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Hello! Welcome to the videos of Sabrina On.... I'm Sabrina Aset, High Priestess of The Goddesses. I writing began writing my monthly magazine columns, "Sabrina Says" and "Ask Sabrina" in 1986 and used those as the format for my weekly cable television show, "Sabrina On..." which aired between 1992 and 1995 as a way to present doctrines of The Goddess that could be easily understood by those with open minds. My magazine columns were later published as What Do You Call A Female Stud some of which began to be put on in 1997.

The last show aired in 1995 when the Religion of The Goddesses in the United States withdrew its rituals, after the United States backed the Muslims in the Bosnian War, as no Soldier of Islam has been permitted in the Religion of The Goddesses since the day Mohamad ordered the destruction of the Temple of The Goddess and stole the treasure from Her Shrine on January 9, 1384 AUC (later 631 CE)

I believe it is better to put some of my videos on rather than Youtube, as this is the venue for what I presented with "Sabrina On...". But more importantly, I am The High Priestess exemplar to whom those who will be Priestesses can look, and the purpose of Sabrina On... is to inform, and not to be commercial.

Sabrina On... began airing 26 years ago, yet the Doctrines of The Goddesses are the same today as they were 5,000 years ago. What has changed is anger throughout the world, and especially in America where the Religious Right cries "freedom" where freedom means to be free to accept everything Christian, while it seeks to take freedom of choice from women, and the Socialist Left which stifles freedom of thought through diversity, racism, political correctness and violence.

My time has past for enlightening the world. That will be left to the High Priestesses of the New Orders who will follow me. It will be those Priestesses who will expand on what I have begun and it will be they who end America's evolvement in Afghanistan, and the "Muslim wars". The High Priest is preparing a law suit against the federal government to that end, and we await the High Priestess to be prepared to bring that law suit.

The shows are edited to omit the credits and the old address for sending requests for information. That is now available on Those who wish may contact me can use the page that will direct you to our Contact Form. However I do not reply to any but serious inquiries.

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