How Men Compare

Chapter 16
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses

I do not compare the men I have sex with. No one coming over to go through the rituals need ever worry about how he will stack up against the other men I have been with. I try to treat every man as an individual and bring out the best erotic (and spiritual, if I am going through our religious rituals) response from each.

There are obvious attributes which must be compared, such as one man who was 7 feet tall and another who was only 32 inches tall, and there was one man with an 11" cock while others range down to 3 inches, but I do not compare them sexually. Cock size cannot be compared when it comes to giving pleasure. I have had great orgasm fucking men with 4-6 inch cocks, and have been so turned off by the sexual technique of men with 7-9 inch cocks. As I mention in the Chapter on Cock Size, all I have to do to enjoy a small cock is squeeze my snapping pussy around it tighter.

I suppose one can't help but think of some men being great pussy eaters or fantastic fucks. But I have found that men and women vary so greatly in the things that turn them on and how they turn me on, that comparing them sexually would be like comparing apples to oranges.

If the man enjoys the same sexual activities that I do, naturally, that makes him rate as a good lover. I do have sex occasionally with men and women outside of my religious rituals, but since I devote all of my time to my religion, I seldom have time for social encounters. Usually it's a spontaneous meeting whenever and wherever the opportunity (and the penis) arises. This seems to disturb some people. They think it's terrible, or else they say I'm not very religious because I fuck men when I feel like it. But there are many protestant ministers and Catholic priests who drink wine socially, not just during their religious ceremonies and they are not condemned or thought less of because of this. Having a glass of wine can be a social drink or a religious ritual depending on the way in which it is done and the purpose for which it is done. So it is with me, sex can be a social encounter or a religious ritual depending on the way performed and the purpose of the activity.

I would never take a lover who did not eat pussy. This shook up one interviewer from a T.V. show who came over to the Church building to tape a segment for his show. In the course of the interview I described the ritual of dedication. The token a person, man or woman, gives of his commitment to a spiritually hedonic life is to perform oral sex on the priestess, to eat my pussy. The symbolism is that the man is putting himself in the same position as he was when he came into this world, his head between a woman's legs. The interviewer, who was black, said, "Black guys don't eat pussy.". I had news for him. All the white guys, black guys, brown guys, yellow guys and red guys or any other shade of guy eats my pussy or they don't do anything with me.

People eat pussy in a variety of ways. Some men start on the thighs and nibble their way up to the more important parts. Others start at my breasts and work their way down. I'm a very sexually responsive person, I don't need a lot of foreplay. I'm hot all the time and it doesn't matter if they start at my toes or my forehead, they all work their way to my pussy, and getting there is just part of the fun and enjoyment.

A lot of the supposed sex manuals will tell people to start at the toes and kiss their way up, or give a body massage or turn on soft music, turn down the lights, send flowers etc.

That's all very nice, but when you get right down to it, how a man licks my clit is more important than what he does to get to my clit. All of those acts are to get a woman so she will let you lick her clit. If you're bad at eating pussy, or don't eat pussy, you might as well make love to the flowers instead of sending them to the woman.

One considerate forethought for men I cannot stress too much is, if you do not have a beard, please have a close shave. I enjoy beards or mustaches, but leave your three day stubble on the razor's edge. I shave my pussy every day to be nice and smooth for your lips and tongue. Please don't sandpaper my clit. The same is true for women who don't shave. The rough stubble of a man's beard irritates the thighs and genital area of any woman.

Back to licking my clit. (Please!) I love to have my pussy eaten, as do most women. I do not like my clit sucked. I know girls that love being sucked, they can't get off any other way - but suck mine and you'll be asked to "get off", so it's best to ask.

