The Problems with Masturbation

Chapter 12
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses
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The most common sexual problem men hand me (pun intended) is masturbation. And what strikes me is that when I began performing the rituals of The Goddess in 1986, all of the men who were addicted to masturbation, stated that they had been doing it for ten to twenty years or longer. "Safe-sex" wasn't even a word until 1984, so there is more to their reason for masturbating than fear of AIDS.

As a priestess to The Goddess, I go through religious rituals which involve sex every day. I have had sex with men of various races, nationalities, ages, sizes, shapes and lines of work. Of the thousands of men I have fucked, the worst lovers are men who masturbate a lot.

Most men I meet with have wonderful hard erections before they even get their pants off. The sight of my totally naked body and the taste of my juicy shaved pussy usually accomplishes that without any problem. What happens after that can be a tremendously fulfilling experience for both of us, or a bit of a disappointment depending on what the man is able to do with his hard cock.

Then on the other hand, there is the hand. The hand has a firmer grip than the soft, wet folds of a juicy vagina. A man who has gotten his cock accustomed to the heavy stroking of his or someone else's hand does not respond easily to the soft warm wet vaginal contractions. I have very great muscle control - call it a "snapping pussy" if you like - but no pussy can grip like a fist. A man who masturbates frequently, accustoms his cock to that heavy-handed pressure. He gets conditioned to having an orgasm only in that way and trains his body how to make himself come. After many times of coming only by masturbation, his cock becomes unresponsive to any other stimulation. The desire for a woman is there, but the ability to perform is not. Someone who has conditioned his body to constant masturbation finds a cunt exciting to be in, but without the usual heavy pressure, he soon goes limp and is unable to complete the orgasm without taking thing into his own hands. I find it very sad to see a healthy excited man unable to do what is most natural with his body - to explode his cum in the cunt of a warm and willing woman.

So what can be done to restore the ability to have fulfilling intercourse? First of course, you need the desire to want to change the habit. If you masturbate out of fear of AIDS, then you need to be educated to the fact that heterosexuals do not transmit AIDS through vaginal sex. Seven year after AIDS becam know the news media exploded with "The First Case Ever" of a woman transmitting AIDS to a man through oral sex. THE FIRST CASE EVER? Yet the news media and health officials had been stating for three years that AIDS IS transmitted by women and through oral sex.

That FIRST CASE EVER, however, was not a documented case. It appears that the man claiming to have only had oral sex with a prostitute was a 67 year old diabetic who had had his blood monitored for the past two years. He had just recently tested positive for the AIDS antibodies - the AIDS virus hadn't been isolated in his blood, but he did have the antibodies. The problem with believing this case stems from the fact that a year after the incident, the "prostitute" he claims gave him AIDS didn't have the antibodies. In other words, she didn't have AIDS nor could she be shown to be a carrier. The next problem is that the man suffered from dementia. He was senile. He couldn't remember what to do with his cock most of the time let alone where it had been. And it is obvious that he couldn't remember having been fucked in the ass by another man, or if he did, he said that he hadn't been. After the Centers for Disease Control investigated the case it was reclassified, and now thirty years later there are still no verifiable cases of women transmitting HIV to a man through vaginal sex - and no other means. All the studies have concluded that "in theory" there is a small (1 in 2,500) chances of female-to-male transmission, but that is only theory, and there are still no actual, verifiable cases.

Even within the porn industry, of the twenty-nine women who have acquired HIV, (not necessarily from those in the industry, and not necessarily from vaginal sex) many of them continued performed in front of the camera, and elsewhere, not knowing they had been infected, and none had transmitted HIV to a man. Recently, porn actor Darren James, claimed to have been filmed at the time he contracted HIV from a porn actress through vaginal sex. But there is no DNA evidence that she was the contact. Rather, he was also filmed having anal sex with a Brazilian porn actress who is know to have HIV.

The HIV scare is one cause of men not being able to perform, but facts, and Laboratory Tests, can go a long way in assuring the man, and the woman that each is to a large degree sexually transmitted disease free.

