Age of the Psychopomp

Maat RaAh
High Priest of The Goddesses
August 2014
Updated: Dec. 2015, Dec. 2016

On August 22, 1984, Nefer Kari ushered in the Age of the Psychopomp when I breathed her soul into her newborn body. That was the beginning of a new age of an Old Order, and when I announced the Age of the Psychopomp the following day, I only knew that drastic changes were coming. Likewise when I told Sabrina that she would announce the Twilight of Christianity after she became High Priestess, I had no idea as to how that would come about. Nor did I know that when I conducted that first soul to a new life, that she and the souls that would follow would have to wait so long. But then it was 29 years from 1955, from the time The High Priestess of The Goddess told me that my destiny was to become a High Priest, and when I was called on April 24, 1984. She also told me that I did not have to believe in destiny, but that I must never deny my destiny nor reject my destiny. Three days later I met The Great High Priestess of Europe who told me the same thing, and four days after that I met The Great High Priestess Mort Ange (a title, and not ange de la mort). The priestesses told me very little about the doctrines of the religion of the Goddesses, but I knew that they were psychopomps who conducted the souls of the dead to a Realm of Spirits, and that they also conducted the disembodied souls - the spirits of those who had died centuries before - back to life. And while I was never told that I would also be called as a psychopomp, as I looked back, there were many things that pointed to that.

The Great High Priestess and The High Priestess of The Goddess of The Most high came to be with me at one of my Santa Monica bungalows, early in August 1984, to prepare for not just entering the Way of Spirits, but to enter as a psychopomp. I had gone into what Miyamoto Musashi called the Void many times, and the Way of Spirits several times, but on August 7th 1984, my Soul went with the Great High Priestess where she traversed the Way.

Spirits are without bodies, without physical substance, and have no senses, no sight, no hearing, nothing that writers and poets attribute to them. They only have perception, and the ability of motion, and following the Great High Priestess, was not easy as the thin connection between my soul and body made it difficult to keep a mental connection. That kept me from having a clear memory of what happened. There is no time in the Way, no up, no down, or direction, so without knowing the Way, a Soul would move in one direction only to be where it had begun. The Priestess knew the Way, and at some point we came to a blocked area. There the she opened a porthole and a bright soul, as perceived from the surrounding mist, emerged. She moved as though being pulled by the Priestess, and as she approached me, she hesitated as though she was trying to comprehend what I was, and I felt her Soul. I knew she had been a priestess in her former life, and had died young, in a violent death more than a thousand years ago.

I followed the Soul, as she followed her Psychopomp until we came to what appeared to be the form of a woman who was giving birth. The newborn girl was easy to perceive, as I watched the Soul pass through her Psychopomp, who breathed her Soul into the nostrils with its first breath. The infant moved. Her mouth opened wide, and I knew she was not just crying, but screaming.

A week later the Great High Priestess and High Priestess returned to give me further instruction, and on August 15th, The High Priestess led me on the Way of Spirits to a Realm of Souls, where a porthole opened and a priestess emerged and moved directly to her psychopomp, without a hint of discerning me or anything else. All I knew from her passing by me is, she had been a priestess who had lived about 1500 years ago and died a violent death. I followed as the High Priestess led the Spirit to a girl that was being born, where she drew the Spirit through her, and breathed her Soul into the infant girl. I was at The High Priestess left side as we returned to our bodies where we where laying side by side, with the Great High Priestess lying to my left.

On August 22, 1984 I was ready to traverse the Way of Spirits alone. The Great High Priestess of Europe had arrived the day before and had told me that the Way would be the only thing even vaguely similar to what I had experienced so far, and that she would be with my body to protect it when I took the soul into me, and released it into the girl who would be taking her first breaths.

I lay with my back against her stomach and my head against her chest, as she held me with her arms around my arms and chest and her legs wrapped around my lower body. The Great High Priestess lay by my left side and the High Priestess lay on my right as my soul went into the Way of Spirits. Traversing the Way was not as easy as I thought, and it got more difficult as my perception became less clear. After what seemed an eternity in the place where there is no time, I found myself unable to go any further. It was as though I had come to a massive impenetrable wall which I did not understand. My soul became quiet and without thought or intention. Then as my soul surrounded itself with the harmony of this part of the Way, a brilliant Form emerged from the wall. There is no light of the Way, but there is discernable contrasts, which can only be described as ranging from dark to brilliant, yet with all being the same, and one would go mad trying to understand this. I did not need to understand, my Soul simply accepted it. The Form became that of the Spirit of the Soul of a woman, but not just any woman, nor of the priestesses I had perceived. This was a Great High Priestess, and as my Soul struggled to comprehend as her previous life opened to me and I knew she had been born in obscurity and poverty, and as a very young girl had made a perilous journey alone over hot desert sands to arrive at a temple of The Goddess at a time when her country had been invaded by foreigners. There she became The Great High Priestess, and it was there in her temple that the foreigners torture her, and murdered her 3,600 years ago; and my Soul felt her pain and anguish, and the relief that death eventually brought.

