Female Orgasm

Chapter 13
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses

Masters and Johnson defines Orgasm as, "A total body response involving sudden discharge of sexual tension." Sounds more like a sneeze and hardly does justice to the greatest Goddess given pleasure experienced by men and women.

Women have been experiencing orgasm from the beginning of time. If we look at the beliefs of early Christians around the 13th century, Adam and Eve were androgynous, having the genitals of both sexes. In that case perhaps both were able to have penial and clitoral orgasm through masturbation. Christians teach that it was not until after the fall that they had sex with each other. We are not told what happened to their extra sex organs after the fall, but perhaps Eve absorbed her penis like a tadpole does its tail.

Even though early Christian theologians may have given Eve an extra abundance of sex organs, they did not want her and future women enjoying the use of them. The noted historian R.E.I. Masters states, "Almost the entire blame for the hideous nightmare that was the witch mania and the greatest part of the blame for poisoning the sexual life of the West rests squarely on the Roman Catholic Church." Of course the Protestant Churches continued with the same repressive attitudes towards women and sex, so they must share some of the blame.

Early Christian writers were very outspoken against sexual pleasures. St. Jerome ordered, "Regard everything as poison which bears within it the seed of sexual pleasure." Early Christians taught that the kingdom of God would not be established on earth until the human race had practiced complete celibacy. In fact, anyone who preached that marriage was more blessed than celibacy would be excommunicated. St. Augustine, the most influential early theologian established the doctrine that sex was the root of original sin and the means of transmitting Adam's guilt to all mankind. He declared that sexual intercourse even in marriage is never without sin. So, you couldn't enjoy sex in marriage - that was a sin, you couldn't enjoy sex outside of marriage, that was adultery - you went to hell, and to make matters even worse, you couldn't even enjoy sex with yourself because masturbation was also a sin - The Sin of Onan.

During the Inquisition, The Witches Hammer, a handbook for trying witches, taught that women's carnal lust was the cause of witchcraft and Satanism, since God allowed the devil more power or the venereal act, by which the original sin is handed down, than over all other human actions, because of its natural nastiness. Any women who admitted to, or was caught enjoying sex was accused of being a witch. Those noble Christians executed an estimated 6 million women and young girls as witches during the some 500 years the Intuitions went on.

As I relate in the Chapter on Witches the Inquisitors would condemn women to death for having a noticeable clitoris. They didn't even know what a clitoris was or how to use one. Obviously back in those days men were not interested in stimulating women's clitorises, either orally, manually or pelvicly to bring women to orgasm. But remember, enjoyment of sex was a sin anyway.

This advice was given by a good Christian preacher, Beaumont in 1721: "If ye perceive a sudden sweet taste in your mouths or feel any warmth in your breasts, like fire, or any form of pleasure in any part of your body, or if ye become aware by occasion of pleasure or satisfaction derived from such perception, that your hearts are drawn away from the contemplation of Jesus Christ and from spiritual exercises, then this sensation is very much to be suspected of coming from the Enemy, and therefore were it ever so wonderful and striking, still renounce it and do not consent to accept it."

That's quite a back handed compliment to sexual pleasures, surely something to entice the curious.

Is it any wonder that women don't enjoy sex today. Any sexual woman who was caught enjoying sex was burned as a witch -thus cutting down the gene pool for sexuality. And as if enough of the sexual women weren't killed off by the Inquisitors we have the advice to young men looking for wives, given by Thomas Branagan author of the Excellency of Female Character Vindicated, in 1808. He maintained that since 19th Century morality dictated that a good woman would know nothing of sex, a young man was to test his fiance by trying to seduce her. If she went along with the seduction and did not protest with proper abhorrence, she was to be jilted (after he had seduced her). That pattern has continued to our days. A guy is supposed to try every deceiving lie, including telling the girl he loves her in order to get into her pants. Then if she does let him in, she's dropped and treated as dirt.

I've heard many sexual women complaining that guys will give a big come on and then when they say yes, its "Oh, gee, what kind of a girl are you, do you do this with all the guys? My reply to jerks like that is, "Yes, I do this with as many guys as are worth sharing the pleasure with and you are not one of them."

