A Feminine Feminist

Chapter 1
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses

I am a very feminine feminist. Feminine, conjures up images of all the warm, loving, sensitive and sexual qualities of a woman. However "feminist" has come to be identified as a woman with the masculine attitude she claims to abhor; the cool, unemotional, ball busting aggressor -- the femi-nazi. Most feminists have very noble ideas of equality for women, but they tend to confuse equality under the law with "equal", meaning "the same in every respect." Woman are unique and should enjoy and develop their uniqueness and not try to make themselves into stiff, uncomfortable copies of men. But the feminist movement today is attempting to make women be female copies of men in order to gain power and authority.

Anciently women had power and authority through the use of their intellect and femininity, just as men today have power and authority through their intellect and masculinity. As a Pagan and the High Priestess of The Goddess of The Most High of the ancient Egyptian Religion, I am aware of the worth of a woman. I do not want to be, nor do I try to be like a man.

The ancient Pagan priestess was a guide who lead men on the path to the divine. Men were cleansed and brought to a higher level of spirituality through the rituals of The Goddess. When the influence of male dominated religions increased, the Christians and Moslems killed the priestesses in the name of male gods and destroyed the teachings and writings of the goddess religions. Men changed the sexual nature of the rituals of The Goddess to the ascetic demands of abstinence. This was not done for any theological purpose, but because male priests were incapable of performing acts of sex with any spiritual meaning. The male religions deprived women of their sacred sexual rites and prohibited women from speaking in the synagogues, churches and mosks. To the patriarchal religions, sex was profane and shameful, Heirodouleia, the Sacred Sex of the priestess, became Sacred Prostitution. Women were to be totally submissive to their husbands and kept in ignorance.

Contrast this with the priestess who was respected for her wisdom and learning. Temples of The Goddess were colleges where women received instruction on every facet of life, including sexual training. Even the word "bible" refers to the knowledge of women. At the temple of The Goddess at Byblos in ancient Phoenicia, priestesses wrote and copied sacred records for all the world. Hence any sacred book became known as a bible.

It is true, though, that priestesses have always been very sensual and sexual. This is because our rituals have always been sexual. A woman who did not thoroughly enjoy sex could never be a priestess. It is a priestess's attitude towards her body that helps her become what she is.

Unlike the Judean-Christian-Moslem religions, we do not look at sex as being sinful or dirty. Nor is it ungodly or shameful. This is in marked contrast with modern religions which have made their god into an ascetic, old grouch and totally eliminated the Goddess. It is also in contrast to the femi-nazi-feminist who holds that sex with men is nothing more than rape, even in marriage.

Modern religions have taught that women should not experience sexual pleasure but should endure intercourse only for the sake of having children. Until recently men and women were not even permitted to see their "sinful" naked bodies.

In colonial times, sex was performed through many layers of cloths which had a hole for the insertion of the penis. Femi- nazis have adopted the principles of the male religions which degrade women and eliminate heterosexual sex for any purpose. To them, not only is sex with a man rape, but disrespect for women is a form of rape, to be punished by imprisonment of the male offender. The femi-nazi ignores the differences between men and women and condemn women who reject their concepts of heterosexlessness. This attitude is creating a division in the feminist movement. There are many women who advocate, as I do, equal rights for women while extolling women's sexuality. The femi-nazi (the fascists of the feminist movement) who would make women into copies of men are often lesbians, if sexual at all, whereas the feminine feminist, or true feminist, is heterosexual or bisexual. The feminine feminist recognizes the differences between the sexes, accepts those differences and makes her sexuality a source of strength and power. There may seem to be a conflict between the male double standard and femi-nazi-feminist philosophy, but they both produce the same results - asexual women. Is it any wonder women in the true feminist movement don't know what is expected of them. For a man to have a large cock and fuck many women is commendable. He is looked up to, admired and called a stud. For a woman to admit to enjoying sex or to having sex with more than one man places her in contempt and brands her a slut and a whore. Femi-nazi-feminists on the other hand, refuse to accept the fact that women can, and do enjoy sex. They place the "blame" for her sexuality on male coercion, male exploitation and child molestation. In order to avoid the image of the sexual woman, and her sexual nature, they change woman into an asexual being whose "imagined" desire is to avoid sex, just as christian fundamentalist change her into a submissive creature whose only role is to endure sex. But that goes against nature itself. A woman's biological and sexual composition enables her to have and enjoy sex more often than a man - with many men - every day. But what femi-nazi even wants a man's cock in her? Femi-nazis-feminists reject the biological nature of women and seek to rewrite history and the psychology of women to advance their cause.