Each of the High Prestresses had warned me repeatedly not to let my Soul experience emotion, but emotion was beyond my control and I experienced an admiration that bordered on what I can only equate to the love a patriot as for his country. I turned, but my perception was on her, and she did not move. So I turned and returned to where I had been and she began moving her arms in ways that I did not understand. I had not expected this, nor did I understand it, until I realized that she wanted me to mimic her, and when, for lack of better words, she was satisfied that I could mimic her, she moved toward me, and my Soul trembled as her Soul touched mine. This had not happened with the Priestesses, as the souls they conducted only followed them until just before their souls were breathed into their bodies.

Nor did this Great High Prietess follow me. Rather she was by my side as we traversed the Way until we came to a woman who was already in the process of giving birth. This was different from what I had observed with the birth of the two Priestesses, as I could see the form of the mother.

For the first time, I felt in control as I drew the Spirit of her Soul into my Soul, and I don’t know whether I held onto her Soul, not wanting to let go, what I can only describe as a feeling of her greatness and the torment of her torture and death, or whether she held on to me and force me to feel the torture she had once endured. But whatever it was, I could not release her Soul until after the newborn girl began her second breath, and as she passed through me I sensed the echo of her Soul's silent scream of bewilderment and shock at uniting with her body, and I felt it tear at the thread that bound my soul to my body. My perception was gone. My thoughts were gone, and I was devoid of consciousness and perception, until the vibration of the Way opened me to the horrifying perception of her soul fading into the reconditeness of mortality. I was so bewildered and disoriented, and my Soul so racked by what was happening that I returned directly to my body, without the Way, and found myself sitting upright, gasping for air and thrashing in convulsions with all three High Priestesses hold me, trying to control my body.

It was some time before I was able to hear The Great High Priestess of Europe, the Mother of My Soul, calmly tell me to return to the Way and our Vortex, where we had gone together, physically, in 1976. Once there, it took several hours before my Soul was calm enough to return to my body, which was then being quietly held by My Great High Priestess.

She told me that no Priestess within memory had stayed on the Way for more than ten minutes while returning a single Soul to life, but that I had been gone 40 minutes, and that I had began to tremble and convulse 10 minutes after I went. The convulsions had lasted just over a minute, and then I only trembled slightly until the last 10 minutes when I began to have violent convulsions, and would stop breathing for as long as two minutes at a time, before returning to my body.

When I showed the Priestesses the gestures the Great Soul and made, The Great High Priestess wrote down these Egyptian Glyphs, NeferKari, and explained that they mean, literally, beautiful great shrine. But that there was far more. Nefer (beautiful and great, the esophagus and heart) and Ka (soul) with RI (the mouth, as the sound “r” and the reed, as the sound “i” which is a short “e”) is the breath taken in with the Ka as a reborn great female soul. This would be the same as a double Double Ka Ka for a man, and it is different from Ankh, which is the breath of life that breaths a spirit into the body to create a Ka/soul, and which is also the symbol for the instrument that holds the Ka in death, until the Ka can be conducted to a Realm of Souls. The last symbol is a throne which denotes a shrine, or in this case the seat upon which the Priestess performs her rituals. In ancient Egypt her third rebirth would have made her name Nefer NeferKari, Thrice Great Kari Priestess. But she may have been a Thrice Great Kari Priestess in her former life. NeferKari was also her Title, as well as her name, or rather how she was called, and it is the Title for what is to be a new Order of the Kari Priestesses.

Knowing that I and brought an Egyptian Great High Priestess into this world was both exciting and disturbing, as I knew that her soul was destined be a stranger in a hostile land in which her destiny was to again rise from obscurity and become The Great High Priestess of a new Order. But unlike like Egypt of 3,600 years ago, where priestesses were revered, I had thrust this NeferKari into a world of loathing of The Goddesses and an even greater loathing of sex, where the choices she made would determine her destiny. But unlike the other priestesses I have returned to new lives in the past 32 years, the destiny of her Soul, and those of the other Nefer Kari Psychopomp Priestess, are determined by the choices they make in marriage. That is because, it is the destiny of every Great High Priestess not to marry until her 27th year, which makes marriage before her 27th year a choice that denies her destiny.

Marriage for a Priestess, is taking her husband’s name, or a hyphenation of both their names, or having a child together, but not alone; and because a Priestesses has sex with whomever she wishes, submitting to any man, to be his sole sexual partner, or being restricted sexually in any way by any man is the same as marriage. A Priestess denies her destiny in such a marriage, and for the NeferKari Priestess it keeps them from the Way, and they cannot fulfil their destiny to become Psychopomps.

The Great High Priestess Mort Ange made that choice when she proposed to her husband and became engaged when she was in her eighteenth year. She did not take her husband's name, nor hyphenate their names, nor did she bestow her title, nor was she his wife. Rather he was her husband, and she would not have children. These minor, yet significant details allowed her to fulfill her destiny not to marry before her 27th year.