The Victorian Era was filled with quacks who were taken seriously and even quoted up until 50 years ago. The virility of man was extolled by the leading doctor on sex, Dr. William Acton. "Virility", he said "was necessary to give man that consciousness of his dignity, or his character as head and ruler of his importance, which is absolutely essential to the well-being of his family, and through it, of society itself. It is a power, a privilege, of which the man is, and should be, proud". But speaking of women's sexuality, "As a general rule, a modest woman seldom desire any sexual gratification for herself. She submits to her husband, but only to please him, and, but for the desire of maternity, would far rather be relieved of his attentions."

At the turn of the century, that infamous pseudo scientist Krafft-E'bing considered sexual women to be suffering from a form of insanity called nymphomania. Well, you may say that was a long time ago--we've come a long way, baby. But have we?

To quote from the Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. "As recently as 1966 an anthropological study of the Irish islands of Iris Beag revealed a mini-culture of 19th century Christian patriarchal patterns in sexual life. Female orgasm was unknown. Women were trained to endure rather then enjoy sex. Men habitually ejaculated within seconds. Modesty was the overwhelming preoccupation of both sexes; husbands and wives didn't see each other naked. Sexual foreplay consisted of rough fondling outside the sleeping garments. No coital position other than Venus observa (the missionary position) was used. Though the men were often at sea in small boats, they never learned to swim, being unwilling to undress in public for this purpose. Men were known to die of disease or injury rather than go to a hospital on the mainland, where they thought their bodies would be bared to the eyes of female nurses. Even the dogs of Iris Beag were whipped for licking their genitals or other obscene behavior. Imported copies of American magazines such as Life or Time were denounced from the pulpit as pornography. Women were not approached sexually for many months after childbirth or during menstruation when men thought them especially dangerous. Predictably, severe repression exacted a severe toll in quarrelsomeness, alcoholism, violence and frequent mental disturbances."

Most of my readers know where Ireland is, and most of were a round in 1966. The same attitudes were common in this country until the 1940s. It is this "return to morality" which Christian fundamentalists preach today.

Though I am not overly found of Sigmund Freud because he made almost every sexual activity into some kind of abnormal behavior, he did at least get scientists talking about sex, including sex in women. However it was not until that great pioneer of sexual research, Alfred Kinsey published his Book "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" in 1948 and "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" in 1953, that people realized that everybody was having sex despite all the taboos. And what was most shocking to the Christians was that most people were enjoying it, too.

Even after Kinsey's books, many people, including scientist did not believe that women had orgasms. Then in 1966 Masters and Johnson published their book on "Male and Female Sexual Response" in which they actually observed orgasm and reported on the physical reactions. Their work on the physical responses that take place in the body deserve some attention.

Generally all body responses are similar. But let me stress that orgasm is not a simple physical action or reaction. When men and women have been asked to describe orgasm the descriptions vary from, "Like mild explosion, it left me warm and relaxed after a searing heat that started in my genitals and raced to my toes and head...", to, "Throbbing is the best word to say what it is like. The throbbing starts as a faint vibration, then builds up in wave after wave where time seems to stand still. Some orgasm feel incredibly intense and earth shattering, but other times orgasm feel like small, compact, self-contained moments."

My own orgasms vary tremendously. I have everything from a brief quiver to a long, room shaking explosion. Masters and Johnson studied a mere 382 women and 312 men for a total of 10,000 sexual episodes. I have had vaginal sex with over 2,979 different men - many of them from 10 to 50 times - and oral sex with over 3,000 men and a few hundred women for a total of well over 30,000 sexual episodes. I have had sex with more men than most sex researchers have had in their entire projects. I feel my observations, being a scientist (my Masters degree is in chemistry) are very objective and give valuable insights into sexual responses and activities. Sometimes I agree with what sex researchers have concluded and sometimes I don't.

Some people have asked me why do I count the vaginal intercourse so precisely. Actually, I only count the new men I fuck. That came about because one of the requirements to be ordained as the High Priestess in the religion of the Goddess was to have had sex with 1000 different men (that was only one physical requirement, there were other spiritual and doctrinal requirements). So I started counting the 1000 men. After I reached the quota I had got in the habit and just kept counting.

