The Priestess Introduction

High Priest of The Goddesses

As soon as I was ordained to The Priesthood of The Goddess of The Most High I was presented with the problem of how to present the Doctrines of The Goddess in a way that could be understood after two millennia of Christian indoctrination. Thus, I began writing a fictional novel, "The Priestess" in early 1984, as a way to present the doctrines and beliefs of the Religion of The Goddesses in an ancient setting. Before The Priestess was finished I was inspired to change the genre to science fiction (much as the Jews must have done when they wrote the Torah, although they undoubtedly intended the Torah as a Pious Fraud). The result was, Deep Space, with film director, Irving Kershner would call "the greatest film that can never be made."

Establishing the religion in 1986 took priority over developing both "The Priestess," and "Deep Space," and Sabrina and I put our communication efforts into Sabrina's weekly cable television show, "Sabrina On," and her monthly magazine columns, "Sabrina Says" and "Ask Sabrina."

I completed a rough draft of Vortices in 1993, and began writing another screenplay, "The Psychopomp." However, after my agent told me it was too anti Catholic and anti Semitic, and if sold would be rewritten to where I would not recognize it, I turned it into a novel, the rough draft of which was in 1995.

Two years later we put on line, with some of the doctrines of our religion. Now, eighteen years later, the world has been prepared for the Doctrines of The Goddesses. I have condensed a small portion of one of the chapters of "The Priestess," as a beginning, and will be adding more in the future.

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