The Pagan Goddess and Gods of The Church of The Most High Goddess

An Introduction

What is the lure of Egypt? Why the fascination? Certainly it is not the land, nor the Arabs who live there. Yet each year thousands journey to the land of the Nile see Egypt's ancient monuments, its treasures and its past. Why? What touches our souls when we view Egyptian art or Egyptian architecture?
The answer lies in the ancient Egyptian religion and Pagan past when Egypt was the land to which many peoples came for food, refuge, a better life, and even to conquer. Egypt was the melting pot of the ancient world, where all, even the conquerors became Egyptians. The masses that swelled Egypt's ancient cities brought with them their own religions and cultures, only to have them absorbed and made her own. By the reign of Ramesses I, 2,000 years of constant immigration and intermarrying had eroded the PAHT (the original Egyptian nobility who had worshiped Ptah at Memphis before Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt) to where none were to be found to rule the new Dynasty. The Seven Hathors had been taken by the Gods, and an Egyptian was no longer one of noble-divine birth, but one who had adopted the ways of the Egyptians and their Gods. It did not matter whether one lived in Egypt or one of the Egyptian colonies in Iceland or Colchis on the shores of the Black Sea. One was an Egyptian who thought like an Egyptian.
There are few Egyptians left in the world today. Of modern Egypt's 60 million people, less than 200,000 are descendants of the TaMari--the people of Mari--who were the original Egyptians. Instead, Egypt is inhabited by Arabs who, just three decades ago, sought to destroy the name of Egypt by calling themselves the United Arab Republic. A few modern Egyptians are Coptic christians who came to Egypt 1900 years ago to destroy the native religion, its people and monuments; and a very small number, like the indigenous people of the Americas, are still Egyptians, awaiting the return of their beloved religion and the rebirth of their nation.
The religion of The Goddess of the Most High was ancient when Menes united Egypt 5,200 years ago. For over three millennium the religion of Isis (Aset-Seat of Power) and Hathor (HtHru-House of the Light of God) prospered not only in Egypt, but throughout the mid east and Europe. Before the ignorance of christianity, there was the wisdom of The Goddess. But all that came to an end when christians destroyed the last Temples of Isis in the 5th century of the current era.
Few priestesses escaped, and those who did, found their descendants facing the sword of Islam a century later. The darkness which overcame the House of the Light of God engulfed the world in the Dark Ages. That long age of ignorance is now past, but while the world still groped in darkness, there was, hidden from the prying eyes of the tortuous Inquisition and Islamic justice, a Promethean pith that bore the great light of The Goddess. That ancient light, was kept in secret for sixty generation of priestesses, and has been rekindled. Now the Twilight of Christianity has brought the crepuscule of the New Dawn, a time of awakening of our minds and bodies to the great spiritual knowledge once held by the Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks and the ancient civilizations which once enjoyed life and love.
The teachings of The Most High Goddess will open new understanding for the appreciation for Her gifts. Her religion is, and always has been, sex-positive. This is very new in a time of sex-repression and guilt. And though these concepts seem new and liberated, they are most ancient. From the earliest times, The Goddess taught that sex was a pathway to the Divine. Today that path is suppressed and denied by the patriarchal, ascetic religions.
We believe that the United States Constitution should offer all citizens religious freedom. It does not. Nevertheless, we are tolerant of others views and expect toleration to be granted to us. But the world is filled with intolerance. Although we believe that our religion will lead one to a more enriched life, we do not force our views on anyone. We give instruction and leave you to make a wise choice. We never try to convert anyone or persuade anyone to our view. Any interest in the religion must originate with you. If there is anything about the religion which you cannot, or will not accept, no one will try to force you to change. We do not argue our religion, nor do we allow others to impose their views on us. In the past, we have had to fight against religious persecution and we will continue to do so whenever our rights are violated.
The religion of The Goddess answers the questions, "Where did I come from?" "Why am I here on Earth," and "Where do I go after death?" The role of the priestess is to guide men and women in this life so they can attain pleasures in the hereafter and the lives to come. We worship The Most High Goddess and the God of the Most High, the co-creators of the universe. We also believe in, pay homage too and worship many of the ancient Goddesses and Gods who are now forgotten by the world; but the most unique percept of our religion is the role of the priestess who acts with the authority of The Goddess and officiates in Her Rituals.
All of our meetings, including our lectures, seminars, and celebrations are by invitation only. Seekers of knowledge are welcome. Curiosity seekers are NOT permitted.
The purification rituals of The Goddess and rituals of the psychopomp are spiritually sexual; and we believe that sex was given by The Goddess for both men and women to enjoy. Those who believe that sex is sinful, or who cannot accept sex in religion have no place in the religion of The Goddess. Likewise, if all a person is interested in is sex, then this religion is not for him either.
For the open-minded who seek spiritual understanding, the Rituals of The Goddess can open the way to spiritual knowledge and understanding of one's life and prior existence; sex as a creative power of the universe; sex as the principle by which souls are conducted to and from the World of Spirits; and, sex as an eternal principle which is not reserved solely for this mortality. As a priestess guides men and women to knowledge and redemption in this life, she also leads them on the path to redemption through metempsychosis and godhood in a lives to come. But the deeper spiritual doctrines of the religion can only be understood through the rituals of The Goddess as they are performed with the individual and the priestesses of the Goddesses.

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