Preistesses of the New Order

Maat RaAh
High Priest of The Goddesses

NeferKari was ordained the third week of May 2017 and the Priestess who took the Title NeferKara was ordained the third week of June. By the fourth week of June both knew their calling and their Destiny and chose the path ordained for each to establish the New Order of their ancient Orders.

The world is a dangerous place for a Priestess, and they know of me as The High Priest of The Goddesses, what is theirs to know, an where they choose to preside is of their choosing. But it is not in the United States, for as they reminded me, the Rituals were withdrawn when America rejected The Goddess. And as I had written decades ago, if the Rituals are to be reestablish in this country it must be by a Great High Priestess as a New Order.

The warning they gave upon parting is not unlike that of The Great High Priestess of Europe, who, prior to her death in 2011, instructed me to order all Priestesses out of Western Europe and warned that knowledge has turned to belief, and false belief has consumed the West. The Great Soul of Destruction and Hatred that was released by the last Great High Priestess of the Orders of Kari and Kur (Kara) was fueling that consumption, and ignorant beliefs will bring the fall of those nations that refuse to see the truth.

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