Cock Size

Chapter 7
What Do You Call A Female Stud?
Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses
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Most every man wants to know about cock size, or how he compares to other guys; how he measures up. Maybe they never had community showers in high school P. E. classes, nor played sports where guys undress in the locker rooms. (Although I have to admit, a soft cock can surprise you when it gets hard.)

I got a lot of calls from guys who want to impress me with their size. They ask me if I think I can handle them. Usually they state that they've had a tough time getting any girls to have sex with them because they are sooo large. Girls are afraid of their cocks. They claim to be ten or eleven inches, though one guy even claimed sixteen inches. (If you're going to lie, why not lie big?) None of those guys that I have invited over ever showed up. Why don't they show up? I'm a beautiful, sexual woman, willing to ride their big hard cocks. The only problem is, I tell them that I will measure their cocks and if they don't measure up, I won't have anything to do with them. (I only measure a man's cocks if he brags about how large it is.) Their big hard cocks are as phoney as they are. It is all just a fantasy. The only thing that isn't a fantasy is the fact that no girl will fuck them - but it's not because of their cocks size.

I have no problems with fantasies. Fantasies can be very good stimulants to sexual excitement. In fact, most people combine fantasy with masturbation in which case they aren't bothering anyone but themselves. But to bother another person to indulge a fantasy is very inconsiderate. I don't care what size cock a man has - I've enjoyed all sizes and shapes. But I do care how honest a man is. Someone who calls up and brags about what he doesn't have is a real jerk and gets about what he deserves - to jerk off instead of fucking a smooth soft body with a warm wet pussy. I suppose that's where the term "jerk" came from.

In my calling as the High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses I have the pleasurable opportunity of experiencing many cocks. One of our rituals, Negation, requires that a man have vagina intercourse with a priestess. The man symbolically gives up his all, his essence in order to have his sins and transgressions negated or wiped out while the priestess literally takes his transgressions upon herself.

From what I've read in books on sexual surveys, I've probably experienced more different cocks, personally, than the entire set of sex researchers who have reported on cock size. I have fucked well over 2,779 different cocks; sometimes more than one cock at a time. Some researchers reported on groups as small as 9 to 121 men.

I can't honestly say that cock size is not important. It is. But only in certain respects. The smallest cock I ever fucked (at least I think I fucked it) was about 1 and 1/2 inches long when it was fully erect. The problem wasn't so much the very small size, but the fact that the man was somewhat overweight and his belly hung down covering what little he did have. When it was soft it was almost impossible to find. But looking at the positive side, when it got hard it was twice as big and both of us were looking for it. But cocks that size are rare. It's the only one I've encountered. What made him a lousy lover wasn't his cock size, but his inability to use what he had. He was even a lousy pussy eater. Needless to say I only tried him once.

Even he lied about his size, claiming to be five inches. It constantly amazes me that so many men are concerned about their size, and lie about how big they are - they certainly don't lie about being smaller than they are, but few do anything about it. Do you realize that every year 130,000 women are having major surgery to have their chests stuffed with silicone just to satisfy men? Now I could certainly use 130,000 men with nicely stuffed cocks to satisfy me. But at this time cock implants seem to be only for letting a man get erect, not for enlarging his size. In fact, the operations make the cocks slightly shorter. Maybe men should start getting cock implants the way women get breast implants. That's only fair in these days of equality. If men pressure women to have big tits, women should pressure men to get big cocks, and long tongues.

Cock size seems to be the "big lie" women want to believe. One girl I know got quite upset with the High Priest when he told her that his cock was only 7 3/4 inches. She insisted it must be at least 11 inches, since her boy friend's cock was 7 1/2 inches. Of course her boyfriend had told her it was 7 1/2 inches and she never questioned it. Is it any wonder that most women can't tell distances when they've always been told that a five inch cock is a foot long?