Sex just isn't transmitted from a woman to a man by eating pussy or vaginal intercourse. Magic Johnson claimd he got AIDS from vaginal intercourse - his position as the quintessential male jock takes away any doubts as to how he contracted AIDS in the minds of most people - but the Centers for Disease Control is not making any claims for him being the "first case ever". They obviously know something Magic isn't telling the public, because getting AIDS from a woman is a far more important case than a basketball player getting the disease.

If, on the other hand, you masturbate because you are cheap, because you don't want to spend the time or money on taking a woman out and cultivating a relationship, then there is nothing that can be done for you. Being cheap is the biggest complaint I hear from women about men.

One beautiful woman I know who had been enjoying sex regularly, found herself without a boyfriend. She was horney and wanted to get fucked so she decided to go to a bar to see what she could pick up. Looking around the room, she realized that there wasn't anything there worth fucking, so she went to another bar, then another, then another. After three hours of seeing nothing close to her standard, she went back to the first bar. There were the same men there plus a few more all of the same calibre. She made it know by her actions and friendliness that she was available but found that none of the guys were willing to even take her out to dinner. They must have figured that a girl should fuck because they spent a buck and a half on her for a beer. Needless to say, she went home alone and the cheap guys in the bars didn't get laid. After three days, she lowered her standards and started fucking the only men available. All of them were terrible lovers. This fantastic woman discovered very quickly that men who don't give material things don't give sexual pleasure, they are selfish in every way.

Contrast this to my experience when I went to a very exclusive restaurant in Beverly Hills. Even though I was there with the High Priest and another priestess, every time I got up from the table, men would approach me and offer to take me to Hawaii, Jamaica, Europe, Reo, or New York for dinner. It was obvious to them that I wasn't impressed with their offers, which were quite serious, but that I was impressed with what they could do in bed. These men were all successful and had money, but that isn't what made them attractive to me. It was their desire to give me what they thought would be exciting -- in short, their desire to give and not just take from me.

So what does a guy who is out of work, has no money and no girl do? He develops a winning personality, takes chances with his ego and gets a job so he can afford to take a girl out. You don't need a lot of money to get a girl, what you need is a personality that shows a girl that you're not a creep. If you're in this category, ask yourself, "What do I have to offer a girl". If you think it's your cock, forget it. Every man has a cock. The problem with men who think that their cock is going to get them a girl is that they don't realize that the girl doesn't see their cock, she only sees the ass hole it's attached to.

It's easer for someone like that to jack-off looking at photos. They're even too cheap to call for a phone sex message. To cultivate a relationship with a woman to the point where she will have sex takes time. You have to take her out to dinner, shows, sporting events and whatever "she likes." That not only takes time, but a good deal of money, and there's no guarantee that she'll fuck after all that. That is a risk most normal men are willing to take.

Most men who masturbate a lot are not that giving. They don't give of themselves sexually to another person and they generally don't want to give anything or spend anything, including time, on a woman. They prefer to spend their time and money on themselves. To watch porn on the Internet and masturbate is cheaper, takes less time and is without emotional risk. There's little or no hope for them - their only consolation is that they can have sex with someone they love anytime - themselves. v For men who are more giving of themselves, there is the priestess. I always enjoys sex in all of its pleasurable forms. I enjoy the feel of a hard pulsating cock exploding in my cunt. Shape, size, looks or background make no difference to a priestess as she looks at the inner man. However, she will only go through the rituals of our religion with those who are sincere and want to be dedicated to the principles of The Goddess. That doesn't mean just to enjoy sex, but to learn and understand the principles of the religion. For there is much more to the religion than just sex. That is what a priestess communicates to the man as they go through the rituals. v I have received many letters from men telling me that seeing my photograph makes their cocks bigger than they've seen them before. I am flattered when men write to me to say they're masturbated looking at my photos. But that does seem the waste of a good cock. However, when men call to tell me they are masturbating over my picture, that is a complete turn off and a quick hang up. Some men would call and leave messages on my answering machine that they are masturbating. I guess that they have never heard of "fast forward", which skips to the next message. I never listen to such garbage. I like real men who like real sex. v In our religion we have nothing against masturbation. Unlike the strict Judaeo-Christian-Moslem religions, we do not consider masturbation a sin. Many young people and unmarried people who are raised in strict religions are made to suffer terrible guilt because they have no outlet for their sexuality. If they fuck, they are considered fornicator and going to hell, if they masturbate they are guilty of the "Sin of Onan" and have all kinds of their fears dumped on them, such as going blind, losing their hair and what not. (It appears that the Jewish god stopped killing people for masturbating after he killed Onan - leaving that punishment to those who are wiser than their god.)