When I was making the video, "When Love Came to Town", I found that Stephanie Rage liked to be sucked, so I did, and she gasped with pleasurable surprise. I could feel it was real with her and not acting. But unfortunately cameras like to see tongues sticking out and licking clits so most of the enjoyable stuff isn't seen by the viewer. But it is worth watching anyway. When Stephanie was eating me, my orgasm was so intense that my hips bounced up and my pelvis hit her lip. She was upset that he lip might be swollen and look terrible, but fortunately it wasn't. I do sometimes have very wild orgasm but I've never broken anyone's nose, yet. Stephanie just wasn't used to a woman actually having an orgasm on camera.

I have another actress friend, Mai Lin, (that great oriental so many men have been drooling over for years) who says she is most erotically stimulated by licking around the entrance of the vagina rather than on her clit. That is my second most sensitive area. A man or woman has to try different areas and see what sets the hips in motion. That's how you learn to communicate with your partner by reading her pleasure signals.

Sticking a tongue inside my cunt doesn't do much for me or most other women either. Let's face it, tongues aren't generally as long as cocks (though one guy did send me a letter in which he stated he could lick his eyebrows with his tongue). I know personally, and from what I have read, most of the pressure sensitive sense organs on other women are located to the back of the vagina, so a tongue just doesn't make it. A tongue can feel its way around a clit very adroitly, so that's the place to use it. Feel for that little lump of a clit. It's often hidden under a layer of skin. Don't leave it when the woman is about to have an orgasm so you can stick your tongue in her cunt.

I respond best to a regular motion. Guys who stop and start, lick here and there and are very irregular do not let an orgasm build. I start getting used to a rhythm, my body gets moving towards orgasm and its, oops, he's off on a different spot. If he does it again, he's completely off the spot, because I don't continue. I tell a man what I like and if he doesn't want to do it my way, neither do I.

The one thing which many woman object to in pussy eating is that the guy is too rough. I have large labia -- many men have said my cunt looks like a flower. Some guys will pull the labia back to try to uncover the clit. This can be very uncomfortable, even painful. Clits can be stimulated very nicely without being exposed. In fact, when most women masturbate with their own hands, they put pressure over the top of the fold, they do not spread it out. Probably the idea of spreading wide comes from seeing so many XXX-rated videos in which the guy spreads the woman's labia to show the cunt off better -- "Showing Pink". Men like to look at a woman's cunt, but if you are rough, that may be all you'll do is look. Sex on film is shot for the visual effect not to be taken as a sex technique manual. My advice is to start off gentle and increase pressure and speed. Let the woman tell you if she wants things done harder or faster.

If a man can play with my nipples while he eats my pussy, so much the better. I have very large, raspberry sized nipples that get hard and erect when I'm aroused. They are a real mouthful and love to be sucked. I am fortunate to be able to have orgasms from nipple stimulation alone, so when several of my erotic areas stimulated at one time it is even better.

That goes for when I'm fucking also. When I'm going though the rituals I used the priestess position, that is with the woman on top, in contrast to the missionary position where the man is on top. In the Priestess position a man can easily play with my nipples as I ride up and down on his cock. I can lean forward to rub my clit on his pelvic bone while his cock is stimulating me from the inside. I had a guy the other night who loved it that way--a back and forth motion where I rub on my clit on his pelvis. It was fantastic. Most guys prefer an up and down notion which gives more stimulation on their cock.

If the guy doesn't have his hands on my nipples, then he usually has them on my ass. I can tell by the tightness with which he holds on to me how close he is building to orgasm. I pump up and down faster and faster as I feel him squeeze tighter. His head turns from side to side with oh's and ah's from his lips. Finally he thrusts his pelvis up as his cock explodes inside me. I push forward to feel him as his deepest. Our bodies merge together. Then I start a slow undulating notion as the waves of pleasure roll over us. I collapse on top of him in an embrace, relaxing, enjoying the quiet afterglow of orgasm.

I have tried just about every position imaginable. The Illustrated Karma Sutra has nothing over my repertoire. Through experimentation I have found what feels best for me and have enough experience to be able to find something that works for any man.

