What Do You Call A Female Stud?

Sabrina Aset
High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses
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President Clinton got blow-jobs in the Oval Office and was cheered by half the nation. Magic Johnson had sex with scores of women, contracted AIDS and became a national hero. John F. Kennedy turned the White House into a brothel and became the most beloved president in history. His brother Teddy couldn't keep it in his pants and the Puritans and devout Catholics of Massachusetts reelect him by a landslide.

A stud is praised in our society while women who enjoy sex are tramps, strumpets, trollops, hussies, sluts, harlots and whores. My articles are written to put an historical perspective on the antiquated male views of sex and women; and to bring women out of the dark ages of the masculine perception.

So hello lovers, past, present and I hope future. This is my perspective on life, love and sex. Much of the material is compiled from my weekly advice column, Sabrina Says, and my television show, Sabrina On... which is intended for the studs, sluts, lovers, the lovelorn, the wish to be lovelorn, the no chance to be lovelorn, the impatient, the impotent, the inept, the incompetent and the walking wounded of the "Sexual Revolution." As the High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses, my perspective, that sex is wholesome and Goddess given, is genuinely different from that of the guilt ridden Judaeo-Christian-Moslem religions which believe that pleasure is sinful, or at best ungodly. The sexual repressive attitudes of the trinity religions in America has created a nation of men and women who are sexually illiterate, sexually inept and sexually retarded.

I am a renaissance woman. My interests and experience is varied and extensive. I am a ballet dancer, fine artist, pianist, karate black belt, certified aerobics instructor, lion tamer and trainer, authority on large cats, writer, television talk show host, and a college instructor in chemistry and biology. I graduated high school with a straight A average, graduated the University of Miami, cum laude in chemistry, did graduate work in chemistry at UCLA under Dr. Cram (who later received the Nobel prize) attended the University of Oregon Medical School and received my masters in Environmental Sciences/Chemistry from Portland State University. I am a mother and first and foremost, The High Priestess of The House of The Goddesses.

The topics presented here are taken from my television show, Sabrina On, and articles I wrote between 1986 and 1992, Sabrina Says, and Ask Sabrina, but I feel they are just as relevent today as they were back then, even though I am older, and just as wise.

In my calling as a priestess, I have sex with men of all sizes, shapes, colors, backgrounds, professions -- an infinite variety -- every day, several times a day (and even more often would be better). I've had vaginal sex with over 2,979 different men, oral sex with over 4,000 different men, and being bisexual, I have eaten a couple of hundred pussies along the way.

Since I'm a very sexual person, I've had sex, not just in the religious rituals, but in a wide variety of places in addition to the usual bedrooms, sofas, chairs and back and front seats of cars - like doctor's examination tables, college professor's offices, faculty lounges, dormitories, showers, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, beaches, woods, tents, campers, business offices, back rooms of stores, warehouses, rest rooms, government offices, parking lots, trucks, elevators, on the hood of cars, in adult films--on and off camera. I've even sucked cocks through the open window of my car and through a hole in a wall. No! I hadn't met the men before. Men hit on me everywhere I go and I'm not one to pass up an up-ortunity to enjoy myself sexually.

I have the good fortune of being a very sexual person. My body responds to many men -- almost every man. I don't have to be in love with a man, or married to him to enjoy him sexually. But I wasn't always that way. Developing this sexuality took a lot of self-discipline and practice with a lot of different men. The old cliche', "practice makes perfect", definitely applies to sex. The more often I have sex, the more I enjoy it. But most important to you, is that enjoying sex is a learned process, and I can help you increase your sexual pleasure.

Great sex is not easy. Sex for the pure pleasure of it takes concentration, effort and stamina - total involvement. I have a great body with lots of stamina and that helps me to enjoy many men -- one after another, and it helps the men enjoy me also. Lets face it, good muscle control (a snapping pussy) and great stamina are always more exciting for both the man and woman. Of course, I realize the most women are not as sexual as I am. But many women would like to be, and they can be. They just need to know how to go about it. My writing and lectures tell men and women how to develop their sexual potentials.

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