About Goddess.org

The Hig Priest of the Goddesses put goddess.org on line in June 1997 in order to present some of the doctrines of The Goddesses The original intention was to give an historical perspective and modern view of the religion of the Goddesses. That quickly changed, however, as the world, and especially the United States, was not yet ready for The Goddesses. Therefore the few articles that had been posted remained and the site was mostly unchanged until now.

That changed beginning in July 2014 after the Islamic State (ISIS) declared itself a worldwide caliphate. With that, we began updating many of the writings of The High Priestess, Sabrina Aset, and the High Priest, and converting them to HTML format. However, there were many significant spiritual changes that occurred at that time, which included the end of all Spiritual Shaman in December 2014, and the beginning of the Age of the Psychopomp.

The emphases is now on establishing worship of The Goddesses, accepting followers and ordaining Priestesses and Priests who will teach the doctrines of Death that were previously only taught through the rituals of The Goddess. This site will also include more detailed information on the role of the Priestess of The Twat, the Psychopomp, and preparations for followers of The Goddess, to prepare for their soul’s survival in death.

Many of the chapters of Vortices are not linked to a web page, and are place holders until they have been updated and created as html.

For the first time seekers can now CONTACT us.

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