Masters and Johnson found that human sexual response could be represented as a cycle with 4 stages. Men and women both have 4 stages. Men are covered in the chapter on Male Orgasm. The 4 stages are Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm and Resolution.

Excitement can result from either physical or psychological effects. Just thinking about a handsome hunk or your date for the evening, warm thoughts about your husband coming home for the evening and greeting him at the door with hugs and kisses and no clothes (or not coming home so you can greet your lover the same way). Or physical stimulation; you're in a department store and you smell a whiff of your lovers favorite after shave or cologne; you're in a crowded elevator and get squashed up against a firm physique that bulges in the appropriate places. These can all start a physical reaction of excitement, a faster pulse rate, increased blood pressure.

In women, the first sign of sexual excitement is vaginal lubrication. This starts very soon after stimulation, usually in 10 to 30 seconds. One of the most common complaints I hear from couples is that the wife or girlfriends just doesn't get lubricated during intercourse. This makes sex difficult, irritating and unpleasant to her. If the woman is not lubricating, she's obviously not very excited and the man had better change his technique.

Dr. Lucienne Lanson in her book, "From Women to Woman" says, "Insufficient vaginal lubrication at the time of penile penetrations is perhaps one of the most common causes of dyspareunia or painful intercourse. Friction of the penis against relatively dry vaginal walls can irritate and traumatize the nearby urethra and bladder. Intercourse without sufficient lubrication can result in bladder spasm and painful urination immediately following coitus. Without adequate lubrication to both the vaginal opening and labia minora, even clitoral stimulation can be unpleasant. Although the use of lubricating jellies applied around the introitus prior to intercourse can be helpful, a persistent lack of effective lubrication does reflect inadequate sexual arousal."

To get into a woman easily and comfortably you need to get her in the mood. Vaginal lubrication is a mucoid like fluid that seeps across the vaginal walls through transudation when their is vascular engorgement of the vaginal blood vessels. It is not a secretion of a gland as earlier thought. Vaginal lubrication does not depend on a cervix, uterus, ovaries or Bartholin Glands. It does not matter if the women has had a hysterectomy. It does matter if she has a lousy, unexciting lover.

Just because a woman is lubrication does not mean she's ready or desirous of having a penis shoved into her. Other changes occur. The inner 2/3 of the vagina expands, the cervix and uterus are pulled upward and the outer lips of the vagina flatten and move apart. The inner lips of the vagina enlarge in diameter and the clitoris increases in size due to engorgement with blood. Her nipples usually become erect and the whole breast may increase in size. Provided stimulation is continued, the woman passes into the next stage, Plateau.

Women, unlike men, need continuous stimulation to keep sexually aroused, otherwise they slip back into an unexcited state. Good lovers know how to keep up continuous stimulation using a steady and constant rhythm. They don't jump from one position to another or have a conversation in the middle. Guys often talk about something else during sex to distract themselves and keep from coming too quickly. It may work for them, but it also distracts the woman and keeps her from coming at all.

The duration of the plateau phase varies greatly. During this time blood engorges the outer vaginal walls causing the opening to the vagina to narrow by about 30%. This is called the woman's "orgasmic platform". This narrowing of the vagina is what allows a woman to grip any reasonably sized penis firmly, making size of little importance. Where size matters is in the thickness of the cock more often than the length. That is because the woman can get a better grip on it. The uterus also elevates in the Plateau Stage and the inner 2/3 of the vagina expands, so, at the other extreme, a small woman can take a large penis.

I have had men brag to me that women have told them they're so big they can't take them. That is physiologically not very likely. Most women can take just about any size penis around. What is more likely is the man was so big on conceit that the woman couldn't take him and used this penis size as an excuse not to have sex with him. "Oh, it's so big, it would hurt me. Try someone else. But thanks for the dinner."

During the plateau stage, the breast continues to enlarge. This is most noticeable in women who have not breasts fed their babies. The breasts may enlarge 20 to 25%. I have no reports of what the effect is on silicone implants.

