal living for a while in what they called the "United Order", which was abandoned about the same time as polygamy. One of my favorite scriptures come from the Book of Mormon, "Men are, that they might have joy". Unfortunately, Mormons have removed joy from their religion.

What happened from the 1800's to our present days? Tantrism has become fairly well known as a sexual religion and many sex therapists teach a form of the Tantric technique to develop men sexually. They teach the man to try to hold back. It has been my experience that a man can learn to satisfy a woman, not because he is holding back, but because he practices cumming. One of the problems with holding back is that when the man finally does cum, his orgasm is not very intense, and his cum just oozes out. I have had men who have cum as soon as they have slid their hard cock inside my eager, hot, wet pussy, and they have had such an intensity in their orgasms that I have exploded in orgasm with them. Good sexual technique depends on the individual. But one learns to have good technique by cuming again and again, not by never cuming.

Sexual religious practices have not been accepted at all. Perhaps people were more tolerant about sex in religion back then because they were closer to our founding as a nation and realized the principles the Constitution was set up to protect. But the one thing which predominated all of the religious sexual movements was to communicate love between the followers. Unfortunately, that love does not include true love through sexual expression.

But not only is sexual expression forbidden by christian dominated governments, but from the beginning christians have sought to eliminate the expression of sex in dance, especially profane and religious nude dancing.

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