I masturbate. Not very often, but mor often since the Church was closed where I usually had sex with several men every day, but I do masturbate. I would rather have sex with another person, male or female, but if I'm horny and there is no one around, I have no inhibition or religious restrictions that interfere with my enjoying myself by myself. I usually use my fingers, or sometimes a vibrator. I won a vibrator in the shape of a huge foot long cock about 8 inches in circumference as a prize for a banana sucking contest at a swing party. It's too large to enjoy inserting, but for clitoral stimulation is okay. By the way, I do not recommend sucking bananas, especially ripe, peeled ones as they tend to break off and may cause choking. If you must practice, try a sausage instead, it will give you more the feel of real meat, but there is really no substitute for the real things. I'm sure anyone can find willing volunteers to practice on.

The main problem I find with men masturbating is that they become so accustomed to having an orgasm by their own hand that they can't cum in a women. As I mentioned, in our rituals a man is required to ejaculated inside the priestess. Some men have been jacking off for so many years that their bodies are used to cumming in only one way. Some men get so hooked on that one and only way that they can't get off any other way. I had one older man who had conditioned himself to cumming when he was lying face down on the mattress with his cock between his crossed legs, rubbing back and forth. He was married but his wife did not like sex so he did not have much sexual activity all his life except with himself. He was not at all enjoyable for me and it couldn't have been very exciting for him to have me watch him get himself off as he wasn't an exhibitionist.

When the religion was not being persecuted, I was fucking about 2,000 men a year so most of the men I go through the rituals with come back again and a again and again. Very few of them, maybe only 5% have difficulty cumming in me, and those that do are usually heavy masturbators. They have been masturbating frequently and in the same manner all the time. One young guy had to lay on his side, another was used to kneeling on the bed. They just could not get erect any other way, let alone cum.

Heavy masturbators are in general, not good lovers. They are into and used to pleasing only themselves. I can tell right off if a man is totally selfish and will be a lousy lover by the way he gets on the bed. (I usually have a good idea before that time but getting on the bed is quite obvious.) The ones who will give nothing in pleasure but expect to be, you might say, "serviced", will lie on the bed with their backs propped up against the wall. Now that is definitely not a position in which he could do much pussy eating, nor is it a comfortable position for fucking. It's a position that telegraphs "Suck my cock, give me pleasure, I'm not interested in doing anything to you or for you." Usually I'll ask the guy to move down so he can be more comfortable. I'll shove my cunt in his face as I suck his cock, but if he doesn't dive into pussy eating, you can be sure I don't continue the cock sucking, and I usully end the experience right then.

When I fuck I'm usually in the top, or "Priestess " position. With heavy masturbators I will generally switch to the bottom "missionary" position so I can hold onto their cocks with my hands and give them the added pressure they are used to and still ejaculated inside of me. I have a very tight, snapping pussy, but no pussy can grip like a hand at the base of the cock. It has to get in to be squeezed. I've often taught men to use the Morse Code while we're fucking. A short squeeze with my cunt is a dot, a long squeeze is a dash. But I also "know" a great deal about a man when we fuck. It is what a priestess does., and by squeezing his cock it also allows us to share secrets together.

Masturbatory problems can be overcome and open the way to the enjoyment and benefits of shared sex which I always find doubles the pleasure. But in order to double the pleasure for them woman, you will need to learn what generates the female orgasm.

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