But the Age of The Psychopomp is an age of destiny choices for all Priestesses, and over the past 32 years those who were destined to be Priestesses have been faced with many destiny choices, and it is not easy for those reborn priestesses, as their souls are sexually charged, having lived lives where they enjoyed sex with many different men, as often as they desired, and experienced the fulfillment of their callings, and were revered in their nations. None of that exists today, and the souls of Priestesses are haunted, and often tormented by pleasurable, but hollow sex. Many flaunt their sexuality by the way the dress and act, and where their sexuality has been repressed by religion and family, they chose paths as models, or take positions where they are the center of attention, as with cheerleaders. Most, however, are more open sexually, and begin having sex early. They may have sex with only one partner throughout highschool, but they are often the school "slut." Rarely are they virgins when they marry, and often when they do marry they will have numerous extra marital affairs. Some become prostitutes - call girls - escorts , etc. Others go into porn, which they embrace until sex becomes just something they are doing for money and they feel a hollowness in their soul, and an unfulfilled destiny. They may see their destiny in chance, where they meet a man by chance and believe he is what they have been looking for. They marry, have a child or children and never feel fulfilled. And they will not be, because in their former lives, the Priestesses performed sexual rituals that prepared men for death, and in this life, even if they were prostitutes or porn actresses, they will later seek out positions where they are near, or care for the elderly and dying. Some may become doctors, nurses, or care givers, while having the haunting desire to be "sluts" prostitutes or porn actresses. "A Priestess knows in her Soul she is a Priestess, that is the way we are called. She knows when she is ready. Then she must not deny her Destiny." Their souls drive them to become Priestesses, but the time has not been right, and there is a conflict of soul and mind, where the mind controls and the Priestess is lost in an endless search for her destiny, which she believes to become a popular woman - as the world would see her.

It is, however, the destiny of every Priestess I have returned to a new life to seek to become a Priestess. Just as it the destiny of Nefer Kari to become the Great High Priestess of a new order. And that is her destiny even though in early February 2011, her Soul shouted in frustration, "I quit," which was followed by the death of The Great High Priestess of Europe on February 19, 2011, as she had held off death until the last moment when any chance of meeting Nefer Kari had passed.

While it is the destiny of every Priestess I have returned to a new life to make the right choices that will lead them to become Priestesses, the timing of that destiny is itself, Destiny, and not a choice. That is why, just because it the destiny of Nefer Kari to become the Great High Priestess of a new order, all she can do is make the choices that will lead to her destiny. When that will happen is determined by destiny which is beyond her control, and it will not happen if she denies and rejects her destiny.

While every Priestess will have destiny choices, where the right choices will lead them to become Priestesses, the timing of that destiny is itself, Destiny, and not a choice. That is, it is the destiny of a Priestess to be given choices whereby she can fulfill her destiny, or deny or even reject her destiny. When a Priestess denies her destiny it does not change that which is destined to occur. Rather, it only alters how the Priestess would have fulfilled her destiny.

That is why, even though it the destiny of Nefer Kari to become the Great High Priestess of a new Order, all she can do is make the choices that will lead to her destiny. She may deny her destiny by making the wrong choice, but that only alters how she can fulfil her destiny. It is only when a Priestess rejects her destiny, that is, knowing what her destiny is, and then rejects is, knowing that she is rejecting her destiny, that she chooses another destiny.

While I know nothing about the life NeferKari has led, I do know that after she turned 18 in 2002, she made a choice that would prepare her to become a Priestess. Whatever choice that was, or when it was made, it was evident to me on May 31, 2003. And again on May 31, 2004, when it was clear that she was making the right choices. But her choices had no bearing on the confluence of events that were about to change the world forever ten year later on June 29, 2014.

Time does not exist outside our mortal lives, and the time when NeferKari is to rise from obscurity and become The High Priest of Her Goddess, and one of the most famous women in the world is unknown. The Great High Priestess of Europe had hoped that she would meet NeferKari, but two days before The Priestess died on February 11, 2011, she call to tell me that she had held off death until the last moment when any chance of meeting Nefer Kari had passed. That was six months before NeferKari would have reached her 27th year, and it is quite likely that she denied her destiny by getting married near the time of The Great High Priestesses death.

As I have said elsewhere, I am no prophet. Nor do I know the purpose of the Great Souls I have returned to life, nor how or if they will come to a knowledge of their Souls. But while the nations of the world are courting their own destruction, the world is also opening to the message that the time will come for NeferKari to rise from obscurity as she once did, and fulfill her destiny. For she is a symbol of the Priestesses who have been reborn, whose souls are stirred by a vague echo of their past, and for whom their destiny is at a crossroad. For their choices, like those of NeferKari, will determine their destinies; whether it is a destiny of obscurity, or to attract millions of followers and believers; to be loved by millions, and loathed by those who reject intelligence and have no comprehension of their souls. And if any denies her destiny, the destiny will be fulfilled by another High Priestess, of which there are several whose souls are preparing to be ready.

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