One thing that occurs during Plateau and has sent many inexperienced lovers into panic when they noticed it for the first time, it's that the clitoris seems to disappear. A wonderful, considerate lover may be stimulating his lady's clitoris, raising her excitement to continuing arousal with mounting passion, then all of a sudden, the object of his diligent attention disappears, retreats into hiding. Have no fear. The clitoris has only pulled back against the pubic bone where it is hidden by the continued swelling from engorgement. But this does not cause any loss of clitoral sensation, in fact it may be that the clit is too sensitive for direct stimulation. Most clits quite enjoy themselves being stimulated indirectly. There are times when my clitoris is so sensitive that even indirect stimulation may be too much. Other times it may need constant direct stimulation. Each woman is different and each differs not only from one day to the next but from one orgasm to the next.

In the plateau phase, the inner lips of the vagina double or triple in thickness which pushes them apart offering easier access into the vagina. Color changes occur in the inner lips. In women who have never been pregnant, the color change is from pink to bright red. In women who have been pregnant, they tend to be a deeper wine color because they have a greater vascular network established to deliver more blood.

There has always been a big debate over how can you tell if a woman really had an orgasm because so many women fake them. Some researchers have said nipple erection is a sure sign, others disagree. According to Masters and Johnson, in the over 7,500 cycles of female sexual response they observed, an orgasm NEVER occurred without the color change of the inner lips and once this change occurs if stimulation continues orgasm always follows. Of course, a lot of guys perform oral sex on a woman with their eyes closed, so they may have missed these important clues.

I know, guys, that's a lot to watch out for, and I don't mean to make it sound clinical. Maybe after you've been through 7,500 female sexual cycles like Master and Johnson you'll want to take the time and look for color changes. But I find it's far more enjoyable to feel the response than to watch for a color change.

Sometimes late in the excitement phase or early in the plateau stage, the woman may develop a rash. This happens in about 50% of women and occurs on the chest and abdomen, occasionally on other parts of the body. Don't worry, she has not developed a quick case of measles. This is called a "sex flush" and results from changes in the pattern of blood blow just below the surface of the

Finally, if stimulation continues, the great moment arises--orgasm. "A sudden release of sexual tension", a climax. Alas, this is the shortest phase of the sexual cycle. Most orgasms last a mere few seconds. When you're having an orgasm you're probably too busy enjoying the pleasure and feeling to pay attention to what is happening to your body or how long it is going on. In women, orgasm is accompanied by muscular contractions of the uterus and the outer 1/3 of the vagina and also contraction of the anal sphincter. The man may be able to actually feel these squeezes on his penis, The contractions are very intense and close together to begin with and gradually weaken and spread out. Contrary to some people's beliefs and many juicy porno movies, women do not ejaculate during orgasm. A very small number of women to squirt fluids during orgasm, but there have been no scientific studies that I know of which explain how this happens. She may become very well lubricated and there may be pressure behind the vaginal fluids which force them out instead of excreting them, but no ejaculation takes place. Masters and Johnson say all female orgasm are physiologically exactly alike. That there is no difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm.

I disagree. I have experienced both and I can tell the difference. The clitoral orgasm is felt localized in the clit and radiating out to other parts of the body, while the vagina orgasms is not felt in my clit, but deep inside the vagina.

The resolution stage shows a major difference between males and females. Females are capable of being multi-orgasmic, that is they can come again and again within a very short period without dropping below the plate level. Men, on the other hand, must normally go thorough a refractory period. During this time blood flows out of the penis. It becomes disengorged, it goes down. The period of time between orgasm and the return to an unaroused state is the resolution phase. Women do not need to resolve before going on to another orgasm.

Women are capable of being multi-orgasmic, that is they can come again and again within a very short period without dropping below the plateau level. Though I believe that all women have the potential of being multi-orgasmic, most women are not. There are several reasons for this. Many don't know they can be multi-orgasmic, others don't try and what is most often the case, their partner doesn't try.

More women have multiple orgasm when masturbating than during intercourse. I can have multiple orgasms either way. When I was in jail, there was no sex, except through masturbation. It is not nearly as satisfying as a good hard cock cumming in my cunt.

Men need to know more about what a women's orgasm is all about and to explore ways of bringing about more orgasms for their women. Women must become more aware of how their body responds so they can let their partners know what they need to bring them to orgasms after orgasm.

The same is true when it comes to men, for although men historically and statistically have been experiencing orgasm easier and more often than women, there's a lot a woman can learn about the male orgasm which will help them enjoy the man more.

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