I do enjoy the missionary position, because when the man is lying with his pubic area on my clit he is at his maximum depth. I like to be screwed in that position. By screwed, I mean a circular motion like the cock is a screw being turned into a hole, my cunt. That way I feel the cock pushing against the walls of my vagina all around. Plus, if the man is lying on top, I get clitoral stimulation as he rotates. If a guy is riding high and watching his cock going in and out of my cunt, that doesn't do much for me. I get little clitoral stimulation and not much vaginal stimulation either because it is the back parts of the vagina that are more sensitive to pressure stimulation. If I am on top, I can move his cock around so I get the most pleasure, and he gets the pleasure of watching his cock go in and out of me.

The only time a man's cock size means anything to me is when there is at least 7 inches of it which can actually reach inside me. It is only with men who have 7-11 inch cocks that I am able to have a vaginal orgasm, one which emanates from deep inside and not from my clit. To come from deep inside, the cock has to be long enough to reach deep inside.

In the doggy position - woman on hand and knees with the man shoving his cock in the cunt form the rear - I get very little clitoral stimulation. I do enjoy that position however if another man or woman is lying under me eating my pussy and playing with my nipples while I'm being fucked.

One of the biggest turn offs to me is the "holier than thou attitude". I'll be talking to a guy who is trying to pick me up and I'll mention that I am the High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses and that I perform sexual rituals with man, many men. Then he may make a comment like "With all those men, are you safe?". Like, he may have had sex with only one man -- a bisexual Haitian, I.V. drug user -- and he's concerned about my cleanliness. Quantity in itself doesn't make a person subject to infection. I'm very selective with the people I have sex with. If the man doesn't have a disease, he can't give one to you.

Another turn off is when a man is making advances and I'll say, let's go have sex, then he backs off with, "Do you do this all the time?"

"Yes, I do it all the time." Does the guy really think the Virgin Mary would have sex with him on the first encounter? That attitude not only pisses me off, but it is biggest turn off for other women also. I have been told by other sexual, good looking women, (even one XXX - video actress) that when a guy hits on her and she says yes very easily, the guy backs with a "well, you must be some kind of slut", attitude. Some men don't appreciate sexual women. If the woman is easy to get, then they feel she's not worth having. Guys like that are very immature. They are usually young and uneducated and don't have sex very often because they are turn offs to sexual women.

Another turn off for me and for a lot of women, is to have a finger shoved in my cunt. Fingernails are dirty, sharp, uncomfortable and the easiest way to get a vaginal infection. Kids who don't fuck may find it the only way to have fun, but if the woman moves her hips aside when you try to finger fuck her, use your tongue instead and keep your fingers out of her cunt.

Probably the biggest turn off for women when they are having sex with a man - for the last time - is for a guy to ask what the woman likes done to her and them after he's been told in detail, he goes about doing what he wants, the way he wants without any regard for her desires. With me that ends things very quickly. Other women will continue but never have sex with the guy again.

To make it very clear -- attitude is the biggest initial turn off. If a woman is willing to have sex with you, don't treat her like scum. Treasure her, appreciate her, give her pleasure and she'll come back for more. By understanding the negative traits of some men, a soon-to-be-great-lover can use them as a positive approach to have sex with a great many women. If you learn from the mistakes other men make, they won't repeat them and you will repeat the woman.

One of the national talk shows did a segment in which women came on the show and bragged that their husbands were the worlds greatest lovers. Their husbands were the only man they had ever fucked, and these women were supposed to know what a great lover was? You don't have to compare men or rate them 1-10 in order to know that any woman who has only fucked one man in her life doesn't know whether another man is good or bad, or if the one she has is really any good. It's like the old joke about the woman whose husband told her that he was the only man in the world who had a cock. One day his wife confronted him and stated that the "milkman" also had a cock. The husband thought for a moment and then recalled that he did have 2 cocks once and gave the other one to the milkman. Of course his wife wanted to know why he gave the milkman the best one.

Great sex is more than just what feels good at the time. It's what feels good every time. And making sex great requires a commitment to having great sex whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

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