A girl friend of mine had always been told by her husband that he had a 7 1/2 inch cock. When I invited her over to fuck the High Priest who has a legitimate 7 3/4 inches, she was delighted. Her husband was not so enthused. He actually measures less than six inches and watching a cock two inches longer than his fuck his wife was a bit disturbing to him. But most men with average size cocks, 5 1/2 to 6 inches are delighted to watch their girl friend or wife fuck a larger cock. Some men even go out of their way to find men with large cocks for their woman. But women do not need a large cock to enjoy themselves.

The largest cock that I have personally "measured" and fucked was a nice thick, straight nine and a half inches when it was fully erect. I've fucked many larger cocks, but I did not actually measure them. The largest was probably just over 11 inches. Now let me tell you how cocks are measured, because men have quoted outlandish measurements to me. Some guys have said their cocks are ten or twelve inches long, because they measured them from underneath the balls. A five inch cock could easily measure eight inches that way. But a cock is measured by how much of it will go in a woman. That's from the tip of the cock to the top base at the pelvic bone. As sexologist would say, fully erect on the ventral surface from the abdomen to the tip of the penis.

I mentioned that the longest cock that I actually measured and fucked was 9 1/2 inches. However, by estimation, I have had many longer ones. I don't always carry a tape measure, so I estimate by how many hands high the cock stands. Remember how you put your hands around the baseball bat and alternating with your opponent, hand over hand to see who got the first time at bat. Well, that's how I do it, alternating my hands up his shaft as I suck on the head. Of course, I always win and I get to play with the bat and balls too. My hand is three inches wide so I can approximate a cocks size. On the largest cock, it took three hands to move up his long shaft. That's 9 inches, not including the head which was in my mouth. Since the head was probably another 2 inches I would say that cock was just over 11 inches. (Incidently, guys, that's a woman's definition of something: You put one hand on top of the other and then take the bottom hand and put it on top of that hand and what's left over is something.)

As I mentioned, I don't care what size cock a man has, I enjoy men of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The myth of the large black cock, is really just that - a myth. Most black men I have fucked have average sized cocks. Some of them were even less than average. Two of the smallest cocks I have fucked were attached to black men born in Africa and they measured less than 4 inches.

The physical size of a man doesn't have anything to do with cock size either. I have fucked very tall men - six foot five and more - who have 5-6 inch cocks. One really good lover I fuck regularly is a dwarf, (less than 30 inches tall) who has a very thick, eight inches cock. I didn't measure it with a tape measure, but approximated it by hand. This small man's cock is very comfortable. I am a petite person, but I have a very flexible vagina. A large cock will fill it up. I can feel the pressure on the inside pushing against the walls, stimulating me high up inside. I have very good muscle control inside my cunt - a snapping pussy - so for a small cock I just squeeze around it and the feeling is the same. I just have to work a little harder.

On many of the talk shows I've appeared on as The High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses, someone will usually call in and make some remark that if I've had sex with so many men, I must be able to drive a truck inside me. Such callers are not only not funny, they are quite ignorant of a woman's vaginal muscles. Like the muscles on the outside of a body, the more they are used, the stronger they get. Women who don't fuck much show it in bed. They have what most men would call, sloppy cunts.

When a woman complains about a man's cock being too large, it's more likely that any cock is too large. What better way to tell a man you don't want to have sex with him, than to say, "Oh, it's so big. It would hurt me." It makes the guy feel bigger than he is, and he's willing to pass up the pussy for the compliment.

A lot of men like to fuck with the girls legs up over her head. They think that it gives deeper penetration. It doesn't. It only lets the average size cock hit the top areas of the woman's vagina that are normally not reached even by large cocks. I personally find it uncomfortable and at times painful. Not from the cock, but from my leg and back muscles being pulled as the man pushes against my body. Some women, however, can only have orgasms with a man's cock that way. It's an individual thing with each woman. But it can create problems. One girl I know about tore her hamstring muscles while fucking that way. Besides, most women need to have pelvic contact to stimulate their clit, and with the legs up over her head, that is hard to do. Believe me, no matter how large a cock is, if the clit isn't stimulated, it is hard to get a woman to orgasm. There are times, however, when a big cock can reach deep up inside and give a fantastic orgasm. But orgasms are the subject of another chapter.