In doing this femi-nazis-feminists seek to ban anything which they consider to be anti women. I find no difference in the NOW gang's boycott of book stores which sold American Psycho, because it is demeaning to women, and the Catholic Church's banning of,Boccaccio's, Decameron, six hundred years earlier, because it was demeaning to the Church clergy. Femi- nazis refuse to recognize that prejudices and ignorance have as much right in the marketplace of ideas as do "eternal truths" and "feminist exaggerations." Censorship may have worked to suppress ideas and women in an age before the printing press, but with the modern multimedia dissemination of information, censorship is as unworkable in an advancing society as it is ignorant. Failing censorship, femi-nazi- feminists have insisted that our society be "political correct." It is not "politically correct" to approve of the portrayal of a nude woman in magazines, film or videos -- one nude woman represents all women -- or so their bull shit goes.

I am my own woman. I love to be seen nude, to have others see my cunt. Femi-nazis deny that this is natural, let alone desirable, but history is agaisnt them. All feminist point to the dawn of civilization when women ruled under the auspices of "The Mother Goddess" but too many turn a blind eye to Her sexuality. 5000 years ago, before the patriarchs controlled women, priestesses of Inanna, the Sumerian "Queen of Heaven" (Ishtar of Assyria/Babylon) wrote of Her:

"Inanna reclined against the fig tree;
When Inanna lay against the fig tree her cunt was glorious to observe;
Delighted at her glorious cunt, the young lady, Inanna, praised herself."
How could Inanna glory in her cunt; show her cunt to the world; have her priestesses write of her cunt, and not be sexual? It is this heritage that the femi-nazis and christian fundamentalists want to suppress. They cannot imagine sex as being a positive force because it is something both men and women can enjoy. Femi-nazis seek to create a superior woman and subjugate men, just as men have created the superior man and subjugated women. But the promotion of women's rights to the determent of men's rights is as offensive to reason and logic as is the promotion of religious ideas over scientific ideas. True feminists - the feminine feminist or sexual feminist - recognize that the roots of women's authority lies in her ancient past and are awakening to the reality that women's authority was founded on her sexuality - her love and desire to have sex with men, her use of men as sexual toys, her ability to turn her sexuality to her advantage - to be sex-positive.

I have personally experienced 300 orgasms in a single day. Yes, someone did count them. I could have enjoyed myself even longer, but the sixteen men got worn out. (For the man who thinks he can satisfy a woman sexually, it should be noted that all he can do is wear out a woman with boring sex.) Men are physically incapable of such pleasure. Women can experience orgasm again and again within a very short period. And they should. Men normally do not. Women need to enjoy what the Goddess has given. For it is the sexual capacity of the woman which makes her different from other animals. Sexual pleasure for women is a gift to be enjoyed to its fullest capacities

Yes we've come a long way, baby. A woman who enjoys sex is no longer killed as a witch, a heretic or an adulteress. But we've still got a long way to go to get back to the open sexual freedom enjoyed by women in the days when the religion of The Goddess covered the earth; when sexual freedom was the path to the divine; when priestesses purified men through the sexual rituals of the Goddess, and the act of sex lifted both the priestess and the man to a higher level to become in tune with their nature and the divine. These free agents of love did not deny their bodies with a false sense of righteousness, nor have animosity towards sex and men as the feminist movement preaches today.

We need to progress "backward" in time and attitude, to pry ourselves out of the "Dark Ages" of this sex-negative society and truly appreciate and enjoy the wonderful Goddess given gift of our bodies.

Copyright 1986, 1990, 1997, 2012, 2015 by Sabrina Aset. All rights reserved.