Straight cocks are also more pleasurable than bent cocks. I have encountered all angles of bends, upward, downward to the left or right - but never "S" shaped. Cocks with the most extreme bend often slip out while fucking. Well over 50% of the black cocks I fucked were bent, compared to only about 5% of white men's cocks.

The limerick,
"There once was a man for Kent,
Whose cock was so big that it bent.
To save him the trouble,
He bent it up double,
Instead of cumming, he went."

would apply to a photograph I have seen of Mikael Tubuto, of Zanzibar, who has a cock so long he can tie it in a knot. Even tied in a knot, his cock extends half way down his thigh. Compared to a photo of the late porn star, John Holmes, Mikael's cock is as long tied in a knot as Holmes cock was hanging lose. Long Dong Silver, who was made popular by the Clarence Thomas sexual discrimination hearing has a cock which hangs well down his leg. I am told by good authority, however, that Long Dong was not able to get it up, that it was large, but never hard.

The largest cock reported by Pomeroy, a co-worker of Kinsey, was 10 inches. The Largest reported by a Forum magazine survey in 1970 was 9 1/2 inches. John Holmes was obviously not included. There have been studies of penis size by nationality. The largest cocks for each group are as follows: English 10 1/2 ", West Germany 8 1/2", Negro 7 1/2" (from what country was not mentioned. Another researcher gave a Sudanese Negro the largest cock at 12 inches) French 7 3/4", Danish 8", American 7 3/4" and Swedish 7 3/4". Speaking for the American Men I have fucked, I would say that 11 inches is the largest, Germans were just under that with 10 inches.

To give some statistics at the other extreme. The Smallest normal cock (I say normal because there is a medical condition, congenital hypoplasia, in which the body of the penis is totally absent) was reported by the Kinsey survey as only one inch long. I guess I got the big brother of that one with the 1-1/2 inch cock I tried. Contrary to the popular conception, most of the Orientals I have fucked had average sized cocks, some even above average.

I have found that the average cock size is around 6 to 6 1/2 inches, erect. Also I have notice that most cocks are that size erect, no matter now small they might appear when soft. The most noticeable exception area black cocks which tend to be different in this respect. The difference is that most of their cocks were about 5-6 inches when soft and didn't grow much more than that when fully erect. The two really small black cocks I fucked were about 3 1/2 inches soft and 4 inches hard. But that condition seems to exist with most (though not all) large cocks, no matter what race they belong too. The ones with hard 8-9 inch cocks, were 7-8 inches when soft. On the other hand, I have been pleasantly surprised by "white men" who at first glance appeared to have cocks only about two inches long when soft. They grew to a full thick 6-7 inches. That may happen with black men too, but not with any of the men I have fucked. Women seeing a black cock which hangs down 5-6 inches may be greatly disappointed if they expect it to double in size. And that may be one reason why so many black men like to put a woman's legs over her head, to make her think he is larger than he is.

My religion is completely unprejudiced when it comes to color, race, nationality, background or physical appearance. However, when people tell me that black men have larger cocks than white men, I quickly tell them it isn't true, "it's just that white women have smaller pussies".

I love to feel a man's cock grow to full erection inside of me. Right before ejaculation the cock gets so hard and full as it reaches deep inside of me. I've enjoyed all sizes of cocks and look forward to enjoying many more. But size is not important. The important thing is what a guy does with his cock. I have never found a man's tongue which is longer than his cock, but any tongue can do what most cocks can't. Why? Because most men doesn't know how to use what they have. I have one really great lover who has an average size cock, yet after his tongue has expertly brought me to fantastic orgasms, his cock is fantastic. He is intelligent, loving, considerate and wants to please me - he does.

The problem with most men who think that their big cock is all they need to satisfy a woman, is that those big cocks are usually attached to an even bigger asshole. If it is not a big cock, then what is it that give sexual fulfillment in women?

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